Sunday, July 30, 2006

this is hilarious

Yep, bear has been at it again. Advantage of the cool days he and his friend Jeremy went out to 40 acre rock and loaded up some more stone and started adding it to the wall. This is a picture of what it looked like after all of the new rock was in place. No amount of dragging would put the pictures in the order I wanted today.

Here they are unloading the truck

A picture of the rock in the truck. They are big and heavy so they often only bring 5 or 6 at a time.

This is a section of wall that Bear finished before the next truckload was brought it.

A picture of what is left to complete

Even more of what is left to complete. I am going to be so glad that I won't have to look at the horrible thing anymore.
Now for garden pictures. I am brewing up something special here. The poor rosemary in that cauldron has managed to survive so far. A pretty red dahlia. My mother grew this one from seed and gave it to me.

A pretty white balloon flower
A pretty blue balloon flower. I know they don't look like balloons they look like stars right, but when they are in the bud stage, just before they have bloomed, they look like little hot air balloons.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back in the spring the forestry service when through one of the many ponds in the wildlife preserve I walk in and dramatically thinned out the yellow lotuses growing there. I guess they didn't realize that ever single stem they broke loose doing this was going to sprout roots and leaves and become a separate plant until itself. Or maybe they did, you never now, LOL. Anyway this year that pond has been overloaded with thousands of tiny little yellow lotus plants, you can often see paths where a duck or goose has swam through them. I snagged one near the shore line and stuck it in a little pot under the water. It seems to be doing alright. It would look better if the kittens would stop trying to play with the leaves.

Ii dug out the old plastic tube from the storage building a few weeks ago to hook the waterfall back up, the tube is old and to small for the pump we are currently using but it will serve the purpose. I used to use an old section of waterhose but Bear decided he was going to modernize things last year and bought this skinny little tube and gave the section of waterhose away. Yes he heard an ear full from me for doing it to. This waterfall was built for a much larger volume of water. Bear originally used a salvaged jacuzzi pump to run this. However we could only turn it on while we were outside to enjoy it and it was almost as loud as the water so we opted for this smaller pump.

well its taken most of the summer but my black night canna lily finally bloomed, I am going to be giving seweral tubers away again this year as it has already grown to twice the size it was when I planted it. The cats used the bed its planted in as a littler box most of the year, that probably has something to do with it.

Blogger is arguing with me about uploading anymore images. I had some new pictures of the work on the wall, we have about 12 feet left to go now.

I woke this morning to the sounds of commodore barking at "something" outside of our bedroom window. What he was barking at was never made clear, it could have been any number of things. Changing air currents, a bug on a tree 100 feet away, low flying satellites. He is often alert to things outside we can't see but it takes him a good 5 or 6 minutes to realize when a visitor has arrived.

It was 8 am and much later than I had planned on sleeping. It was also raining. A soft gentle, misting rain. I had to stop using weatherbug, people kept saying it was bad about downloading viruses so bear uninstalled it and I downloaded the Weather Channel version of the same program. But I hate it because there are several features on it that I got for free on the old weatherbug and I have to pay for on this one. Like animating the radar. I could easily figure out where the rain or storm was headed by doing that and now I can't and its very aggravating.

But the rain has lasted for an hour and a half, soft and slow and soaking in nicely. Its been a much drier heat lately and it was needed.

Out of the garden I have been getting about 7 or 8 little yellow cucumbers off of the few plants that actually produced fruit every few days, 3 or 4 decent sized lemon cucumbers every few days, a couple of red tomatoes ( small and less than 5 of them all together), and a few days ago a few purple bell peppers which are now chopped and stored in the freezer. I ran out of my stash from last year a few weeks ago. My basil is growing slowly, much slower than last year but it is growing, I still have the harvest from a few weeks ago in a glass of water on the counter. I had planned on using it fresh since I still have 1/3 of the gallon bag I put up last year left but I just haven't done it yet. I wonder if those plants have sprouted roots? They often do when sitting in water

Sunday, July 23, 2006

you might be a gardner if

your fingernails look worse than the diesel mechanics next door! ...

you bring up the subject of "Well Rotted Cow Manure" during lunch with friends!

