Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Homes Lost

We survived the storm Sunday. The potential tornadoes that passed over us didn't touch down. Bear was on the road when the sirens went off and wasn't listening to the radio and the storm when approaching didn't really look that bad so while we were at my mothers he was still sitting at home wondering where we had gone. I thought it was obvious we left in a hurry. There were lights left on and I left my purse on the counter.

He said while he was sitting at home it was raining really hard and then it got very quiet and quit raining, then he heard the roaring train like sound. They did pass over our area but didn't touch down. Blackwell, Morrilton, and Plummerville got hit. I work in Morrilton. Two of the ladies I work with lost there homes Sunday and one ladies self employed husband lost 3 of his work vehicles. At first I was surprised they were at work but then it occurred to me, they can't exactly sit at home can they.

One lady didn't last the day. I'm sure its not easy discussing mortgages on other peoples homes when yours has just been destroyed. I can remember when Bear was still looking at a transfer and we were facing a very unwanted move. It was very depressing.

Well someone called to complain about something very trivial and she lost it while on the phone with him. She was standing up and quiet loud and it sounded something like this "Let me tell you about a ruined holiday bud!!! My home was hit by a tornado yesterday!! The only thing I have to go home to tonight is a pile of rubble!!! I lost years of memories, all of my grand kids Christmas presents. Everything I own is gone, and your gone to call up here and bitch at me about this!!! Your lucky to have a home!!"

I never found out exactly what the call was about. They called her daughters and had them come pick her up.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tornado warnings

After doing some running around with bear this morning he ran off to a friends place for a while and I decided to go to the back of the property and rake leaves rom an area I plan on moving a pile of dirt to. He took the only lighter in the house with him and I didn't have any matches so I dug some hot ashes out of the fireplace and carried them back with me in a metal bucket.

It rained last night so my usual fire starting material (dried leaves) were all wet. Usually I can scatter some ashes with sinders in them into a bed of dried leaves and after a few minutes of smoking they start right up, but not with wet ones. So I found some damp pine needles and peeled a little fuzzy bark from some cedar trees and made a little bed with it. Then I gathered as many dead fsaily decayed twigs from the lower branches of cedar trees as possible. I break them off the branches instead opf picking them up because the ones in the air will dry faster than the ones on the ground. I pick cedar because cedar burns quickly and very hot.

I didn't have anything to dig the sinders out of the ashes with so I broke a piece of pine bark from a dead pine tree. It makes a scooping shape. I dug a few decent sized sinders out of the ashes and placed them on the bed of pine needles and cedar bark and started blowing. I got a little flame and added some more pine needles and cedar bark, then I added the little cedar twigs. It took a few tries, my flame kept burning the material up to fast and I had to go gather more. But after 45 minutes I had started a good sized fire, hot enough for burning damp leaves, using a few sinders from the fire in the fireplace the night before.

I worked until the sky started to darken and the first drops of rain began to fell. I sat under a cedar tree for shelter hoping it would pass, but it didn;t. I headed for the house at the first sign of lightening. The kids were arguing so I sent them to there rooms only to call them out seconds later when the warning sirens began to go off. A mobile home is the last place you want to be in a tornado. We drove to my mothers where I am now making this entry. Her house is brick and its in the valley near the bottom of Skyline Mountain. There is no record of it ever having been hit by a tornado, not since my grand parents moved here over 100 years ago. There old farm house sits next door to my mothers house.

mouse's birthday is Monday. For her birthday present I highlighted her hair. I spent 9 dollars at the beauty supply store for a cap, a brush, a package of bleach, a bottle of level 40 peroxide, and a plastic bag to cover it with when I finished. Don't worry guys I was a beautician for a year I know what I am doing. The highlights came out much better than we expected. She looks like a little blonde beach bunny now. I am so glad I finally found the time and money to do it. Her has has gotten much darker over the past year and lay flat against her head. It was pretty awful.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is a picture of the two steps with all of the leaves raked up on them. This will be the second time I have burned leaves on the step. It was to windy today so I will probably have to burn these over the weekend
Another one of the foundation, a little farther away
Its finished, at least to this point. There is still more to do. I left a step here, but I think I will go ahead and cut it out, its not a big step up there. The lower part of the foundation has a high spot in the right corner and a spot where dirt has washed down and rounded out the 90 degree angel, that will have to but out, but I can do it later.
The eggs I tried to cook in the fire.
After I tried to cook them in the fire, LOL. There are only 4 in the picture but I cooked 5 all together. After I cooked these four I tried one more time with just one egg. That one split in half when it blew up. The two that didn't blow up are the ones that were well cooked on one side and raw on the other side.

