Tuesday, October 31, 2006

oh my, where has my brain been!

You know I was reading through blogs and it suddenly hit me "Its Samhain!" Bear and I are taking the kids trick or treating tonight and I will go into the woods to perform a solitary ceremony.

Mouse is going as Hermiony from harry Potter. It was an easy costume to make. She wears my black hooded cloak that I wear for dark of the moon ceremonies and i make her hair all wild and she walks around with a backpack over her cape and books in her hand.

Coyote is going as a wizard. He is going to wear my bent out of shape pointy witches hat from Halloween costumes past and my big heavy green bathrobe. Were going to tie a rope around the waist and he has a big wooden staff that he found in the woods years ago. Bear was supposed to drill a hole in the end of it and I as going to take one of the clear glass Yule ornaments and glue into the end of it to look like a crystal ball, but that did not happen. I was also going to spray both of there costumes with glitter and that didn't happen either since I haven't gotten to the store to buy it yet.

The kitten is wandering around the house. It has no one to play with and seems a little lonely to me. Although I don't think it realizes it. Its eating canned cat food now. Its at least 6 weeks and time to find it a home. The other night I was laying on the couch watching the movie sleepy hollow and it climbed up onto the couch and up my chest and curled into a ball right underneath my neck and fell asleep. I always feel guilty when it comes time to find them a home.

Monday, October 30, 2006

well another day another dollar

I only look up the dreams that I can still remember by evening and that hasn't happened in a few days. Last night I dreamed of gold. I was in a mine with several other people. i was pulling bits of gold off of the wall. Not a vein on gold, just little bits of gold stuck to the walls that I was able to pull off, like berries from a bush. I put the gold inthe palm of my hand as i gathered it.

Gold If you handle gold in your dream, you will be unusually successful in all enterprises. For a woman to dream that she receives presents of gold, either money or ornaments, she will marry a wealthy but mercenary man. To find gold, indicates that your superior abilities will place you easily ahead in the race for honors and wealth. If you lose gold, you will miss the grandest opportunity of your life through negligence. To dream of finding a gold vein, denotes that some uneasy honor will be thrust upon you. If you dream that you contemplate working a gold mine, you will endeavor to usurp the rights of others, and should beware of domestic scandals.

I was obviously handeling, but I didn't find a gold vien, I just picked it like you would berries, I also wasn't really working in a gold mine I was just in a mine and pulling the gold off of the wall. I was keeping the gold, not getting paid to mine it.

This is the third time I have had a dream indicating financial gain. Still waiting for it though, lol.

Been working since 10am. I actually got started later than I wanted to but that's usually the case. Something always keep me from logging on when I want to. My morning walk, the temptation to walk in the woods and enjoy the color and piece and quiet, housework or laundry.

Its been a nice day for the most part. Mostly cloudy but the sun has broken few a few times. The sun is nearing the Western horizon now and the sky is clear and blue despite a prediction of rain by the weather channel.

Bear and I spent most of Sunday doing absolutely nothing. Even though neither one of us got drunk at the party we both felt worn down and tired. I did work for an hour and a half when reminders went through at 2pm. Then I ended up staying up late and watching scary movies.

The woods are full of color and I love sitting in my home office working and glancing out the window to see all of them. The window in front of my computer is filled mostly with golden leaves and a few orange. The window to my left looks out over the gully and its filled with shades of green and red and gold and orange. I have to enjoy them now because they won't last much longer.

I had to drive to the school today at 1pm which took another hour away from my work because some kid hit coyote in the head with a basketball and triggered a headache. The school nurse said she couldn't give him anything for it unless I came in and signed a note saying that it was OK. Even then after I got there and signed it she had to fax it to his doctor to get his signature saying Coyote has headaches and needed to take something for it. Can someone explain to me why in the hell the school nurse needs both my signature and a doctors signature to give him over the counter medication for a freaking headache!!!! I got pissed and had her call him into the office and gave him the pills myself.

I got home just in time for reminders to start. I did that for an hour and a half and then did some house work before the kids got home because I didn't clean before I started working this morning.

