Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another day

I didn't go to the gym today. We woke up at 4:30 and I yelled a few cuss words at Bear insisting I had time to sleep in (I do this every time I have to wake up this early). My stomach muscles are pretty sore and so is my back. The trainer at the gym had me doing this stomach exercise on a ball. You roll your self flat on the ball, look up at the ceiling and roll yourself back to a sitting position while still looking up at the ceiling. I felt my stomach muscles being worked and was pretty pleased with what I felt. By yesterday afternoon I realized that the exercise had reached the muscles in the lower part of my stomach (A place I have had trouble exercising).

Mouse was in rare form yesterday. She left the house yesterday without a coat. she had only a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Something she obviously copied from me, but I don't wear that in public. She also didn't brush her teeth so she was in trouble for that too. Then she did a horrible job vacuuming and knew she would get in trouble for it. When she had to redo it she screamed and yelled and argued the entire time. She got mad because I wouldn't let her have crackers or buttered bread as a snack after school (given the choice she will eat nothing but potato chips, crackers, buttered bread, and macaroni and cheese).

Her biological mother and her grandmother have a history of heart problems. When her bio grandmother died she had had 6 heart surgeries and according to Mouses Uncle her bio mother had her first heart surgery 3 years ago at the age of 35. If her mother was obese I could see why but she's not. She's the size I used to be. So this is why I am so strict with Mouse about what she eats.

Well, after I wouldn't let her have what she wanted for a snack she refused to eat her dinner so she got to spend the night sitting at the dinner table poking at the cold food on her plate until bedtime. Then this morning she leaves the house without brushing her teeth again.

Another one of her chores this week is feeding the cats.. This morning I discovered that rather than put the food in there bowls like she is supposed to she dumped the whole container in one bowl and let the rest of it spill on the ground. I have a punishment for that too since its not the first time she has done it. She will eat her dinner sitting in the kitchen floor tonight. I would make her eat without a plate since that's what she is making the cats do but Bear thinks that's to harsh.

This is starting to look like she is acting out to get attention instead of just not doing what she is told. I just had to go pick her up from school with what appears to be the flu. I had Coyote put a fire in the fireplace while I was gone so she could have a warm place to sit when she gets back.

He did a pretty good job. There is a nice fire blazing in there now. Mouse can maintain it by herself.

I went through Bear's T shirts last night and we pulled out anything that is stained or torn and put it into the rag pile. I gave her some scissors and a few to start with and showed her how to cut the seams out of them. I told her when we had everything cut out I would make the two of us long skirts to wear in the summer. I guess depending on how she is feeling this weekend we can go looking for Narcissus that are coming up in vacant lots around my mothers house and bring them home to plant along Creepy Trail. There are 3 different species out there. We can also find lots of interesting Allium.

I wore the denim skirt that I pieced together out of old bluejeans to pick her up. I get some interesting reactions to it. No one ever says anything or gives me looks like "what a weirdo". They just look at it with curiosity. I could hear the ladies on the office whispering about it when I turned my back to sign Mouse out.


Blogger Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I actually find denim skirts of that type sexy!

12:28 PM  
Blogger dragonfly183 said...

well i am glad you like it.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Autumn said...

I thought the skirt was cute. Maybe they were jealous wishing they had one.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Coyote said...

hey dragonfly dont be sad your not the only one that has to get up at 4:30 a.m. !!!!

11:00 AM  

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