Bear and I had a huge fight this morning. And it was over the stupidest thing. He has the TV's, vcr's, DVD players, and anything else hooked up to the TV on surge protectors, including a copper fountain we have sitting next to the TV in the formal living room. I decided to take advantage of this and flip the switch on the surge protectors before going to bed each night.

What was making Bear mad was that it was turning the fountain off to. This made him mad because the copper fountain usually has rusty water in it and when it came on it would blow a few drops of rusty water onto the carpet. So I told him to just plug the fountain in another way. Then he asked why I was unplugging it to begin with. I said because everything else hooked to them including the TV's had rematch and anything that had a remote was still drawing electricity even when it was off. He kept insisting it didn't, that I was nuts and the whole idea was stupid.

Well I knew I was right and I wasn't going to back down. At one point he flipped me off. He was across the room when he did it and I said "I don't know what your doing with your hand but its pointless because I can't see it from across the room anyway!!!!"

Later we went to the Holly's and she had a relative there who had a degree in electricity or something like that. He told him about the argument and her relative informed him that I was infact correct. So he had to apologize. And ofcourse you know me I made him apologize more than once. Then I told everyone at my mothers house about the fight and how I was right.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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Well once again I head to to super wal-mart, this time to buy cat food and drive right past it . . Again. But the rest of my trip was well planned. After that it was off to the post office for a money order for the Dell bill, that's November and December payments on there way. The mortgage will be paid tomorrow, late but paid. The water was paid Monday, the day before the late fee was added (which is a pleasant change since we've been paying it on the shut off day). The car payment will hopefully go out Saturday and the electric (which is due on the 5th of December and usually paid on the shut off day as well) will be paid Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when Bear's unemployment check will arrive. Then the furniture bill on the second. Then it starts all over again.

The dog woke me up at 3am last night and I couldn't go back to sleep. I kept listening to the heat kicking off and on. I listened for how long it stayed on and how many times it came on in an hour. Usually 2 times for 7 to 10 minutes each time. It never dropped below freezing last night. I can remember nights when it we were in the 20's and the darn thing never seemed to go off. At 5am I gave up on sleep and decided to start some laundry. I hung up a load I started before bed and started another load, I decided the house was cold and I built a fire. Then I got this idea to try cooking with it as I have seen done in some articles.

I tried eggs first. Ever seen an egg explode? I saw three of them explode this morning. I also had two that were nicely cooked on one end and raw on the other end. It may just take practice. I also decided to try heating my coffee up by the fire so I propped it up on a plastic container near the eat for 45 minutes, burned my hand on the handle when I tried to pick it up and check the temperature. It got up to 135 degrees and had ashes in it. I will know next time I try that to cover it up first. I did however make toast in the fire. That at least turned out ok, after I learned not to stick it directly in the flames. Its not a marshmallow and does not taste good burnt to a crisp, LOL.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

A picture of the raised walkway leading to the front door. That's red cedar covering it, we just haven't had the time or money to put a weather proof finish on it so its turned silvery grey The pond to the left was hand dug by me and the kids while Bear was out of town two summers ago.
The walkway is raised because we had to take a six foot chunk out of the hillside to have a level spot to put the house. When it rains this entire area became a mud pit. So I dug the pond and put in a dry stream bed to direct the water that comes down the hill. It flows into the pond at one end and into a drain pipe set just above the desired level of the water at the other end. From there it flows through the pipe, under the driveway, and into the woods. I gathered rock from all over the property to landscape around the sream bed and the pond. I carried buckets of rich black dirt from the woods to build up the flower beds. I grew stuff from seed and stole stuff from vacant rental houses (renters never take care of there gardens anyway) . The Yule/Christmas village, part one.
The Yule/Christmas village, part two.
The family room with the Yule/Christmas garland on the mantel and a warm fire burning. The fireplace is considered "decorative" but it still manages to raise the temp on this end of the house 10 degrees when ever we light it. I really need to take a better lit picture of this.
And the tree, in the formal living room with the village around it.