...the only thing you use your pantyhose for is plant ties or melon slings! ...

you can't find the time to vacuum, but the garden is perfect and weed free! ...

you quickly gobble up the first juicy red tomato yourself, fondly recalling the story of The Little Red Hen! ...

you've been known to go dumpster diving for grass clippings! (Wear shades, and borrow the neighbors truck!) ...

you work in the garden in your swimsuit, just so you can finally have a tan on more than the back of your neck! (It's still hard to weed and get a tan on your tummy though!) ...

you jump up early in the morning, not to check on sleeping babies, but to check on sleeping cantaloupe! (Okay, you check the sleeping babies too!)

you design your dinners around what's ripe in the garden.

you no longer fear or get grossed out about smooshing bugs.

a month before gardening season, you can no longer eat at the dining room table because it's full of seedlings

you wonder if the FBI is going to storm through your house thinking you're growing wacky tobacci because of all the fluorescent lights on all the time.

you fall asleep dreaming about strangling that woodchuck out in the garden.

you over charge my master card trying to get the woodchuck.

you order a copy of Caddy Shack I, II, and III. looking for hints on how to get a woodchuck out of the garden.

you hope for rain on a perfectly nice summer day. plant only enough tomatoes for twelve families because you don't have space for more. check your plants for new growth more than twice a day.

you carry pictures of your tomatoes, garlic, and peppers but NOT your children...

Your husband teases you that you love your garden more than you love him because the first thing you do when you come over to his house is go check on the garden instead of saying hello to him.

You wake up to a rainy day and say (and really mean it), "What a beautiful day!"

You'd rather spend memorial day weekend in your garden instead of going on vacation.

you marry the milk farmer so you can get cow manure and you divorce him when he gives you too much horse s/h/i/t.

you buy your clothes at the thrift stores so you can spend more money on seeds/plants. are the "half-way house" for every plant friends and neighbors have tried to kill. ...

you still log on to after 10 hours in the garden.

When your postman knows that most all the seed catalogues belong in your mail box

You go thru the garden like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues

When you actively seek out sources or horse or cow manure and are happy when someone gives you some s***t.

When you go out 3-4 times a day to see your cucs grow and are convinced that there was a difference in them from an hour ago.

When you get withdraws from your garden when you have to visit family over night.

When friends start rolling there eyes every time you mention your garden.

Turn on the grow light before morning coffee.

if everyone in your office knows to leave the bags of shredded office paper under your desk.

....if people you have never met refer to you as "the plant lady"

...when you walk into work with a plastic baggie and when everyone asks "what did you bring today" they don't mean your lunch, they mean your garden overabundance

the neighbors address you as "Hey there, Farmer".

... you don't see deer & rabbits as Bambi & Thumper, but as furry teeth with legs.

... one of your vacation destinations is a farm (and you stay for several days).

... you don't stay out late, but you'll stay up late canning.

... it's July, and you are already planning things you will grow next year.

... your friends check with you before going to the farmers market.

All your birthday presents are garden related.

You spent more on your rototiller than your car.

You've ever shot a rabbit from your bedroom window.

When house hunting, you look at lot size and sun exposure before the house.

You can remember planting dates but not loved one's birthdates.

You know what a "hoe" really is and how to use it!

You buy onions or hot peppers at the grocery store to make spray because the ones you grew are to good for that.

Compliments of a very long thread at the gardening web

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It cooled off

Today's high is 80 degrees and I got to watch thee coolest thunderstorm at work yesterday. Most of the rain ended up between Blackwell and Little Rock which is the area I was in at the time of the storm. It was strange to watch because unlike most storms that "blow" in, this one seemed to brew over our heads as we watched out the window. I noticed it beginning in the east. I saw the first thunderhead in the blue summer sky (it was 104 at this point and I found myself wondering how fast an egg would cook on that pavement). Then they sky darkened in the east and someone said there were severe weather warnings for conway which is about 20 minutes from where Morrilton is. Then I noticed the sky over the parking lot getting paler blue than it was before and then the sunlight disappeared all together. It grew darker and darker until it was "black" . I sat talking on the phone to C.O.R.E when a bolt of lightening hit somewhere behind the building opposite us, thunder cracked like something breaking and the sky split open.

