Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good morning sun

Its a new day. A Wednesday. Mouse goes back to school on Thursday. If Coyote were going back to school it would be today and so his homeschooling can officially start. However yesterday we started having problems with the wireless router again and have lost Internet connection on PC2.

Well he did get his library card yesterday and was really excited to be able to go there and pick out a book. He picked up something called Pendragon. I was disappointed to see how small there young adult section actually is. I guess he can start reading books from the adult book section. There isn't anything good on the history channel today but I did find a series called mysteries of the deep that looks really good and tonight there is a series called "Naked Earth". One about the moon that I have seen and that is really good and another one about the birth of the earth which I haven't see but would like to see.

I picked up a how to book on primitive shelters while I at the library. We were working on the back of the property yesterday and bear mentioned he wanted to build a storage building for his tools. I made plans for one a long time ago and already had a spot picked out for it. Right up against the fence where a dead tree is laying. Its covered in green briers so thick nothing else has been able to grow there. The book up has a small building in it that's made of cord wood or "stack wall". This is essentially just logs cut into 6 inch chunks and mortared together like stone. It has a wooden frame and a typical roof. I showed it to Bear who really like the look of it and so that's what we will be using to store tools in. And probably flower pots and a number of other things as. well.

While we worked on the back of the property yesterday Bear tried is hardest to get me to add another 4 feet to the dome. I really wish he could picture things better in his head. 30 feet across is more than enough for a kitchen, hearth area and 1 upstairs bedroom.

The chainsaw has quit on us and its cheaper to buy a new one than it is to get it fixed. We worked with hand snips and an ax yesterday cutting down some really small saplings to the south of the foundation and hacking through muscudine and greenbrier vines that were as thick as my forearm. We also talked about where the electrical will come through at and Bear plans to talk to the electric company and get them to send so someone out to give us an estimate. I am guessing were 1000, 1200 feet from the road and I think I have read somewhere electric companies usually charge by the yard. If its to expensive we will have to look at other sources of power. Not that I would mind "not" being hooked to the grid.


Blogger silverskye said...

Wow- you guys are ambitious. The area where you live sounds beautiful. I'm jealous of the fact that you are building your own house. I'm fasinated by the idea of a dome building. Where did you get the idea?

8:26 AM  
Blogger dragonfly183 said...

I got it front the net. i needed an ecologicaly friendly home that used very little wood that Bear and i could build without using any heavy expensive equipment. i ran across earth bag homes by accident. I likedwhat isaw in the pictures. i bought the book off of amazon. the website is intereting. its

7:14 PM  

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