I raked leaves against the steps of the foundation and burned them, hoping the heat from the fire would harden the clay a bit and help protect them from erosion. I did a spell before starting the fire. One which asked the wind to blow the flames into each step as they burned. When I lit the first step the wind began to blow from the north, gently pushing the flames into the step. I lit the second fire and the wind changed again, blowing from northeast the southwest, again blowing into the step.

Last night we lit a fire in the fireplace and sparks began exploding from one of the logs. If you've ever lived with a wood burning fireplace you have probably seen this. I'm not sure what causes it, but the sparks will spurt out of the wood like a big explosion. It doesn't usually burn anything, but it can be annoying if your trying to turn the logs, which I was. I made a pushing motion with my hands and ordered it to stop. . . It did.

We got our first frost Tuesday night. It wasn't a heavy frost because the sensitive ferns underneath the office window are still alive, but the leaves on all of my canna lilies up front are black. This means its time to cut back the foliage and store the tubers. I guess my few remaining Dahlias are going to have to come up to. I'm not to eager to start that. I hate digging up and storing bulbs and tubers.

But I may not have to. I know I am not alone in hoping for a mild winter. Although we will need at least one good freeze to keep the insects from being bad next year. But its November 20th today and warm enough to wear short sleeves.

Although we did dig Tuesday, we didn't dig for long. The temperature kept dropping steadily all day long and the wind was blustering and cold. We dug maybe an hour before returning to the house, lighting a fire, and making some hot soup. Throught the afternoon I caught up on laundry. I ended up washing and hanging 3 loads. A much less enjoyable task when the wind is howling and cold. It kept blowing things out of my hands as I tried to hang them.

I came home Wednesday night to discover all of the laundry I had hung the day before off the lines and put away (except the ironing which allways gets left to me) the house clean as usual, and a nice warm fire burning in the fireplace. Bear spent a large portion of his day cleaning up the spare bedroom. It always turns into on of those places where you just dump things you don't know what to do with. He says he hauled off 12 garbage bags full of "crap". I am wondering just what was in those 12 bags, but if it had been stuck back there and forgotten about obviously it wasn’t to important. Plusthat'ss less we have to be concerned about storing or moving later.
I have this little side table with a glass top we picked up a few years ago. Its made of metal and kind of a rust color and looks like one of those old 3 wheeled tricycles. It has a magazine rack on the back and a round glass top and it really adorable. Well Bear picked it up a few weeks back to vacuum under it and it fell apart in his hands. Were not sure now exactly it happened but part of the metal tubing simply snapped at a joint.

That was my favorite piece of furniture andIi was not going to throw it out. Well squirrelss dad has some welding equipment at his house and knows how to work with metal so we took it over there to see if he could fix it. The first tool he pulled our burned a hole in the tubing,LOL. So they filled the hole up with sotter and stood there scratching there heads looking at it and trying to figure out what else they could do. They finally did get it fixed and I got my table back :).
I've lost some more body fat to. I don't thinkIi haveactuallyy lost weight but I have lost fat. My size 12 pants now have 2 and 1/2 inches of room to spare in the waist and the other dayIi squeezed into a pair of 9/10's. They were tighter in the crotch than I like (due to the bubble butt I developed shortly after taking a desk job) but the waist was surprisingly comfortable. Maybe this means I am slowly approaching a size 9 again.

I would love to get down to an 8 or better yet a 6 again. I can live without ever being a 3 again. There was nothing to me when I was a 3.Butt it would be nice to be a 6 again. And not becauseI would be skinny,LOLl. When you wear a size 6 you can finds all kinds ofawesomee stuff at garage sales. I have found loads of beautiful expensive clothing at garage sales in that size, usually for a dollar an item or less.

My mother took us all to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She paid for the tickets andIi paid for sodas and popcorn. The popcorn was awful. Sharon commented as we were all sitting there in the back row "Wow they look a lot older than they did in the last movie.."

I remember reading that the director really had a problem with the actor,Davidd something, getting older. Apparently when they started filming he still could pass for 14 and by the end of the movie he was shaving. I don't see what the big deal is, Chris has a friend who is 13 and is shaving and that Wiccan girl Sarah he has made friends with has boobs almost as big as mine. . . And the kids in the books are growing anyway. Harry will be 17 in the final book which in the wizarding world is an adult. The actor will probably be in his early twenties.

The bathtub scene was hilarious. It only showed him naked from the waist up but he seemed a little uncomfortable sitting in a bathtub in front of the camera. And then Moaning Myrtle shows up. In the book she just hovered on the wall and watched, but in the movie she actually got into the water and tried to snuggle up with him. His reaction was very cute.

