Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bear has found something else he is good at

He is really REALLY enjoying his job in collections. A little to much I think. His favorite part is repossessing the cars! He is so good at it that the other people in collections are giving him accounts of people they have not been able to find. He located a guy in Oklahoma that they had been searching for for 6 months. Yesterday he found a car belonging to a person who was 120 days past due and no one had been able to find. When you pay on a car weekly instead of monthly 120 days is pretty bad. In the last week and a half he has located and repoed 14 cars.

As for the garden . . . Well. The tomatoes are still green and small, LOL. I do have little ears of corn showing up on my 3 foot tall stalks. I pulled 5 lemon cucumbers out of the garden today and noticed a squash on one of my squash plants (finally). I am not happy about the squash that I saw though. Its supposed to be spaghetti squash and that looks like a zucchini squash. My bell peppers are producing flowers but no peppers yet and my basil will probably be tall enough to harvest in a few weeks. Also picked some fresh sage the other day. I am still in the process of moving my strawberry plants to that little slope on the side of the house. I was surprised to discover that even after I moved them they kept producing berries. Just as I expected no more slugs eating them before I can. The flesh is firm and they no longer taste watered down. I am going to have to get some fertilizer on that hillside after they get established though or I won't get very big berries next year.

Dad just walked back here and told me to go out back and get some tomatoes, squash and cucumbers before I leave today. I know he isn't showing off or anything but I am a bit jealous!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

We have made the decision to cut down the trees that are blocking most of the sun to the veggie garden. I decided it had to be done when I noticed my tomatoes that are only a little larger than a quarter already beginning to turn and my 3 feet high corn stalks producing corn. I'm getting plenty of lettuce and cucumbers though :). Also made a second harvest of oregano this morning.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I came over here to post the rest of those pictures and forgot the disc they were burned on :(. oh well. Maybe I will remember them Saturday. My mom has a pic of some unusual daylilies in her blog. She is at the top of my list (Tick).

She just got back from a week in Nashville with my sister and Nephews. They went to the country music festival. She brought me back a T shirt from the Coyote Ugly bar down there that's says on the back "I danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly".

There is a movie made at the Coyote Ugly bar in New York and its literally called "Coyote Ugly". Its about a young woman who goes to New York to become a song writer but nearly goes home because she is afraid to get on stage and sing her own songs. She gets a job at Coyote Ugly without realizing she will be required to stand on the bar and dance. I'm not going to tell you the rest of it because you should go out and rent it. Its a good movie. Bear has practically worn out his copy.

Here is a link to the movie trailer. You gave to sit through this add for a new program on HGTV. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0200550/trailers-screenplay-E14948-10-2

I saw a few other movies that looked good on that site. One called Hard Candy that looked very intriguing

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The first Dahlia to bloom this year
Typical orange ditch lilies. Vividly red, orange, and yellow and still my alltime favorite
This one was described as being lavender and silver on the tag. I believe it was called "Silver Lining" Another one that has lost its name. This one will be moved when it finishes blooming. Its planted in the shade. I assumed that since the ditch lilies did so well in the shade that these would also. Wrong answer. This is the first time this one has bloomed in the 3 years since I bought it. I'm not sure if I like the color though.
Unknown daylily. This one came in a group of 3 I got for free at the daylily sale. They had a bunch of lilies that lost there name tags and they bunched them up and gave them away for free.

I have more pictures to post but blogger is giving me a hard time and I have to meet Bear at the grocery store. I will post the rest later.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I forgot to mention when I updated that Monday of last week was my birthday. I’m 32.

Now for some good news. Bear made the Dean’s List. He got his little certificate in the mail the other day and it’s sitting in a frame on the wall. He also got promoted to collections. That’s a dollar an hour raise and bonuses when his quota’s are met for the month. Our friend Roddy used to work in collections before they transferred him out to Harrison. He is about to get his own lot now. Bear thought about going into the manager in training program and they did offer it, but he said no. It would require moving.

I will be harvesting oregano again soon and can probably go ahead and cut my first decent sized harvest of sage this year. It’s also time to cut back the mint for the first time this year. I’ve been plucking bits and pieces of it here and there. I’ve made a few pitchers of minted iced tea and minted lemonade. I'd like to try making mint jelly again. The kids seem to love anything with mint in it. I made 3 attempts last year and all 3 times I ended up with 6 jars of mint syrup with pectin in it.

I didn’t get crap off of my strawberries this year. We started getting lots of rain just as they started to ripen and it turned them to mush. Even after the rain slowed down rain they turned mushy soon after being picked and when eaten fresh off the plant they had a watered down taste to them. The slugs were still a problem also. I’m moving them to a sloping area on the side of the house that gets full sun and is difficult to mow. I counted them back in the spring and thought I only had about 70 plants. . . I think it’s actually closer to 200 though. I’ve moved half the bed and counted 100 plants so far. I think, even though there being moved in hot weather, they will go ahead and put out runners anyway. Many of them already are.

If the garden is getting enough sun I may have cucumbers soon and I will have fresh tomatoes from dads soon also. He planted 3 1-acre rows of Brandywine tomatoes and already has large green tomatoes on the vines. I keep reminding myself its warmer in the valley than here and his garden gets full sun from 8am until 7pm. For those of you unfamiliar with Brandywine tomatoes they often grow to the size of a softball and way around a pound each. There huge things. He also planted 2 1-acre rows of corn. They also have squash, cucumbers (mom decided to try those lemon cucumbers I planted last year), cantelope, watermelon, asparagus, basil, okra and probably a couple that I'm missing. I may have veggies from my garden anyway. There are tiny green tomatoes and tiny green cucumbers on my plants.

I do plan on moving my veggie garden a little further uphill next year. The trees seem to have grown a lot since last year. There is a steeply sloping section of ground back there that gets full sun and is very difficult to plant on. The dirt is rocky and full of sandy clay and the steep slope makes it difficult to keep leaf rot, mulch, or anything else on it. I planted what I thought were pretty hardy flowering plants on it. It’s too steep to mow, even with a weed eater. Nothing has done very well. I mentioned it to Bear the other day. I wonder how hard it would be to turn the slope into terraces and plant veggies on that.
Today is off to a stormy start. Bear left the top off of the Rav last night and it got a little wet. Not a lot wet, just a little. The thunder woke me up at 6:30am and I was able to wake bear up and tell him to go put the top up on it. It’s been very rainy lately. Bear says he doesn’t want to get more rock until things dry out a little bit. Besides we still have to slope the wall a little bit more.
Bear also shampooed the carpets again yesterday and cleaned out the utility room and the pantry. I’ve been meaning to get at those two rooms for the last few weeks.

I had some pictures of what I got for my birthday but this darn thing won't upload them.
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