There are some clouds rolling in from the west now. They look beautiful with the golden sunlight shinning through them. Its going to be a beautiful sunset. Its almost 11pm in the UK right now and I only have a few hours before things start to slowdown. Time to get back to work.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Parties

Last night was Coyotes Halloween party. I was relieved to learn that the 30 kids that were supposed to show up had made other plans when they learned Coyote had been in the hospital because they figured the party would be canceled. So I only had 7 kids to deal with. Along with those 7 kids came 10 adults who joined Dennis and I in the back yard for the Bonfire. Among those was our friend Joan. A year ago we cut off contact with her after learning from a neighbor she was in our house when we weren't home. She has a drinking and a drug problem and will steal any drugs she can find. Bear decided to patch things up with her and let her start coming back around for her sons sake. She has him on weekends.

Also at this party was Coyotes friend Nick who we had also determined we were better off keeping away but Bear decided to go ahead and let him come against my better judgment. Mostly because we like his mom.

There is a young lady at the party that Nick likes. She prefers Coyotes friendship to Nicks however. Well at some point during there evening Coyote and this young lady were goofing off. They play fight constantly and Coyote was wrestling with her. They were all laughing and joking and then from what I understand Nick grabs the girls butt and doesn't move his hand from it. Well she starts to fight and struggle and Coyote thinks she is just playing. However she finally gets free (because she can kick both Coyotes and Nicks *sses). She goes and tells Bear and a whole big commotion starts. Sheri who was there enjoying the party with us has to take Nick home. The next thing I knew Joan's drunk butt was in the house lecturing all of the kids who weren't even involved in this. I took her outside while she calmed down. At least I thought. but once she was back down at the fire she kept on and kept on and would not shut up. She finally left. I told Bear I really did not want her back. She has been acting really weird since she started coming back around. She forgets things very easily and repeats herself constantly! She brought over a crock pot full of cocktail weenies that were supposed to be in barbecue sauce. Bear opened the lid to smell it and realized that she never put the sauce in them and they were burning in the crock pot. He agreed with me. Although i wouldn't be surprised to start seeing her come around in a few more months

Once we got rid of Nick and Joan the night went much more smoothly. We stayed out by the fire until 11 and let the kids play. Coyote says Nick is not his friend anymore. Apparently he had been acting pissy all night because this young lady wanted to hang around Coyote and not him.

That's twice in a row we have had a party at the house and some incident happened to mess up the night. Bear had a party for his employees after the new store opened as a way to thank them for all of there hard work and one of them got drunk and fell in the pond and hit his head really hard.

Other than that. The cats are doing better. Most of the small ones are all better. Now the adult are getting sick but I have plenty of antibiotics to give them as well. Snowflake is eating solid food again and breathing through his mouth. Although yesterday and I had to feed him with a spoon. Every time he put his head down to eat his nose would start to run and he would lift it up again and shake it. So I put the food on a spoon and held it up for him to eat so he wouldn't have to put his head down. Everyone really got a kick out of it.

Well its back to work today. I did manage to work a little bit yesterday between party preparations. I'm doing all right for the month. I won't meet the goal I set for myself but I won't be very far from it. The new programs they have trained me on load faster so I am able to get more done in an hour than I could before. Its also allowed me to show my employer just how fast I really am. One of those reviewing my work at one point asked me to go work on a different program for a while because she couldn't keep up with me. Still waiting on word for that promotion though. They are the ones that mentioned it this time and i was really hoping to have the raise this coming pay period since the check for this pay period will arrive in mid December. Its almost double what i am making now. No word about it though. I'm not concerned about it because this time they are the ones they offered it to me and instead of me asking them about it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

a week of rainy days

its been cold and grey and rainy all week long and i have a bunch of cats with colds. I started giving them echinacea but it seems that i didn't start soon enough. Most of them are stuffed up and breathing through there mouths and won't eat. I read that if they can't smell there food they won't eat it. And pour Snowflake that i hit with my car in august seems to have been hit the worst.