I wonder if JK rawlings will write anything after the Harry Potter series. #7 is the last book in the series. This one I am sure will be full of surprises. Harry doesn't return to Hogwarts for his last year. He is going to stay with the Dursley's until he is of a legal age to practice magic outside of school and then he will hunt down Voldemort who he says will destroy everyone he loves if he doesn't stop him.

The movie was good. There always good. But I was reallydisappointedd when the moviedidn'tt start at the Dursleys. In thebeginningg of the Goblet of Fire the Weasley's travel by floo powder to the Dursley's to pick Harry up for the world cup, Well the Dursleys had there fireplace bricked up and had gas logs installed. So when the Weasly's gets there they have to blast through the fireplace to get in. Mr Weasly is very embarrassed and apologizes while using his wand to clean up the mess. ofcourse the use of magic in there house only makes the Dursleys madder. Then one of the twins spills a bunch of carmels out of his pocket. He picks them up but not before Dudley gets his hands on one. As they are getting ready to leave Dudley'stonguee suddenly swells and grows longer and longer. I think the book said it got 3 feet long before Mr Weasly figured out how to stop it. . . I was looking forward to seeing that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gathering kindling in the moonlight

The foundation surrounded by autumn color. That red clay is really red when its wet isn't it. I thought I had a picture of the work we had done burned onto this disk to but I guess not. I'll have to post it next time.
My homemade version of the 1.97 angel wings I saw at Wal-mart. I haven't put the red flet 2004 tag on it yet, but I will. I didn't have enough small white Feathers to do it all in white and as I worked with the darker ones the wings were beginning to remind me of a dark angel. That's where the stripe came from. Cooking has turned into a family activity around here :)

3 weeks ago a Super Wal-mart opened up in town. It is the largest in the state of Arkansas and among the third largest in the country. Yet everytime I am headed in that direction I manage to drive right past the damn thing!!

Yes I admit with a heavy head I do shop at the evil place. I still buy my groceries at the Krogers across town. This morning I picked up a 50 pound bag of dogfood, garbage bags, toilet paper, and bear needed deodorant. He is going to regret having me buy his deodorant though. I had no idea he was paying 3.75 a can for that crap.

The old Wal-Mart is going to be filled by a Hobby Lobby. There were recently 3 new exits and on ramps added for Russellville on the interstate. The small town I grew up in is not a small town anymore :(

My recent blog entries have been very very long. I am going to try and cut back on that. Since I keep track of my activities at home and don't get a chance to get to my mothers very often its difficult to do. So here is a "short" recap of the week since my last post.

No digging got done Thursday. I came home from my mothers to discover Bear had pulled out the Yule village and the tree and had borrowed some tools from friends so he could make tables to sit them on this year. We spent the entire day putting that stuff up.

Saturday morning. Finally got to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD. Loved Jonny Depp. He made a much creepier Willy Wonka than the original. I didn't really like the new ending. The emphasis on the importance of family over money and career was nice though, and I also liked the fact that instead of Charlies family moving from the broken down house into the big fancy chocolate factory they just moved the broken down house into the chocolate factory and lived there instead. After the movie Bear did yard work and I dug until dark.

Sunday. Dug while the kids were at church with Bear. Saw the golden eagle again. I think I found its nest nearby. Maybe this is why it was watching me all summer long. The dig site is less than 75 feet away from it in a tall oak tree. When everyone got back the kids went to friends houses (Chris went to visit the girl from his party. The one he has gotten close to is Sara, a tall beautiful girl with long red hair and a beautiful face and the makings of an impressive figure.) and Bear and I did more yard work. The kids stayed home while he went to the mens meeting and we decorated the tree. After an hour they started being just horrible. They kept calling each other names and fighting and refused to behave so they both got sent to there rooms and I finished the tree by myself. I told them next year I was just going to put it up with there dad when they weren't here. I probably won't . . . But then again maybe I will.

We had grey skies again Monday. It rained for a good part of the afternoon. I bought gas at the super wal-mart in Morrilton for 1.99 a gallon and was treated to mother natures light show all the way home. Bear had the house spotless as usual, had gone grocery shopping, and split firewood and filled the wood rack while i was at work. I came home to discover our lowest electric bill ever. 75 dollars.

