Sunday, August 27, 2006

a week in pictures, a few weeks ago, haha.

Mouse and Coyote at the top of the hill waiting for the bus. He better not rip his pants sitting on that old fence post.
these are the flip flops i made for mom's birthday
the view out my front door on a rainy day.
Coyote wanted copper colored highlights in his hair for school. I think they look pretty good, they bring out those blue green and gold eyes of his. He has to quit pulling it over his forehead likethat though, shesh.

Another darn peeping tom caught in the act. that will teach him.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Boy did I make a lot of mistakes in that previous post. I must have been tired.

I finally got contact lenses yesterday. I don't know which is better, being able to see again or seeing the look on the dr's face when I told him I had been living without glasses or contact lenses for 1 1/2 years. He informed me after he was finished that my eyes have changed dramatically over that last year and 1/2. I now have better than 20/20 vision with the aid of contact lenses. I can definitely see a huge difference. I've never been able to see this well in my life. I can look at mountains that are far far away and pick out individual trees on them.

I can also see just how dirty this place has gotten in a year and a half. There chips in the paint in the living room (its green and the chips are white) the kitchen walls are filthy and won't come clean. The cabinets need to be repainted. All of this cheap mobile home trim needs to be scrubbed (we really just need to rip it out and put real trim in here). Doors need to be painted. I really need new sheets for our bed (there white, pillow cases an duvet included) at least they used to be white, now there just a dingy color.) I cleaned for 4 hours yesterday after I got back and still just scratched I even pulled the curtains in my bedroom down and washed them. There out on the line now. I haven't washed those since I bought them 6 years ago for the house on the hill. They include 4 sheers and 6 really long as window scarves. I found out just how long they were when I was trying to hang them up yesterday. The wallpaper in the office needs to be replaced. Its newspaper so that's no problem. I had always planned on putting up a chair rail in here and using a thin color wash over the newspaper. A nice robins egg or swimming pool blue on the top and the same rocco yellow that's in the bedroom on the bottom. Its all coming loose though. After wallpapering the kids bathroom with grocery sacks I have learned that what makes the paste stick the best is actually the sugar. The flour helps but its the sugar that makes the glue strongest. When the grocery sacks in the bathroom started coming loose I put an extra half cup of sugar in the paste recipe to make it stronger.

Bear may have gotten some really beautiful free stone to underpin our mobile home with. Its a combination of slate and flagstone. The store he is working in now has the same stone on the outside but them an who installed in the first time did a really poor job. The contract had it all ripped of and redone. Bear made really good friends with the contractor while the store was being built. So good that the man has bought him dinner twice. They didn't re use the stone that was left because there was still mortar on it and there wasn't time to clean it off. So it looks like we might get 10k worth of free flagstone and granite to underpin the house with. At least that's what we have been told, it hasn't been delivered yet. Im not going to count on it until its actually here.

there's that school bus. How many mornings have I sat here at this computer and watched that big yellow bus stop at the top of the hill to pick the kids up. I really miss working full time at home. There's no word on my promotion yet. Its going to take me longer to train than a typical moderator because I only know one program (so I've been told, I've only worked for this company for 5 weeks though so I am jumping at a chance o get a moderators position). The boss I work with said she has to run it pass the big managers first. The site has been extremely busy and she said they need all the help they can get. She isn't kidding either. I think I will send her an email this morning and tell her I would like to go ahead and train on the other programs anyway. The one I'm on does get slow and breaks down occasionally and I could work two of them when that happens. Or I may find one I like working on better.