In the three months since the accident he has slowly been recovering. His back legs, although they appear to be healed and he no longer limps and can even climb trees they look thinner than the rest of his body. He has put weight back on and is growing but is still not as filled out as the other cats. His breathing has never gone back to normal either. I had thought at first it might be broken ribs but you would think they would have healed after 3 months. Its been very very slowly improving but i would think he would be better by now. Before he caught a cold he could climb a tree and play a little bit and run in short spurts but because he has a harder time breathing he can't do it as long as a normal cat. He goes with me on walks like the other cats do also but by the end of the walk I have to pick him up and carry him the rest of the way.

I suspect that since he has a more difficult time breathing it took more out of him when he couldn't breath through his nose anymore. Then of course he stopped eating and he was already thin to begin with.

The vet gave me pills for Snowflake and the other cats and a supplement with an appetite stimulant in it for Snowflake. I've also been giving him Yucca because he probably has a headache. He is sleeping next to me on the red couch now.

I discussed his breathing with the vet who named off a few possibilities. His first thought was broken ribs but he also thought they should have been healed by now. Another possibility was a hernia and yet another was that intestine might have moved and be wrapped around his diaphragm or lungs. I think if it was his intestines he wouldn't have lived at all. I looked up a Diaphramatic Hernia which is what he was talking about and it sounds more likely that that is what I am dealing with. A severe one would have killed him within a short period and I read that a small one is no risk and the cat could live a long healthy life and would just have more difficulty breathing than a healthy cat. The fact that Snowflake has shown improvement (even though its extremely slow) and has been active encourages me. What I read says the condition can only be corrected through surgery which brings me back to the slow improvement. I will continue to watch him for now. And I will continue to give him vitamins even after his cold is gone since there is also an appetite stimulant in it also and wait and see what happens.

Coyote returned to school today. I have parent teacher conferences tonight. There is a Halloween party this weekend that Coyote is having. He said he expects about 30 people (which is about what showed up last year). The little kitten we have been bottle feeding (Rain) is still fat and getting playful but still won't eat solid food. It looks really cute sucking on that bottle but I wish it would eat solid food so I can find it a home! And the pay period ends at the end of the month so i have to try and work as much as possible between now and then. I need some more coffee!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OK last nights dream. At least the only parts still sticking in my head. There was a house for sale that I wanted to look at. I had seen it in a prior dream but in that dream I was hiding from the police for some reason and I wasn't exactly going to go see a house for sale. I took Bear and the kids to it. It sat at the base of a beautiful mountain. There was a shallow river between the house and the mountain. Although the river was shallow and I knew the bottom had to be rocky the surface was surprisingly smooth and extremely clear and beautiful. In the west there was a magnificent water fall with 3 separate flows of water tumbling over a wall of smooth black stone.

In front of this house was a tall waterfall powered by an electric pump. It was 12 feet tall and running with clear cool water. The lawn was lush and green and the landscaping perfect. The house itself was magnificent inside. It was timber frame which is something Bear and I love. Recently built, perfectly clean, and looked like it had never been lived in. There were beautiful heavy timbers and lots of wood on the walls. The property around it was beautiful even though we couldn't see the river from the house it could be heard. Even though the house was gorgeous and we weren't really looking to buy a house we decided that if we were we probably wouldn't buy that one because it was so far from everything.


"The river and waterfalls" To dream of a waterfall, foretells that you will secure your wildest desire, and fortune will be exceedingly favorable to your progress. If you see a clear, smooth, flowing river in your dream, you will soon succeed to the enjoyment of delightful pleasures, and prosperity will hold flattering promises.

"The road" Traveling over a rough, unknown road in a dream, signifies new undertakings, which will bring little else than grief and loss of time. If the road is bordered with trees and flowers, there will be some pleasant and unexpected fortune for you. If friends accompany you, you will be successful in building an ideal home, with happy children and faithful wife, or husband.

"The House"
To see large and magnificent buildings, with green lawns stretching out before them, is significant of a long life of plenty, and travels and explorations into distant countries. Small and newly built houses, denote happy homes and profitable undertakings but, if old and filthy buildings, ill health and decay of love and business will follow.