We lay in bed and talked until midnight. There was a bright full moon tonight despite the thin layer of storm clouds rolling rapidly across the sky and the lightening flashing in the North. I lay in bed for 45 minutes after Bear went to sleep thinking about how bright the moon was and the kindling we found beneath the layer of leaves in the front yard. I finally walked outside and started gathering it up. The kindling box was full so I stacked it up next to it. I started out wearing shoes but found that my feet were just as useful at finding the twigs as my eyes were and it wasn't very cold. Maybe 60 and very humid. I finally went to bed at 2:30.

I have been making it a point not to talk about the lawsuit against Bears former employers much. It makes me angry when I think about all of the mean nasty greedy things they did to us and have done to others. I would like to send a sunami of all of the dark energy I can muster there way but I have felt the need to restrain from doing so. Something in my head keeps telling me to live my life and wait for Karma and the lawyers to do there work. I am bringing this up now because last week the charges against them were filed. 5 pages of charges including one which is being called a "malicious act". That is when they canceled his health insurance while he was on medical leave and still employed and tried to convince us that they had every right to do it. We also learned a few weeks ago that two more former employees from that same location have filed suits against the company as well.

Well, i have been here to long already. Its time to get some dirt under my nails and mud between my toes ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The woods were full of gold and orange and red Sunday. It seems as if they turned overnight. But then it always seems that way. They won't last long, there already showering down everywhere, but I can enjoy them while there here. And winter is not so bleak anyway. The ground is brown and rust and the trees are grey and the sky is usually blue, and the evergreens look that much greener.

I used to press the leaves and sell them on eBay. I did the same with flowers to. I can remember being so thrilled to have made a little bit of money off of my garden and woods.
Saterday I had to work. Even though I usually only have to work 1 Saturday a month I still hate it. I have to get up at 6 instead of 7 and ofcourse my weekend is cut short. I should be digging and not working.

I am getting so close to being finished. I look at what I've done and I think just one good weekend when I can work two days, 6 or 7 hours without interruption and I could knock this out. But lately I am lucky to have an hour before it gets dark.

Even when I am done with that section I am still not done though. The piles of dirt must be moved back and a few more trees cut and the foundation extended another 3 feet all the way around. Bear is dreading moving the piles more than anything. Its not easy moving them, but it is easier on the back and arms than busting through compacted clay and rock. There are no buckets or wheelbarrels full of dirt to move. But for some reason the heart pumps faster and you run out of breath quicker. I'm not sure why that is. What I am dreading is cutting through the black topsoil and the thick mesh of fine roots which covers it. Those roots are like swinging into a big net. Unlike the rest of the foundation there is not already a foot of dirt removed from ground level like we had on the second layer. Where we are 2 and 1/2 feet below ground level we will have to dig 2 and 1/2 feet.

Sunday night Bear had a carpet to clean which took much longer than expected and he was gone until 10:30. So the kids and I made dinner ourselves and cleaned up afterward ourselves. I showed Coyote how to peel and cut potatoes for French fries while I made a home made sloppy Joe sauce and Mouse stirred the ground beef. By the time I finished the sauce and had the beef done Coyote was still on his first potato so I ended up finishing them. We watched a movie while I worked on a rag rug and then it started to rain and all three of us rushed out into the weather to pull laundry off of the line which I rehung while they were at church this morning. After word I dug, as usual. When they returned Bear had another carpet to clean and I told the kids we needed to refill the kindling box and bring some logs up from the woods so we spent a few hours pulling limbs from the forest floor and cutting them into short lengths with the nippers and stacking them in the box. Then we started carrying logs uphill from the woods for Bear to split when his chest gets better. Our neighbors son (the same one who helped us dig a few weeks ago) saw us lugging the logs up the hill and brought over his four wheeler and a cart and took the whole load up to the back of the house for us. I love having friendly helpful country neighbors.

Later Mouse went over to play with Ally across the street and I picked some fresh mint and sent it over with her. She returned with fresh sage from alley's mom.

Lately Coyote has not wanted to go to church. The morning after the Halloween party he came up to me and said "Lucy, I have searched my heart and decided I really want to be a pagan". After seeing those two gothic wiccan girls he was hanging out with at the party I seriously doubt that his heart was the part of his body that influenced the decision.