You know, I hate my call center job so bad it may be worth it for me to work 70 hours a week at this one.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well its the second ay of school and I have already had to go talk to a teacher. That shouldn't surprise me. Especially when coyote points to the woman's name and says "She doesn't like me Lucy".

ell apparently Coyote was blurting out during class. Well anyone who knows Coyote knows he does that. He has always done that. He will stand up and speak what ever is on his mind in the middle of a lesson regardless of it being against the rules or not. No amount of lectures or punishments or calling his parents is going to change that. I calmly explained this to his teacher today. She went on to tell me he needed to learn that behavior. I calmly responded myself and several other teachers have been trying to drill that into his head since he was 5 years old, its simple who Coyote is and were not ever going to be able to change that. I obviously was going to have a talk with him but I told her it was doubtful if it would change anything. She then started giving me a lecture about how he needed to learn to be like the other students and I brought up the fact that I would much rather home school him because Coyote will never ever learn to be like the other students and I wasn't going to encourage that anyway. That changed things completely. She started telling me why a public school was better and every reason she gave me are the same reasons why I want to pull him out. I don't want him to be a clone. I don't want him to conform. I don't want him to be forced to learn things he will never use in a required amount of time. Coyote has to strong of a personality to ever conform to anyone's ideas of what he should be, ever.

Bear changed jobs a few weeks ago. I am upset at him for doing it because he left a job he loves to go back doing something he didn't love because it paid more money. He is managing a resturuant again. This is a small chain, not a large franchise and I have known the owners since I was 18 years old. The chain he is working for is the same one that I got my first job with. its family owned. There opening a new store by the new wal-mart super center and that will be the one bear is running. Unfortunately I have seen very little of them this past week. He left the house at 7am this morning. Its now 9pm and he is still not here. Last night the kids said he came home at 8 after having left at 6:30 am and went straight to bed. He was off Sunday but slept most the day. They open Thursday and I am hoping that he will be able to spend more time at home.

I've picked up a second job. Its a telecommute job. I can't go into details about what I do because the company I work for doesn't want people to know thre are companies out ther that offer the services they do. I ran across it by accident. Its not paying enough for me to quit my call center job (I would have to work 70 hours a week to make what I am making there) but I might e getting a promotion soon and that would change things. For now however I am working 36 hours a week for the mortgage company (not including drive time) and 10 hours a week for this other company. I can set my own schedules until I get my promotion though. Which is a good trying because I am constantly getting interrupted.

I am tired, I am feeling ragged. And I just got a mass message telling me they needed help and I need to log in. Its 9pm, I am getting some coffee and my little neck warmer thingy.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Clipping the ends on those gourd vines repeatedly has been working nicely. I now have more female flowers on the bottle gourds and dipper gourds than I can count. I will have to remember this next year and start clipping the ends of the vines earlier in the summer. The dipper gourds are growing large very fast and I suspect will be mature in a few weeks time, probably late September. The Chinese bottle gourds (birdhouse) are not growing so fast, but none of them have rotted. I will keep my fingers crossed and blow magic breath on them each morning and hope for the best.

My vegetable garden is about finished, except for the bell peppers which will produce until frost as long as I keep them watered. I picked the last lemon cucumber Tuesday and the last of the little yellow pear tomatoes this morning. The mystery squash vine is still growing although the only other female it produce rotted soon after producing fruit. I clipped the end off of it to but its not growing half as strong as it was. Its a pitty because it really tasted good in that Mediterranean stew I put it in.

I have learned a lot this year from my first true attempt at growing veggies.

#1 if grass won't grow there neither will vegetables
#2 don't start melon seeds early, they will hate you for it.
#3 when your gourds, squash exc produce to many male flowers and not enough female cut the ends off.
#4 don't bother starting corn early, just plant it straight in the ground.
#5 don't transplant strawberry plants in mid July ( I don't know what I was thinking)
#6 mother nature will not take better care of your ornamental gourds than you will (or your nasturiums for that matter).
#7 chives grow back after cutting very quickly.
#8 lavender does not like to be moved.
#9 yellow pear tomatoes are supposed to be 1 1/2 inches long and 5 plants would have been more than enough.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Well this past week went as follows.