I can't really say how much stock I put into this whole dream interpretation stuff. I have had two that seem to have been right, but the dream about the cats bursting into flame after trying to attack hasn't revealed itself yet. The driving off of a cliff was right because of the horrible PMS I suffered after that. The other one was a dream indicating I would be unhappy with my husband. I don't remember what was in that dream now but I have been unhappy with Bear lately because he has been gone so much. Dreaming of being attacked by cats and defeating them is supposed to indicate I will overcome great obstacles and rise in fortune also. I did more than defeat them I vaporized them, ha ha. Even the flames themselves lean toward this. And now the dream above of the road and river and waterfalls and the house. That's two dreams like that now and I am still waiting.

Well I hope it doesn't take to much longer because I was looking at the jewelry section on eBay last night while things were slow and found a lot of beautiful African and Asian jewelry I would love to have. I love ethnic jewelry. Plus the widow that lives at the top of the hill has her house for sale. Her 7 or 8 acres borders out property and I am worried that a land developer will try and buy it. Its not an ideal place because much of it slopes steeply so it won't be snatched up fast. Having a development of McMansions pop up on the hill above us is a very big fear of mine. I would buy up her place to keep anyone else from buying it and developing it and just rent her house out. I would also buy my neighbors place. He is the marine with the 10 acres to the back of our property who has cut down several 200 year old trees. I cast a spell on him a year ago to cause him to have more respect for the trees and the land itself and I haven't seen him since. That one certainly has me scratching my head.

Coyote had some bad luck Sunday. He was riding his skate board to a friends house. He thought he heard a car coming which was actually our friend Joan pulling out of our driveway. he turned his head to look and then turned back around and saw a large rock in his path. His skate board hit the rock and stopped. He somersaulted through the air and landed on his head on the concrete and knocked himself out.

We were all very lucky that Joan (who used to be a nurse anyway) was pulling out at the same time this happened and saw him hit the concrete. He woke up when she yelled his name and she said stood up immediately. He said he was dizzy and she said seemed confused but he was still arguing about going to his friends house. She fought and argued with him and finally got him in her car to bring him home. I put him on the couch with an ice pack and watched him for the next 10 minutes. Soon he started hurting badly and was no longer making a whole lot of sense. Bear took him to the emergency room and they did a cat scan. He just has a concussion but after learning how he landed everyone was surprised it wasn't much worse. He is off school until Wednesday.

I always knew he had a thick skull, ha ha.

Mouse has been very jealous. Coyote gets to sleep on the couch at night and stay up late watching TV and gets to stay home from school and drink sprite because the pain pills make his stomach upset and she doesn't like that at all. I heard her mutter under her breath yesterday "I wish I had a concussion." I reminded her to be careful what she wished for.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

well i am still poor

In a matter of speaking. Its very irritating to get all of the winning numbers on different tickets. I won 35 dollars last time I played. I guess I have had better luck than most when it comes to buying lottery tickets. I usually win something every other time i buy them, even if its just a dollar. Bear one 1500 dollars once, but that was when he was living in Florida with his now ex wife.

Still doing the dream interpretation thing and experimenting to see how it works. The most recent one was a dream in which we were all in the Rav with bear and he decided he is going to drive off of a cliff. "Its OK, its safe I promise". So i fasten my seat belt and off the cliff he goes. amazingly we did survive and no one was hurt. He exploded all 4 tires on the rav but it was still drive able. But boy did I bitch about those 4 tires. I looked it up and falling off of a cliff and not being injured is a sign of a difficult time ahead but one that you will make it through. After that I spent the next 3 days with the worst PMS. My cycle has been messed up anyway due to the increased exercise and change in my diet. So my period has been delayed. Somewhat. I won't go into gross details, ha ha. I was chewing everybody out Thursday and Friday and Friday night I was on the verge of tears the whole time. I woke up Saturday morning at 5 am with plans to work but instead I cried for 3 hours straight and really didn't know why. I feel fine now though.

I really need to try and get my hands on some Motherwart.

The kitten has finally learned to eat from a bottle. Its really very funny to watch because as she drinks her little ears go back and forth. It was a challenge because she is a feisty little critter. Mouse decided to call her Rain because we found her on a cold day when it was pouring down rain. Let me stress we are not going to keep this kitten. I told Mouse we have more than enough cats and I am not going to start feeding another one. She wasn't to happy about that but did agree.