It was strange to watch it brewing over our heads like that instead of being blown in from somewhere else. It was also strange because unlike most storms where the wind blows one direction this wind blew in all directions. First from the west, then it start to blow from the south blowing rain against the windows at work. Two hours later when the rain had stopped and I stood at the gas pump putting gas into my car the wind blew my skirt one direction and then it would blow it the other direction.

The forecast says it will be 80 degrees all weekend. Yippie!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It rained

My mother got a sprinkle in the valley. bear said we got about 15 minutes here on the mountain. Morrilton, where I work got about 15 minutes of heavy rain, not enough but it did rain, LOL. I will have to be more specific and try again.

I just looked on the weather bug and a 40% chance of rain. has suddenly appeared in the forecast for Friday. That was not there before.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Its another hot one

There are yellow lotus' in bloom at the wild life preserve I walk at in the morning. I took my camera and snapped a few pictures.

Heat is 102, heat index is 104. The humidity is a bit lower today at only 41 percent according to weather bug. It did seem a little bit less humid than usual during my walk this morning. Not that I wasn't panting by the end of it anyway.

I have the sprinkler on my vegetable garden right now dousing it with water and trying to keep it alive. I water my flower beds daily now. Some plants are still shriveling in the heat though. I drive down I40 3 days a week now and watch as blankets of green grass turn light brown and the heat dries them up. There is no rain in site in the forecast. We sit in doors under air conditioning . This evening when it cools down a bit I will walk out into the woods, face west and summon rain. That little trick hasn't failed me yet.

While walking past a pond called "bullfrog pond" that is shaped like a crescent moon I disturbed a pair of snowy white Egrets. The ponds surface is glassy smooth and unbroken and when they flew across the pond I got to enjoy both the site of them flying and there reflection on the surface on the pond. Its to bad I didn't catch a picture of them also.

Friday, July 14, 2006

It was bound to happen

More sooner than later. Its gotten F* hot!!!!!!! Today's heat index according to what Bear says he saw on the news was 105 degrees with humidity of 88%. After looking at the forecast on the weather bug it says to expect daily heat index of 101 to 103 which means the river valley will probalby be a little bit hotter than that.

One of the sales women Bear works with collapsed with heat stroke today. You really have to watch it when the humidity is this bad. Your sweat can't evaporate in weather like this.

She had been on the lot for an hour moving cars. You know how hot a shut up car can get and with it being hot outside it was no exception. Bear said she just walked in and fainted. He said it was strange not to see her sweating. Not sweating is a bad sign.

I've had heat stroke before. I didn't faint, but I did stop sweating and got a horrible headache. I was smart enough to get out of the sun and into the Ac immediately. I am much more cautious now about standing for long periods in direct sunlight.

Here is a little bit about heat stroke.

“Heat stroke happens because the body's cooling system has failed,” said Dr. Richard P. O'Brien of the American College of Emergency Physicians.“Normally sweating cools the body but if sweat is not allowed to evaporate or if the person has not consumed enough liquids to make up for the loss, the body's heat production may overwhelm its cooling system.”The risk of heat stroke is increased in very hot and humid weather (humidity slows down evaporation; dry air speeds it up), with heavy exertion, and with dehydration. Direct exposure of the skin to sunlight (hastening evaporation) and the use of certain medications or diuretics will also increase the risk.Heat-related illness usually comes in stages. Painful muscle cramps are a sign of the first stage and may be accompanied by faintness or dizziness, weakness or profuse sweating.A person with these symptoms should lie down in a cool place and sip a cool drink.Symptoms of the next stage of heat stroke may include cool, moist, pale skin (the skin also may feel hot or be red right after physical activity), Headache, Dizziness and weakness or exhaustion.
Heat Stroke

Hot, dry, red skin—no sweating (the skin may still be moist)
High temperature
Rapid heartbeat
Rapid and shallow breathing
Decreased alertness complete loss of consciousness
Elevated or lowered blood pressure
Moist pale skin
Elevated or lowered blood pressure and nausea

During the final stage of heat stroke a person may vomit, lose alertness and run a high temperature as high as 105°F or higher. This stage is life threatening and requires immediate medical attention.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yellow pear tomato

After seeing a similar sized tomato on I began to wonder if my yellow pear tomatoes were stunted after all. I looked them up and as it turns out there only supposed to be about an inch and a half long. If I had known they were so small I wouldn't have planted them. I have no use for such a small tomato.