Sunday I read on the gourd forum on gardening web that several other people were dealing with big healthy gourd vines that grew like mad, produced an abundance of male flowers but only a few female flowers and any fruit they produced quickly rotted away to mush. This is due to to much nitrogen I the soil. Since that cats used that area as a litter box last year I figured that was the case. It was suggested that those of us having this problem cut off the tips of the vines. I did tthis to learn that they grow back really fast. I have to go out and cut the tips of these vines every few days, but the plants are now producing more female flowers than I have been able to count. Now I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope they don't turn to mush.

The kittens limp is completely gone, although he still moves slowly and sleeps a lot and his breathing is still rapid, but if he has broken or cracked ribs that will take a few months to recover from. He spends most of his days outside sleeping under the cannas and watching the other cats play. He is also putting weight back on slowly. I still bring him in at night and he sleeps on the green chair in our office.

We had a surprise guest on Thursday. Bear has a big heart and when he has something to share with someone else he often does so even when he shouldn't. In this case it was our 4th bedroom. A young woman he worked with came to work with bruises one day and said her husband was beating her. She was going to take her daughter and leave but all of the shelters were full and she had no where else to go. So Bear offered out 4th bedroom. Haha, thanks babe.

This isn't the first time we have had someone stay with us but we didn't know this girl very well and I was wary. She is only 22 and this was her second marriage. Well the phone calls from her husband and her family started at once. Her entire family (mother and grandmother included) sided with her husband . We have learned its best not to take sides under these circumstances and made it clear other than giving her a roof over her head for the "time being" we would not get involved in anything else.

On Friday while getting her cell service switched over she ran into an old boyfriend and began spending just about all of her time with him. Her daughter was at its bio dads house so we didn't mind. Then her husband refused to give her her stuff, or so she says. She wouldn't let us call the cops to help her get it. We later learned it was because she has outstanding hot check warrants. That's a good sign isn't it.

She brought her daughter to our house at 11:30 Sunday night. They slept in our 4th bedroom. Monday morning we both headed off to work, she was supposed to go to work later that day but never showed up. Ok there goes another warning bell.

It was bad enough she never lifted a finger around the house when she was there this weekend but she is not about to stop working and we made that perfectly clear to her. By that evening she was back with her husband again. It turns out the police came and raided his house while she was away. She told him that we "forced" her to go to the cops and tell them he was selling drugs from his home. We told her husband flat out in the beginning that we weren't going to get involved in there fights and told her husband she was lying. But he can believe what ever he wants, we really don't care.

The final insult was when we returned home that evening to learn that her daughter (who was supposed to e potty trained) had peed "literally" all over the house. That includes the sheets on the bed in the 4th bedroom. She never bothered to clean any of it up.

We learned later that little miss drama queen's sister in law and brother in law are all living in her house as well with there kids. I suspect she wasn't getting the kind of attention she wanted and decided to stir up trouble. I told Bear that he is no longer allowed to invite people to move in with us until consulting me first, especially not someone we don't know very well. This house is not a battered woman shelter and it sure as hell isn't an attention starved brats shelter either.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

About the Earthbag Dome

I haven't mentioned it in a while and the reason is because we haven't worked on it. After the several injuries we suffered last year and the constant pain from the pinched nerve in my lower back I have decided we are best off having it dug by machine. We've been working on the landscaping around the trailer this summer. I consider this as work on the dome because renting or selling this thing is the only way we will eliminate that monthly mortgage payment and it it looks like its sitting in a mud pit it won't rent or sell. Finishing the rock wall is a big part of that. I am slowly trying to make the landscaping a bit more maintenance free since if we do decide to rent most renters have no interest in taking care of the landscaping.

Just to let everyone know we have not abandoned our hole in the ground or given up on the idea. Its still a work in progress, although I may not be living in it until after the kids get out of school.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Its raining in Arkansas again today, yipee, we needed it. I summoned a thunderstorm last week but the heat has been drying things out quickly. But I am not responsible for this one. The girls at work can't blame me for Bargins Galore on 64 getting rained out today. It will still be there tomorrow.

