Friday, February 04, 2011

I am so glad my husband got over needing to have the biggest and best of everything. At least he seems to have. I can remember when he thought it was absolutely necessary to have a ridiculously expensive video card. Then he had to have this special memory set up for our computer. It was one thing after another all of the time. He seems to be over that now. At least I hope he is. Arguing with him about why he doesn't really need such things gets very old.
I am not a merchandiser. At least I don't think I am. I sell seeds retail but its my business. I don't work for someone else. I would have to look up the definition of merchandiser to be sure. My son met a man this week who makes 500 thousand dollars a year. He is an eye surgeon and owns an eye clinic in Russellville as well. He has a very young pretty wife who is my sons girlfriends sister. I will never make a half million dollars a year. I think it is possible for me to make 150 thousand a year if I continue to work my ass off and invest. I'm pretty sure 500 thousand a year is way out of my reach.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Does anyone know what htc desire is. I can tell you what I desire right now. I desire for the dog to stop barking, for my first cup of coffee, and for my ebay sales to pick back up again. Its been a slow couple of days and its very frustrating. I want those 500 dollar sales days even if it is really busy when its like that. I want to use the money to open a trailer park darn it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I do my stores accounting jobs every Sunday. It doesn't take much skill. I just figure out how much paypal takes out and how much I pay to eBay in fees and commission and then how much my weekly expenses were such as postage and stationary supplies and subtract the whole thing from my gross sales. You know its funny thinking back. My ex husband learned all sorts of stuff about starting and having a business yet never had the guts to actually start one. He taught me everything he learned. Years later after the divorce I am the one with the successful business and he has worked in the same factory doing the same job for more than a decade. He always went out of his way to make me feel stupid. I guess I'm not as dumb as he tried to make me think.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What would you need a hydraulic hose for. I can't imagine. I am tired. I ate way to much at the Christmas party. My feet are throbbing and they won't stop. The Christmas holiday screws up my sales for a couple of weeks and it really irritates me. I don't know how long its going to last. It started 3 weeks from Christmas. I hope it doesn't last three weeks out from Christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh how I wish I knew the best way to lose weight fast. It seems to allude me. Maybe this is simply going to be the way my figure is. If I could get Dennis to quit buying garbage that would be a big help. I'm going to try to get him back into the gym next week. I want to try running again and I need to be in a him to do this. Even if the weather were right for it there is simply not a flat area for me to run on here.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I haven't had a credit cards in a very long time. I don't have a spending problem, its my husband who has a spending problem. its the curse of being born with a silver spoon in ones mouth. He was never taught how to handle money, how to live on a budget, or any of the other things that were ground into my head as a kid. He has improved. It took almost two decades to reach that point and he still needs a lot of work. Truthfully I would rather do without credit cards. I'm not comfortable spending money that I don't have. If more Americans felt that way we might not find ourselves in the situation we are now in here in America.
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