I had a long talk with Bear the other day about the amount of time he spends away from the house. They have increased his hours to 50 a week and that is really cutting into his time at home. That along with classes and the two hours a day he spends at the gym. I was not happy when he decided to take this job in the first place. I really think he needs to be his own boss. He did it last year and although he did fine he was really unhappy with the company that mixed the cleaner he sold. He said he quit because he was concerned about rising gas prices but i don't think that was it at all. But Saturday night he finally admitted its because he didn't have any confidence in the mix he was selling. So Saturday night i got online and found a company who does custom mixes and bottles it at there location. I don't know if they do silk screening or not. I know he prefers silk screen and he hates to bottle the stuff himself. i saved the info and he is supposed to contact them later. He couldn't start doing that this time of year, he would have to wait until April when things start to pick up. But he did say he could schedule his classes so that he has Tuesday and Wednesday off and work on those days. That's really all he would need.

My job is going fine. As far as I know there are only 4 programs left that I don't have training on. And its not difficult to learn them at all. They send me a manual and screen shots of the program to look over and I discuss the program 15 minutes with a manager and that's really it. the issue is finding a manager who is free to discuss it. They haven't said anything else about making me a moderator so i don't know if they plan to start that at the beginning of the November pay period or the December pay period. I really hope its November because the pay increase is pretty significant and the money would come in handy for Christmas/Yule.

Bear and I are about to go through a very tight 3 weeks. Because I only get paid once a month at my new job we have 3 weeks in which we have to stretch my final check out to cover groceries and gas and everything else and that check is only 200 dollars. Its a good thing we can eat at Taco Bell for free. We might be having a lot of that over the next couple of weeks.

I can stretch a dollar really well though. I've gotten used to it, ha ha. It would help if my pantry were stocked like it used to be. At once point I had enough food stored that my family lived off of it for 6 months when things got slim. I haven't been able to get it stocked like that again since though. I was hoping this summers garden would help add to it a bit, but that didn't happen. Next year will be different. I am going to work that dirt all winter long. I have mentioned to Bear I would like a hoop house built over the spot. Something I could take the plastic off of once the weather warmed up. I think that would help things grow much faster.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

well, the rain finally stopped!

We ended up driving to Missouri and buying lottery tickets Sunday after all. Bear climbed out of bed at about 1:30 afternoon. Mouse was at my mothers and Coyote was at a friends house. we decided to go get groceries. We had to stop at the gas station and while waiting for the Ravi to fill up we discussed the option of going or not. Yes it was raining, yes it was late to be leaving on such a long trip. yes we had stuff to get done. We went back and forth. Yes we want to go on that drive through the mountains but . . . Then we both decided that since we were having such a hard time making the decision we should probably go ahead and go.

So we drove through the mountains in the rain. I like rainy days. I like driving in the rain. And I especially love fall in the rain. The colors on the leaves contrast so brightly against the grey dreary weather. The leaves in the mountains have just really begun to change and will hit there peak this next week. I was pretty close to wearing "plain dress" this particular day. My hair was up in a smooth twist and I wore an ankle length green skirt, a plain and comfortable cream colored cotton shirt, a really ugly pair of shoes, and no make-up. I like this plain and simple look but i can't tell you how many times I have been mistaken for one of the strict sect Pentecostals that live around here (long skirts, sleeves to there elbows, the women never cut there hair and they never wear make-up). People always look at me curiously but few people ever ask.

We bought our tickets and drove back. It was dark when we returned and bear had to make a stop at work to take care of an issue with a new employees boyfriend, then we went and picked up Mouse from my mothers, got groceries and went home.

I had an interesting dream Sunday night. I've just recently started looking at the things in my dreams and looking up there meaning. In this particular dream I was in a dark empty parking lot and there were cats running around everywhere. When one would run at me it would be thrown backward and burst into flame. At the end of a dream a very large cat wearing people clothes and charging at me and it exploded into flames so hot that there was nothing left but blackened bone. According to the dream dictionary being attacked by a cat in a dream and defeating it is a sign of prosperous times ahead. That cat was more than defeated, it was vaporized.