The weather report indicates that the thunderstorms were getting seem to be following the path interstate 40. Hwy 64 runs the path on interstate 40. It kind of makes me wonder if the people organizing the event pissed someone off that they shouldn't have. Its a bit mysterious when there is no rain in the forecast yet rain suddenly appears and follows the exact path of the garage sales.

Yesterday was my mothers birthday. I made her some flip flops. And when I mean I made them I went down to the new hobby lobby and bought some plain flip flops and decorated them. I bought two colorful scarfs and cut them into 1 inch strips and tied them around the plastic straps and then put little gold metal angel wings on the front along with some sparkling beads. I think they were very pretty. My sister loved them too. I called her asked her what she thought of the idea and she thought it was a good idea also. She said "Just don't tell Billy they have those there, I have 40 pairs of flip flops but I don't have any that I decorated myself). I guess my sister likes flip flops. I was going to post a picture but the dell computer has a virus on it so I am using our older one. It doesn't have the driver for the camera downloaded on it.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Its another Monday

Well its Monday morning again, back to work.

The kitten I hit with the car a week ago is recovering well. His limp is nearly gone and his breathing is almost back to normal. I leave him outdoors for long periods when I am home now because he doesn't like being inside. He seems to sleep a lot more than normal though. It might e because I am still giving him doses of Yucca which make him sleepy. But he has started following me around the yard with the other cats as well as stretching and scratching his claws on a log near the house and this morning I got him to play with me a little bit. I am hoping that I an return him to the outdoors next week..

3 days ago I was watering my plants and noticed that some of the cannas I moved in June to the rock wall had the beginnings of buds on them. Some of the ones I moved are dwarfs and those are the ones that are getting ready to bloom. This is very exciting because they have never bloomed. The reason they have never bloomed is because I have moved them several times. I believe they were Portland city Pinks or something like that. I will post pictures as soon as they bloom.

Now for those damn gourd vines. The vines are pretty incredible and spreading like mad all over the place but all I have gotten is a profusion of male flowers. I went hunting for a solution of the Gourd Forum on the garden web and learned that if there is a lot of nitrogen in the soil this will happen. I mentioned earlier that the cats used that particular flower bed as a little box for most of the last year. One suggestion was to cut the end off of all of the vines. This was supposed to help them create more female blossoms.

and another upsetting thing I have discovered about them is at least one of the vines is not a chinese bottle gourd, its a dipper gourd which means that the flower was probably pollenated by a bottleneck gourd. Several people on the gardening web has reported similar problems with chinese bottle gourd seeds they bought from burpee this year. I bought those seeds from burpee because I couldn't find mine. At least I will have dipper gourd seeds after this year.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I was looking for a picture that I had a long time ago on the web and have since lost and ran across this artist website

Her art work is not the kind of thing that I am usually drawn to. The faces and bodies of her fairies remind me a little bit of Betty boop (I hope she is not insulted by that) but the expression on those cute little faces has a way of saying "Don't f*ck with me." The artist has a picture of herself on the website and seems to wear the same expression. I really really like that.

I've added her link to my link list. She is Jasmine Toad

Thursday, August 03, 2006

here is another funny one i ran across

This came from "One girl and her cats" blog. The information is web based, the comments are hers, and she is funny

Disclaimer: Now, I will admit here and now where these WEIRD FACTS came from. The Internet. And therefore I urge you to take the following revelations with a fairly hefty pinch of salt…*

When Heinz ketchup leaves the bottle, it travels at a rate of 25 miles per year.~ Not when I’M pouring it, it doesn't.*

Ten percent of the Russian government's income comes from the sale of vodka.~ THAT, I can believe.*

On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.*removes the end of the pen she has been absentmindedly chewing on*

~ What?* Internationally, Baywatch is the most popular TV show in history.~ Dear, sweet, Lord. I’m hoping for the sake of mankind that’s NOT true…*

