Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blanket flower. First one this year Lambs Ear. This thick patch came from two small plants that came from my aunts house 3 year ago.
Proses by the pond.
Roses by the pond further away.
This is the hair I have been talking about. Coyote took this picture. I had been working in the yard all day and it was pulled up so when i took it down it was really a mess. Its usually all ringlets but when its been pulled up its all waves. And Yes I am filthy and barefoot, lol.
Pink Hollyhocks


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More pictures

Well, Mouse showed her "mean nasty" side again this morning. When I wake them up for school in the morning I can confidently go back to bed and let them get ready on there own. The reason for this is because Coyote is a morning person. He hops in the shower the moment he wakes up and is rarely at a risk of falling back to sleep. Mouse on the other hand is not. I will wake her up twice before returning to bed and often drag her into the floor by her feet. When Coyote gets out of the shower he will wake her up for the third time and I can often hear them arguing in the hall about her brushing her teeth or her hair or any number of things. There is almost always an argument because she is absolutely horrible in the morning. Well, last night Coyote stayed up late to finish watching a movie we had been given. It was Indiana Jones, The Temple of Doom and being only 12 he had never seen it. He was up until 11:30. After his shower he woke Mouse up for the third time and then lay down on the couch to wait for the bus. He fell asleep. Mouse, seeing her opportunity to get him in trouble went up to the bus stop by herself and left him there asleep.

What she doesn't realize yet and will learn when she gets home is that she has gotten herself in trouble. I am still trying to think of a good punishment. She is such a mean nasty little turd! I don't remember being that mean to my big sister . . . But then I was not as creative about it as they are either. What ever happened to little girls being made of sugar and spice and everything nice. The only spice she could possibly be made of would be Cayenne Pepper!!

I've been using the "Fascination" I described in an earlier post with great success lately. A few of these success were. Bear's snoring. It took 24 hours to kick in, but it did and as long as I repeat the spell each night before going to bed I sleep well. Another one is a problem I have been having with my new quality assurance guy at work. I think he has been listening in on my calls and waiting for me to get a bad one before he grades it. I am not exactly lazy on my calls. I try very hard to follow all of the rules. The problem is they are always changing the rules and I can't always keep up. When you take 200+ calls a day many things we do can become reflex so it can be very easy to miss one little thing that could cost you 20 points. But, since doing a fascination him my scores have improved dramatically. At one point (mostly joking) I made up a voodoo doll of him and took a long pearl hat pin to work and when he walked around to me to give me my score I pulled out the doll and the pin and held them in front of him ready to jab the pin in it and said "Go ahead Jordon, give me my score!!!!" Everyone thought it was really funny.

I had lots of pictures to post today. But it seems they did not get burned onto my disk . . . Damn it. I had a huge harvest of oregano that I was really proud of.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

a week and 1/2 worth of pictures

This is a picture I took at the wild life preserve I walk at in the mornings beforework and on my days off. There are bluffs along one section and there full of strange holes, like this one.

Other than the interesting bluffs the area is mostly swamp. There are supposed to be alligators here but I have yet to see one. Other people claim to have seen them and there was a picture of one in the paper.

Storm damage
More storm damage.
Coyote's band thing
Coyote all dressed up in a tie with a hair cut. I got that tie at the goodwill for 1 dollar. He isn't smiling because he is mad. He didn't want his hair cut and he wanted to wear a T shirt with his tie and he doesn't like that purple shirt. I heard him make the comment as we were leaving the house "You guys cut my hair, you make me dress up, next your going to be wanting me to change my underwear or something."
You know, now that I have thought about it, I don't seem to be washing a whole lot of his underwear lately.
Another pic of Coyote dressed up

Seriously dad, I know how to tie a tie, I promise, just let me do it.

OMG Coyote, where did you get that!!!!!
Ok after i put my heart back into my chest he explained that it was a racer snake and not dangerous and he found it on the side of the road while walking home from a friends house. Thats right, he "found" it. Thats a wild snake wrapped around his neck. He wanted to keep it too. I said no. I have a very cute picture I was going to bring where it was wrapped around his arm and he was nose to nose with it. I burned the wrong one on the disk though.

You know you have lots of hair when a friend walks up to you at work and says “I thought you were here today Lucynda, I saw your hair crossing the parking lot.”