The fact remains that my corn is still stunted and the trees are still coming down. Besides, it will give me the opportunity to plant some low growing fruit trees back there.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This is what we have been busy doing lately

I have been trying for over 2 months to get these pictures posted. Now I finally can. Below is the birthday present my mother gave me. Isn't it pretty. And it matches just about everything in my closet.

This was my birthday present from bear. After what I think is 4 years we might finally get our rock wall finished this summer. All of this rock was free by the way, it came from our old neighborhood. The man who owns and is developing that area lets us come up there and get all of the large rock we want.
Bear and Mike start putting the first rocks into place
Hmmmmm what are we going to do with that big mess at the bottom?

Good idea Dragonfly ;). Those are plastic grocery sacks I am using under the rock and gravel as a weed block Bear and I are still arguing over who's idea the island was. It was my idea though. He was digging out the dry stream bed and wanted to make it wider since that a heavy run off area. I suggested using some of the dirt he kept piling up off to the side as an island. We had to cover it with plastic, it was full of grass.

Bear finishes putting the last of the rock in place. There is water in the stream bed after yesterdays rain.

Bear and his friend Jeremy unload more rock for the wall. I have to make more pictures of what has been added. There is a big seat full of large flat rocks jutting out now. We have about 20 feet left to rock now. Its going to be so nice to see that ugly wall of dirt, roots and gravel gone.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Independence day

Hey everybody, look blogger is working for me this morning. At least as far as uploading photos. These are photos from independence day. Bear volunteered to help out with the fireworks show at the church and he and Squirrel ended up running the whole darn thing. These people clearly don't know my husband all that well, LOL. Bear with dangerous explosives, as accident prone as he is, OMG.

No, no. Bad rain! Go rain at my house . . . Which by the way it did.
Oh man, I am really scared now. Does the church give you guys life insurance?

I learned during the show its very difficult to get pictures of fireworks. It was a great show though. They got a standing ovation when it was finished. Although they didn't notice because Bear, Squirrel and his six helpers were so glad it was over they were busy giving themselves a standing ovation. The church told me they video taped part of it and were going to upload it to the website. I have been able to locate the link though.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is beyond pathetic

hahahaha. Check out my bountiful harvest. Those trees gotta come down and I need to work that dirt this fall and get some more nutrients in it. The only thing that's a decent size is the cucumbers.

Today is Saturday. Since I am no longer working on Saturdays my job feels a bit more tolerable. I can also garage sale on Saturdays. I cleaned up today with nickels dimes and quarters. Bear got a new short-sleeved shirt (he has been complaining he doesn’t have enough), I got a new bear of clunky sandals to replace my two year old pair (they will be retired to garden shoes, two years is not bad for shoes I paid 50 cents for). I also found two silky nightshirts for 50 cents each and a pair of plaid boxers for a quarter (I love boxers and I love plaid). I got Coyote a pair of boxers with an Ant print all over them. The waistband reads (Ants in my pants). I also picked up two bunt pans (different sizes) and a bunch of Xmas/Yule decorations. Last week I found Samhain/Halloween decorations. I do love to decorate for Samhain.

While looking for a good description of Samhain to link to I ran across this story about another witches experience on 9/11. She was on a plane when it happened and suddenly found herself stranded.