The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.~ Apt.* Average life span of a major league baseball: 7 pitches.~ Pour baseball. And your cousin got to be a jacket…*

The reason firehouses have circular stairways is from the days of yore when the engines were pulled by horses. The horses were stabled on the ground floor and figured out how to walk up straight staircases.~ Ha! Score one for the horses!*

The world's termites outweigh the world's humans 10 to 1. ~ That, is SO cool.I can hear the ruler of the termites now, addressing his people:

TERMITE RULER: Victory is close at hand, my children! Thanks to expensive breeding efforts, helped immensely I might add by myself *winks and waits for polite laughter*, we outnumber the human race by 10-1…

TERMITES: (in unison) Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

TERMITE RULER: Quite. But remember, my children, outnumbering humans was only the first part of the challenge. Next, we have to conquer our enemies! Which are…?

TERMITES: (in unison) Birds! Spiders! Ant eaters! Apes! Fire ants! Kids with magnifying glasses!

TERMITE RULER: Excellent! You have been schooled well, my relentless invertebrate soldiers. These are our main enemies, and to succeed in our endeavor to be supreme rulers of this planet we must first rid the earth of those who seek to destroy us. Starting with the most foul scum of them all: THE SPIDERS!*termite masses erupt into cheers*

TERMITE RULER: (loudly, above the din) Your cheers are well spoken, but remember my Armageddon of arthropods, more effort is needed! Cease not in your endeavors! Work hard in your mounds to produce weapons, tools, more babies to further our numeral magnitude – thinking of that, Sheila? I’ll see you after the meeting – strive tirelessly to aid our success, and remember: today, the spiders – tomorrow, THE WORLD…*

"I am." is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.~ Isn’t.*

The cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth II, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.~ Now, that’s economy at its best!*
Cat's urine glows under a blacklight. ~ Who the hell decided to find this out? THAT'S what I want to know…*

Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie.*

Looks at the letter she’s going to post* ~ Ah, crap.*

The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the males head off.~ Ah, see, and everyone probably just thought she was a bitch. There’s actually a REASON…*

Eating lemons make you live longer.~ Does it count if that lemon is in slices? And submerged in gin?* A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.~ NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE! NOT TURE! Studies have revealed that goldfish DO have a good memory, and even quite impressive learning capabilities.…Which is why right now three goldfish in a science lab are plotting as to how they’re going to manage to take over the earth before the termites do. *

Dogs mouths are 200 times more clean then human mouths.~ HA! IN YOUR FACE, people who get all disgusted when my dog showers my face with kisses…*

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.~ Yeah, but say it to her face and she’ll hit you.*

Dominica has the highest crime rate on earth, more than 1/5 of the population is involved in criminal activities.~ Well, I'd have lost points for that one. I'd have sworn blind that it would have been the council estate where I live.The things you learn…*

Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.~ And there was me thinking I wouldn't have lost any weight this week…*

Starfish don't have brains.~ I shouldn’t sweat it. Neither do the majority of modern humans.

And last but not least, something we ALL need to know:* It takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. It only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and smack someone upside the head.

A sure sign of global warming

A quick update

The kitten I hit with the car is doing well. His breathing is still not jut right and his back legs are not stable but he is walking on them in a clumsy manner and eating solid food. He also made a point to let me know this morning he is sick of being in the house and wants to be outside with the rest of the cat family. I have let him stay there for the moment but it will be getting very hot soon and I don't think it will help his heavy breathing at all. I'm going to bring him in and put him to bed soon. The Yucca, like aspirin, always makes him sleepy so I will probably give him a nice big dose before putting him to bed.

I am glad I have learned about the pain killing properties the plant has when used in cats. I have a little black cat that injured her back knee as a very young baby. It healed very well and she now runs and plays and hunts with the rest of them. She is a mean little turd to. We call her Demon. But I imagine she may have arthritis later and so will Snowflake (mouse named him, not me) after being hit by my car.