We had a houseguest until Wednesday morning, which is why I haven’t been able to post. Her name is Kim Wright. It used to be Kim White Eagle but they divorced a couple years back. I love it when she comes to visit. I can always learn something new from her. Tips from her vast well of knowledge this time was: To kill stumps and make them rot faster drill holes in them and fill the holes with salt. Treat a dog or cat that has been bitten by a poisonous snake by giving them butter.

I was looking at my vegetable garden Tuesday and noticing that 5 of my tomato plants are twice as tall as the others. I thought it might have been because they were getting more sunlight. Then I noticed the small pieces of charred wood mixed in with the soil here and realized that that is the same spot I burned the honeysuckle and blackberry vines we cut off the brush pile. I’ll walk to my pile of ashes on the back of the property today and bring some up. I’ve always been a little afraid of using ashes. I’m not sure how old they need to be before putting them on plants.

This morning I had the most wonderful breakfast. I picked 5 strawberries from my garden, a sprig of mint, and blended it all in a blender with ¼ cup of lemonade, 1 banana, 1 orange, 1 tbsp of vanilla, ¼ cup of locally raised honey, and 6 ice cubes. Oh man was it good!!!!!

Speaking of locally raised honey I read an interesting article about taking it to treat allergies. You have to take 1 tbsp in the morning and 1 tbsp at night just before the onset of allergy season and throughout the season. The honey “must” come from local bees that have gathered pollen and nectar from local plants. Can you think of a sweeter way to treat your allergies?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Commodore with a Hang Over

The dog is sick again!!!!. I have no idea what’s wrong with him. He woke me up at 2am last night. He had crawled into bed with us and was drooling like water all over a pillow. I turned on the light and started trying to drag him out of the bed, which he didn’t want to do. He weighs nearly as much as I do so you can imagine what that tug of war looked like. I finally got him out of bed and lay back down and he jumped back up again. I woke Bear up and we both got him out of the bed together. This was when we discovered he had thrown up 3 times. Yuck, nothing a Pyrenese does is ever small. Drool was running from his mouth like a leaky faucet. We pushed him outside for the night. This morning he is still outside drooling like crazy. He is upset and shaky, but I think its because he doesn’t feel good.

We had Bratwurst cooked in Beer last night and when I threw what he threw up into the toilet last night it fizzed like Beer. I am wondering if he got into the pot after dinner last night when we weren’t looking and drank some of the Beer. I didn’t see anything unusual in what he threw up. I also mentioned to Bear that my sisters dog Trixie stopped being able to tolerate people food as she got older. We may just have to stop giving him scraps.

Pyrenees’ have drool issues anyway. When he is put into a car he drools just like this. I’m not sure why that is. Scared, nervous, excited, I don’t know. I think he is drooling so badly because his stomach is upset. Its moments like that I am painfully aware of how little I know about natural medicine for animals. If this were a human I would give him mint tea. I have no clue what to give a dog for an upset stomach. He is banned to the outdoors until the drool stops though.

I’ve also been slowly introducing the kittens to the outdoors. They were driving us crazy during dinner last night so we put them outside while we ate. I went looking for them later and couldn’t find them. They have either found a warm hiding place (its been chilly the last few days) or something got them while they were outside. I haven’t seen them this morning either.

The rain has stopped but the sky is cloudy. I find myself wondering what I am going to do today. Bear has to shampoo the spots where the dog puked. I still have not planted the nasturtiums.

I went garage saling before work yesterday. I probably shouldn’t have, I am short on cash this week and Bear won’t get paid until the 24th. Not a full check anyway. He gets paid for 1 day of work on the 10th of this week. I’ve needed some new shoes, but its hard finding a size 8 ½ at garage sales. So Friday night I started concentrating on what I wanted to find Saturday morning. I concentrated on shoes in my size and style, a scarf to wear over my hair when Bear insists on driving the Rav with the top off, and some books to sell on Amazon. I found 3 pairs of size 8 1/2 shoes in my preferred style, a green scarf for my hair “for free” (the lady didn’t want to make change for a Nickel) 5 books to sell (only 3 of them were worth anything), and a pair of black Capri pants with black lace around the bottom and all of it for 8 bucks.

I need to try and remember to focus my energy on what I want the nights before I go to the garage sales. I’ve read that that type of magik called “Fascination” is very useful. A few examples of what you would use it for would be . . . Your on your way to the store and its raining or hot and you want a good parking spot close to the store. Concentrate on it before you leave the house. Focus your thoughts on it, draw in the energy and then blow slowly out your mouth sending the focus of your energy out with it. You get to the store and you find a good parking spot.