I don't know how much faith I can put into this type of dream interpretation since i haven't had a lot of experience in it so I am not going to get my hopes up just yet.

We recently found an abandoned kitten. this one was left by its mother. I don't think its much older than 4 weeks. When we find a kitten so young I generally let the Great Mother Gia or Bast (which ever the case may be) take care of the issue herself but Mouse and Bear both insisted we bring this one in and bottle feed it. I charged Mouse with the duty and told her I would feed it while she was at school. We fixed up a corner by her dresser and put down a towel and a hot water bottle to keep it warm. 3 days later its got a fat little belly on it and its learning to walk pretty well. Its a loud little squirt too. Monday morning Mouse was complaining about it keeping her up all night. I just laughed and said "Welcome to motherhood." She didn't say anything, but did mention she was glad she didn't have to burp it.

Work is going well. They have discuss the idea of promoting me again and they mentioned it to me this time. They gave me training on a few mew programs and I have been working on those. I'm having a really hard time getting motivated today though. I was up late watching this new series that started called scifi investigations. It comes on at midnight and what it is is this team of 4 people that investigate something out of the ordinary and report there findings. Last night the did a show on Voodoo. The subject fascinates me. Partly because Arkansas is right above the state Voodoo started in and partly because its been difficult for me to find information about it.

At the end of the show they sat down to discuss there findings. All 4 of them admitted at the end of the show that there were things that had happened to them for which there was no explanation. One of the ceremonies they participated in involved a woman being possessed by the spirit of a woman who had long passed. It was obvious when watching the woman after being possessed that it was no longer her we were seeing. The video was later looked at by a professional who said that what he was seeing was similar to watching someone with split personality disorder. When the personality changes in the person there expressions, voice, and the way they move can also change and that was what he saw when we saw the woman become possessed. "I can't give you physical evidence that proves that woman is possessed," he said "But the personalty that we saw at the beginning of the video and the personality we are seeing later in the video are not the same one."

They also discussed the stories they had heard about voodoo priestesses turning people into zombies. Apparently there are two ways this can happen. One is involving a spell and the other involves a poison made from powdered blow fish which puts the person who ingested it into a zombie like state. I have often seen the image of a voodoo priestess blowing a powder into a person face. There was a movie based on this called "the Serpent and the Rainbow". Its supposed to be a true stories. Only the people in the story didn't become zombies. They were given a powder that put them in a "death like" state. They would be pronounced dead and put into a coffin and buried. When the powder wore off they found themselves buried alive. The man in the movie got the powder and brought it back to America where its been studied by scientist for several years. Supposedly they have yet to figure out how it works.

I thought the most interesting part of the investigation was the reading of the chicken bones. That's something else I have always wanted to learn how to do but can't find any information on it. Essentially you take blessed chicken bones, throw them on a special cloth and read how they fall.

I asked Coyote to program the DVR so that we can record the rest of the episodes since they don't come on until midnight and I can't stay up that late every night. The next one is on Bigfoot. I have my doubts about them finding any fact to to support that one. I wonder if there going to do one on Bigfoot if they will do one on the American black panther also. No one in my neck of the woods has ever claimed to have seen Bigfoot, but a lot of people around here claim to have seen the American black panther, including Bear. He swears that we were in the kitchen making breakfast one morning and he saw it run across the back yard. I was in the kitchen also but I wasn't looking out the window. I did however see his face. It turned ghost white and starting looking for Commodore frantically because he wanted to make sure he was in the house. He says it was bigger than commodore was.

I have my doubts about it being an actual panther. I suspect its actually a cougar with a dark coat. There aren't supposed to be any Cougars around here either, but I have heard them when walking in the woods. The sound will make you pee your pants.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rain, today, tonight, and tomorrow

I'm not complaining or anything. Today is Bear's day off and I use his days off as short days when working online. I can usually wipe out my set amount of work in a few hours. Since we can't do any work outside this is a good opportunity to get some things done indoors. I have stayed caught up on the laundry since I quit working at my other job. This includes the ironing.