At 4 everyone headed off to nighttime church activities and I went to my mothers to use the computer for a bit. When I came home there was a chill in the air so after straightening things up I built a fire and then made a large batch of homemade powdered coach mix for everyone to have when they got home. I was out of marshmallows but I did have a jar of marshmallow cream.
I mentioned to Bear last night about how on Path to freedom they often use Oil Lamps along with there electric lights. We saw some oil lamps at Leanards Hardware that we really liked. They were round, kinda like something you would see on a very old boat and brass with an interesting yellow tint to the glass. We both thought they were gorgeous, Bear seemed to think using them in place of electric lights most of the time was another good way to cut back on our winter electric bill. Besides we both love the ambiance of candle or lantern light

You know, before reading that it never occurred to me that the longer nights might also be whets causing the bill to run higher.

Tuesday I spent the morning running around town getting a new SSI and a new drivers license. I walked off and left my wallet in a wal-mart shipping cart on Saterday. This also ment replacing my library card so I went to check and see if the book I requested was there when I did so. It turns out they were unable to find a library to loan them that book. That means I may end up buying it. I hate that.

I wandered around a bit while I was there and discovered a huge craft section and checked out a book about pine needle basketry. I also saw a lot of stuff on building wood frame homes and log cabins and such. Nothing on plumbing though.

Maybe when Bear starts school the tech library can get the book. I seem to remember the librarian there mentioning they could borrow any book needed for students. But that may have been books needed for courses.

We when to the Holly's house to return some movies. There mother was there cooking Dinner for the kids since they are both working late today. She was making Deer meat. I asked her who shot it and to my surprise she said it came from the police station. Apparently there is a rotating list at the police station of people to call when a Deer is hit. All they have to do is come pick it up.
Although I hate it when one gets hit at least I know the meat is not being wasted.

Bear also took his test for enrollment. We were both surprised to discover that the only section he did badly enough to require a remedial class in was math. He has to take remedial algebra. This was a surprise because he has always been good in math. It was the other two areas of the test we expected him to score badly on. He has dislexea and the other two sections of the test were reading and composition and he scored well on both of them.

Today I am at my mothers. Ofcourse. When I am finished here I will be picking up black hickory nuts in the backyard. Dad says he has given away all that he possibly can and I can have what ever I pick up.

Dad and I are on speaking terms again by the way. I guess he decided if he wants a decent relationship with his daughter and his grand daughter (whom he adores) he is going to have to accept his Yankee son in law like it or not. I also think Mouse was giving him hell about it. She has never been one to keep her mouth shut when something makes her mad and she was very mad about the way Dad was treating her dad. Come to think of it, she never keeps her mouth shut about anything that's on her mind.

But that's why her totem animals ia mouse. She is neat and orderly and also possesses a little false charm. She can seem really sweet and cute and charming, then she opens her mouth.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ha!!! the spam blocker is on now

This is what happens when you add powdered lavender blossems to your soap before you pour it into the molds. Yuck hu!! I left them on the cutting board to harden and Commodore thought they were food. He ate two of them.
The view going down the hill on the way down to Mouses school. I try to imagine it without the power lines
I pass this spot on the way to work every morning and on my way home.
I really love it when the water steams like this
This is the new stove top.

I swear the leaves changed overnight. Such color. i always forget how stunning they are.

With the seasons changing and the holidays here i have started thinking about decorating the domes when they are finished. Decorating has always been my favorite part of the holidays. After all the dome will take to old fashioned decoration very well. Rough freeform cob walls, the sloping domes, a metal roof where roofs are nessecary rough hand hewn timbers. I have visions of jack-o lanterns lit up everywhere for halloween (the ceramic and foam ones, its costly to keep making new jack-o-lanterns as the old ones spoil, and the vines don't produce well enough to keep a supply of them for me) Haybales, those little "witches crashing into trees" things that you tie onto your trees ( I think those are so cute). , Ghosts and all kinds of creepy things along with the usual indian corn, haybales, scarecrows, pots of cyrsanthemums (those i can grow myself)sitting at both the front and the back door. Probably some nicely carved gourds with lights in them as well. Xmas will be fun back there. white lights on everything that will stand still. There is a huge cedar tree in front of the house we can decorte like an xmas tree and put fake presants under. Garland and ribbons and bells on the doors and in the trees. The same indoors. With the addition of the xmas village. We always get our Xmas houses at Ace hardware. There only 12 bucks a house there. Another thing I wantd for a long time was the xmas village. My ex would not hear of it.