One thing I have noticed about Snowflake that is different from the other cats is that he is very disturbed about going to the bathroom in the house. He will meow and cry and get frantic when he has to go and I quickly put him outside and he uses one of the flower beds. All of the flower beds around the house have become giant litter boxes. The cat poop breaks down fast under the mulch so its not a problem. At least not for my plants that like rich soil. For those that don't it is a problem. My poor Chinese bottle gourds don't appreciate it one bit and have shown me this by producing an abundance of male flowers and 1 lousy female.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I hit one of the kittens with the car!

Its the little white one with the sky blue eyes that is sitting in the cauldron in one of the pictures below. It was under the car and I was on my way to Sheri's to get some eggs and I didn't even think to look under the car or honk before I left. I started the motor and started to back out and he suddenly ran out from under the car half dragging his back legs and half limping. I turned off the engine and jumped out of the car and pursued it under the front deck. Fortunately it didn't go to far. It was making that horrible yowling sound that female cats make right before they are about to give birth to a kitten.

I carried it in the house and lay it on the bed where Bear, Mouse, and I watched and waited to see what would happen. It yowled a few more times and then lay its head down on the bed, it was panting harder than I have ever seen a cat pant and its eyes started to look glazed and half closed. The minutes passed as we watched. A few bits of dirt had fallen onto the white sheet and Bear flicked them off with his hand, the cats ears flicked and it lifted its head, still panting hard. I felt its hind area all over. I couldn't feel any broken bones, there was no bloody froth coming from its mouth and it wasn't drooling, although it refused to do more than lift its head I was now convinced that there were no serious internal injuries.

Bear was convinced I had killed his favorite kitten. He was convinced it was going to die, that I had run over its back legs and crushed them. Its lucky one of us keeps their head.

Bear went to get the eggs for me. I put the cat into a basket near the kitchen and watched it while I made dinner. It didn't like the basket so I lifted it out on the floor. It attempted to walk behind the couch but its back legs wouldn't support its weight. I am assuming it was looking for a dark spot so I made it a little tent with a couple of pillows and a blanket. After dinner I lay it on the couch. It refused to eat or drink and was still panting horribly. Its little pale blue eyes were looking glazed and I was getting worried.

I then went to the computer for help from my fellow green witches. I quickly learned that you can give Yucca to cats for pain and immediately cut some leaves from my plant and began drying them in the oven. I was also told to mix a little bit of seasalt in some water and start giving it to him in a dropper. He was going into shock. I started giving him a few drops of the salted water every hour with a little bit of fresh water. The yucca finally dried and I made a tea with it and began giving it to him every few hours. By 11pm that night he was responding again. I made him a little bed under the sink in my bathroom and finally went to bed at 2am.

Coyote was left in charge of him Monday while I was at work. I gave him strict written instructions and was very pleased to learn he had followed them precisely all day. Bear said Coyote had even made a chart. I took over after I got home and was please to see that Snowflake was now fighting me when I tried to give him water or yucca in the dropper, but still would not attempt to use his back legs and was breathing harder than I liked but better than the day before.

This morning I brought him out onto the bed with me while I watched the news. I had started giving him tuna blended with water in a blender the day before and on my way home the night before had picked up some beef liver canned cat food that I was doing the same thing with. I put him on a towel in the floor and went to the computer and he started trying to follow me. He walked a few steps on shakey back legs and then stopped, walked a few steps and stopped.

I took him outside to se the other cats for a little while. He walked a little more, groomed himself a little. I put him back to bed a little while ago with a little more yucca and watered down food. He still won't eat solid food and he is still breathing heavily but its slowly improving. I am going to continue feeding him food in a dropper as well as water and yucca for the pain. Some people suggested I feed him a nettle infusion also. I have some in the woods I think I will go pick them and dry them also.
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