We were going to drive through the mountain's to Missouri and play the lottery again but bear decided he really didn't want to drive through the rain. He is not feeling the best anyway. He worked out with a friend of his Thursday and that friend used to do competitive body building. He barely been able to move since Thursday night. Today he is laying in bed watching movies and probably won't leave the house.

I was going to make pancakes for breakfast but we were out of mix and doesn't think my homemade pancake mix is any good. If he knows we are out he won't eat mine even though he has eaten mine and not known it wasn't the store bought stuff and liked it just as well. So we had scrambled eggs for breakfast. i would have made Bacon but we didn't have any. No sausage either. Its time to go to the grocery store.

Speaking of food I have put the entire household on a health food diet. Bear has started eating healthier since making friends at the gym who give him crap about his diet and now that i am home all of the time its easier for me to eat healthier also. I can also keep an eye on what the kids eat when they get home from school. There dad would buy them sweet snacks and frozen pizzas and they would come home and just sit around and eat and eat and eat. Not anymore. I hid the sweet snacks and rationed the pizzas and bought fruits and vegetables. I even bought rye and pumpernickel bread and informed them they would have 4 meals a day and they would be healthy. They complained and whined and Coyote was close to tears a few times. 3 weeks later however Coyotes developing bubble but and belly is gone. He looks like a healthy but short 12 year old boy. Mouse was getting pretty fat herself. Her belly hung out from underneath most of her shirts and over the waist band of all of her pants. She is getting thinner as well. She has farther t0 go than Coyote does though. Bear has also lost a lot of body fat. He was laying in bed the other day and I went to wake him up and I could feel the bottom of his rib cage. I could never do that before. As for myself. well I'm not gaining anymore weight. I don't think my clothes feel any looser. I keep walking 2 miles a day. i gave do it in 45 minutes. But my monthly cycles seemed to be messed up at the moment so I am probably retaining a lot of water. That happens to me when my diet and exercise change suddenly.

Its more expensive eating like this though. I can't grow oranges and grapefruit and I certainly don't have an orchard. All the flour I have in the pantry in unbleached and a small bag of wheat. Buying rye flower is as expensive as buying as buying the bread already made. I can go to the store and spend 50 dollars just of fruits and vegetables. Were eating less meat which helps the budget, but what we do eat is still very expensive. And of course the gardening season is over and my garden wasn't worth a crap this year. I have been thinking about cold weather crops but I'm not sure what I can plant and expect to still grow. No one in this House but me will consider eating turnips. I like lettuce and I have seeds but I'm not sure how late I can plant it. i need to do a little research i guess.

If your wondering why I haven't posted any pictures lately its because I haven't downloaded the drivers for my camera. Not since the last time we dumped the hard drive.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

you might be a redneck if.

if your doorbell looks like this
if you don't need a lake to go skiing

Or if your wife is quoted in the local payper saying

You wear a shirt like this for your engagement picture. His shirt says "if i throw a stick will you leave?"

your wedding picture looks like this.

You need fashion tips from your husband
your dog house looks like this
Everyone at Spring break enjoyed riding on your limo
if you take your front porch with you
if a little rain doesn't spoil your fishing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bear's going to the gym is beginning to show results. More than just a smaller belly and love handles. i noticed this morning as he dressed for his closing shift that his shoulders are broader. he has big shoulders anyway but there bigger than they were. I mentioned it to him and he said "Yeah i know, i can see them in the mirror at the gym" with a big smile on his face.

I don't know if any of you know this or not but my ex husband was a body builder obsessed with his appearance. I am a little concerned now when i see Bear spending 2 hours a day in the gym but he swears he will not become like my ex husband, he just wants to get back into shape.

Today i took 5 dollars and went garage saling. its best if i take a limited amount of cash and smaller amounts make me bargain harder. I came back with 30 feet of a 2 foot wide wired mesh type of ribbon in red and green for Christmas/Yule, a plum colored running suit to wear on my now daily 2 miles walks, 2 wireless bras, and 2 pairs of pants for Mouse who said she needed some.