My favorite writer Silver Ravenwolf wrote about an example of this that she uses. If she wants the afternoon off she focuses her desire and the energy to project it on the office manager. She focuses her energy on her and blows it slowly through her mouth. Shortly afterward the woman will start going around the office and asking people if they would like to leave early.
With all magik there comes a warning though. Be careful what you wish for, lol, because you will more than likely get it!!!.
On a funny note and related to an early post about about all of things yopu know or can do if you live in Arkansas. There was a section thats said "You have either been threatened with or been the recipient of an "Ass Whoopin."
This morning i went to my mothers and walked with my mother to the garden to compare the size of there tomatoe plants with mine. Dad was out there checking the plants and had on a cowboy hat. My dad never wears a hat, ever. But last summer he had several surgeries to remove skin cancer from his scalp and forehead so he decided he better start wearing one. I hollared out to him "Dad when i saw you out there in that hat i thought it was Uncle James in the garden."
He hollared back "Girl, you ain't to big for an Ass Whoopin!!!"

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Rain rain rain, rain and storms. Rain is good and storms are beautiful, but I’m getting sick of it.
My garden grows slowly. Slower than everyone else’s. I suspect there is not enough sunlight. I’m thinking of cutting down two of the trees back there to let more light in, but I don’t want to.
My mother has told me she and dad will be more than happy to let me plant what ever I want in there garden. I am jealous of that sprawling thing bathed all day long in full sunlight. Lately I have found myself gazing jealously at open sunny patches of ground. But you know, I won’t be so jealous when that summer heat sets in and the temperatures rise above 100 and grass literally burns up off the ground.

I walked under the stars when I got off work last night. Its 10:45 when I get home from work now and everyone is usually asleep. The night air was so thick with humidity it felt wet on my skin. Lightening flashed and thunder rumbled in the northern sky. It was to far to rain on us but I could still enjoy the show through the trees. The crickets chirped, the frogs sang, there were whippoorwills calling to each other in the trees; fireflies blinked on and off through the forest in a dance of light, and a crescent moon lit my path (not that it needed any lighting).
My dreams were vivid last night. They were dreams of changes. Good changes. I read my cards this morning and they were good. This is good because I have been feeling stretched very thin lately and I was wondering if my efforts were going to be worth it.

There has been no time to dig. Not that the weather has allowed it anyway. I could dig in the mud I guess. I’ve done it before. It won’t kill me. But it also means that its been to wet and muddy for our neighbor to get his tractor back there to move the dirt that’s in our way or for Bear to get back there and take down the additional trees that need to come down.

When I walk around back there I wonder if I would be better off just buying my fruits and veggies from local farmers than trying to grow them myself. The forest is thick and I will have to cut down a lot of trees to get a good spot to grow a veggie garden in unless I plan on trying to grow them of my roof. What I’ve read says that doesn’t work well though. They say the slopes are to steep for anything but vines or plants that form underground runners. They also say that a living roof is a dry place for drought tolerant plants. I was thinking about that the other day and wondering if I could coax morning glories and moon blossoms to grow on it.

I wonder if I could build a floating garden. The pond we plan to build will create an area of full sun and I certainly wouldn’t have any trouble keeping it watered in the summer. I’ll have to research that.

Bear got a job at Carmart. He is working in finance and will sell cars of Fridays and Saturdays when they are busy. They are more than happy to work around his school schedule also. Carmart does in house financing so there isn’t any commission paid on the cars he sells. He just gets a 10-dollar bonus on his check for each sale. He really likes his job a lot. He says it’s easier than commission based car sales because of the in house financing. People that come onto the lot to buy a car know they have bad credit and know they can’t buy a car anywhere else and they know up front that Carmart won’t haggle on the price either. They pay sticker or they don’t get a car. They also have to take what ever is on the lot so Bear says he doesn’t have to worry about ordering vehicles because they don’t have the color or make the customer wants on the lot.

There are a few interesting facts I would like to point out about Carmart. When you buy a car there you pay for it weekly, not monthly. If you can’t make a payment you can bring in an object of equal value and they will take that as the payment. If you have a vehicle repossessed by Carmart they will finance you one more time before they stop.
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