So there we were, stranded in Texas, miles from home and miles from where we were going. We didn't know anyone, all the rental cars were gone, and hotels were booking up fast. Fear and anger were beginning to replace shock in the people around us. It seems strange now; my husband called a hotel and they said to come in, that we could stay in the lobby until we found something. When we arrived, I noticed a small cloth bag above the door and it somehow made me feel better. As we walked to the reservations desk, the young lady was explaining to everyone that they had no rooms and it would be afternoon before they would know what they had available. As I walked up to the desk, I never thought about the pentagram necklace I was wearing. I never take it off. But I noticed the young lady was smiling at me with gentle caring. Without a word, she pointed to the small pentacle ring she was wearing on her finger. Then she asked our name and handed us a room key. My husband said, “I don't understand.” The young lady said, “You called from the airport as a room became available.” As we walked to our room, my husband expressed his surprise. You see, he had never given her our name.

I’ve encountered similar situations myself. I’ve met many other Witches and even though at the time we didn’t wear any jewelry or anything else that might give us away, we always knew the other was a Witch.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, once again this thing is not letting me upload pictures. I may have to start using picasa to do that again. Each picture came up as a seperate entry, but at least they uploaded

Well its Friday and for the second time in a very long time I will not have to work the half day on Saturday. Bear does though J. He actually has a rotating Saturday and tomorrow is his day.

Now that my Internet is working I have to start looking for work at home again. I was already looking for something I could do at my mother’s house but not having much luck. I’ve been trying very hard to get a job working for a company that does psychic texting but I’ve discovered it’s extremely hard to get work with texting companies because so many people want those jobs. I’ll keep trying though. My phone is turned back on next month so I can sign up to work with a hotline again. I really don’t like working for hotlines but it would be better than my current job. Until then I have a few alternatives. I can’t mention them here because if more people learn about them than more people will do them and that cuts into my pay because there aren’t as many customers to go around.

I have suggested he start a “Repo Man”” blog. I think the stories are pretty interesting. Yesterday he located two vehicles. 1 was on his books and the other on another woman’s. They went out together to get the vehicles. He was very nervous about taking her because she is 4 months pregnant. The first one was iffy. The woman had moved into her dads place in the mountains and when Bear finally got in contact with her she kept insisting she was not the person he was looking for. There is only one person by her fathers name living in that area. When he got up there to get the car they turned loose 3 pit bulls. Needless to say he didn’t get that one. I suggested he try taking the dogs some raw meat or something.

The next one was really interesting. They located the guy in downtown Atkins and he let them follow him back to his place. Then he got really weird. First he would say, “Just take the damn thing” and then he would get weird and start saying, “No you can’t have it”. Then he tried to say he was in bankruptcy but when asked didn’t know what chapter he was filing (not likely) so Bear said well I’m taking the car anyway and you and your lawyer can sort it out. Then he started getting hostile so bear picked up his cell phone and dialed the police. Then the guy really flipped out. He jumped in the truck and tried to drive away but the company car was blocking the driveway so the guy tears off through the yard, runs over some small trees, ramps the ditch and takes off. Turns out after the police got there that the guy had 6 felony warrants. Hahahaha, no wonder he got nervous when Bear called the police. Rachel and her husband were driving through Atkins later yesterday evening (they were house hunting) and spotted him still driving the vehicle. He had taken the license plate off. She called the police again. I don’t know if they got him yet or not. I’ll find out tonight I’m sure.
Bear was pretty pissed. He hasn’t lost a vehicle yet. He isn’t giving up or anything. There is a way around those pit bulls just as there is a way to find the guy with the warrants.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Guess what!!!!

Once again i had a lot more pictures to post but blogger is being stubborn again.
This is a favorite. Its called blazing hearth
I've lost the name to this one. I nearly passed it up at the daylily sale. It was simply labeled "orange" with no real description. I figured it was an orange ditch lily until the man selling them stopped me and explained that the ones labeled orange were all different shades of orange, some he said were almost "amber" in color. He handed me this one and told me i should try it. He certianly wasn't wrong was he.
Yet another unnamed daylily. This one came from a local daylily sale. There is a club in town that grows them and has the sale once a year. They had some that lost there labels and they gave them away in bundels when you bought morethan 20 dollars worth of lilies.

One of many unnamed daylilies that came from divisions from my mothers garden Another un named daylily from my mothers garden

I am making this post from home. My internet is back on!!! Woooh hooo.
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