Bear and I went out to lunch at Madam Wu's. He seems to have gotten over the temper tantrum he has been throwing for the last few days. Then we went home and he took a nap. I cleaned house and worked.

we had a quiet weekend for the most part. he was off and we spent most of Saturday laying around not doing anything. I made a stab at doing laundry but didn't get very far. By the time evening rolled around he decided we needed to work on the yard a little. While he mowed I picked up a pile of small unused rock by the retaining wall that has been keeping us from mowing in front of it. Then I discussed a pile of crap behind the shed that has been sitting there for nearly a year. It consist of old rotting pallets, some unused bundles of newspaper left over from my paper route 2 years ago, Terra Cotta pots, our stove top that cracked and that Bear never disposed of along with assorted other crap. Its behind the shed because we can't look at it there.

On Sunday I went for my walk and then worked until everyone got home from church, then we changed our clothes and all 4 of us tackled the pile of crap behind the shed. we managed to clear it all out in just a few hours. I plan to plant an apple tree behind that shed and hopefully discourage us from putting stuff back there. There is a pile of stuff on the side of the house also, away from the view of the street. that needs to be tackled. Its not as bad though. Mostly stuff I can get rid of myself and I may just work on it a little bit at a time each morning.

Unfortunately i forgot while working on the pile behind the shed that I am allergic to the dust created by dead leaves and there were a lot of dead leaves in that pile of stuff. Right after we finished it and planned to start working on the pile behind the house i got a horrible headache and we all decided to quit. I lay in bed the rest of the night in misery.

The dog was barking a lot Sunday night and Monday morning. At 6:30 he was barking out the window so I got up to spray some water into his face (that always shuts him up and makes him be quiet). As I'm doing that I see headlights in the driveway. I look outside and see Bears car pulling up the hill. My heart jumps into my throat and I run into the bedroom and start shaking him awake "Bear someone is stealing your car, wake up!!" Then I realize I'm not shaking bear I'm shaking his pillow. First I breath a sigh of relief and then I call him to find out where in the hell he is going at 6:30am. Apparently it was a study group meeting early before there 8am class to study for a test.

You know I'm pretty sure that he told me that last night, but its not like my brain is functioning properly when being jerked from a sound sleep by a barking dog at 6:30 in the morning.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I haven't posted in what 10 days now. Its been an interesting 10 days. Monday morning before work I noticed a chunk missing out of one of my front tires. I went ahead and drove to work because I had to go to work. It was low when I got out of work and my steering wheel was shaking badly. Bear said to put air in the tire, so I did. On the way home it still didn't feel right. So I put in more air. It felt horrible on the way home. Tuesday I was on my way out of the driveway to get it fixed, it hit a tree root in the drive way and exploded. I mean it really really exploded. I apparently had to much air in it. I didn't realize you could put to much air in a tire. it blew up with such force that it knocked out my tire well and bent a section of my fender in such a way that my dad had to cut a section off of it before I could open my drivers side door. It was the last straw for me. I am sick and tired of paying for oil changes, new tires, 30 bucks a week in gas, and spending an extra hour and a half out of an already 12 hour day long on the road driving back and fourth. I quit. I am now working at my telecommute job full time. I don't care if its more hours or not. Its been going pretty well. Once you take out all of the expenses I had before its the same pay anyway.

Bear didn't want me to quit yet. He's actually acted really bitter about it for most of last week but he seems to have calmed down about the whole thing now. However he kept insisting we needed more memory for the computer. I don't think we do. Do add memory to this particular computer which is a dell we have to buy dell memory sticks and dell wanted 800 dollars for those memory sticks. Bear wanted to charge it to the account were already paying 28 dollars a month in intrest on and I said no. He is pissed about that too. I don't care. He can be pissed! I'm not spending that much money on memory when this computer is working fine for me anyway.

It seems like all he has done lately is work and study and go to school. Tonight he came home at 8pm and just went to bed. He is supposed to be off this weekend. He was mowing the back yard last week and mowed down my bell pepper plants. He says it was an accident. i don't think it was an accident. I reminded him that mowing down plants is a good way to wake up missing his favorite body part.

My back hurts, I'm going for a walk in the moonlight.
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