i have always wanted to tallest xmas tree my house will take. i never got it. My first home had 10 foot ceilings in the great room and i wanted a 9 foot tree. My ex husband wouldn't agree to it so i ended up with a dorky 6 foot tree which looked very silly sitting in front of that 9 foot tall arched window. At the house on the hill we had 20 foot ceilings and you better believe i wanted a big tree. I wanted at least 15 feet. i didn't get 15 feet though. I have a little 7 foot artificail tree now. I told Bear in the new house i wanted a real tree every year and i want the tallest one we can get. i don't care if he falls off of the ladder ever year putting it up or not (the first two xmases we had together Bear fell off the kadder decorating the tree every single time. I am going to put my foot down this time though. Its a big tree or nothing at all.

Wednesday. Well i got very little digging done yesterday. We got up at 9am (after being at the emergency room until 1am the night before) and went out to clean that 3 bedroom house first thing. Then ofcourse the tubing blocked up. We got that straightened out and got the 3 bedrooms finished by about 11:30 and headed off the Lowes to talk to them about the stove top. The manufactorer will be paying out emergency room bill and Lowes replaced our 250 dollar clearence stove top with a black 750 dollar stove top.

It did however take them two tries. At first they showed up with a gas stove top. That would have been fine if we had gas, lol. It was a nice one. It had 6 burners on it and was one we were looking at with the new house in mind, but we can't use it here, obviously. So they had to go back come back with the one we have in the kitchen now.

I am not putting a ceramic top stove in the new house, There a major pain in the ass.
We got rain monday, about 2 and 1/2 inches so the ground is softer now and the digging is easier, but I will still be digging alone until Bear is better. It was 3pm before i finally got out there yesterday and it gets dark at 5 now. I've noticed it starts getting dark a little earlier than that to since the western expusure is blocked by thick forest.

Speaking of water we got our lowest ever waterbill yesterday. 35 dollars. Ofcourse i am the only one in the house making an extra effort to save water. when i get into the shower i turn off the water while I am using the soap and then turn it back on when i m rinsing off. I also try not to take a shower every day as well. Imagine how low it would be if everyone in the house started doing the same thing. 20 dollars, maybe.

I've been trying to wahs dishes in the sink when ever possible to which does save us electricity. I'm not sure if it saves water though. This morning i washed the breakfast dishes in the sink . I only ran a few inches of hot water instead of filling the sink full like i usually do. That might save water. I suppose if i put a plug in the sink i rinse in and tried to re use the rinse water for "something" that would help to.

We also lost a friend today. It was a bigger loss for her than for us. We've known for some time that she has a drug problem. She won't keep a job and lives with her mother. Lately when she comes over we have to hide any pain pills that are in the house (if there are any) because if she finds them she will steal them. Yesterday however she stooped to an all time low. I was at work and Bear was out with Domanic. Bear noticed last night that several of the pain pills the Dr gave him were missing but we hid them when she came over yesterday so we weren't exactly sure what had happened to them. Then one of our neighbors dropped by for a visit and mentioned he saw Joans car out in front of our house yesterday. She wasn't in it. We don't lock our doors out where we live. No one does. We don't have to and never have. Joan came into our home while we were not there and stole 8 of Bears prescription pain pills. Then she has the nerve to show up today. We told her flat out the pills were missing and two people saw her going into our house yesterday. We told her not the come back.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Enough with the bad luck already

Well I get home last night to find Dennis on the couch in agony. It seems our brand new stove shorted out while he was using it and the shock sent him flying backward in the kitchen an re injured the muscle in his chest which was getting better. I ended up driving him to the emergency room to make sure he was ok and get some sort of documentation of his injury since "Lowe's" is going to be getting an ear full this morning. They are damn lucky he wasn't badly hurt. They are going to replace that stove top though and when I get done with them I bet I will be getting a free installation too.

Dennis also had a carpet cleaning job this morning so I went with him to make sure that he could handle it alright with his injury. So we walk into this house. Its a rental with only 3 rooms containing carpet so he figures it won't be that bad. Well the room are pretty nasty and the owner hasn't vacuumed them so I vacuum them for Dennis while he pretreats. Then we hook up the machine and the suction isn't working properly. Well we can't call Dominic from where we are at so we drive over to my mothers to use her phone and find out what we need to do. So that's where I am at now, at my mothers while Dennis is on the phone trying to figure out what could be wrong with the machine.
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