Friday, January 12, 2007

Rain and fog

Its a rainy foggy Friday here in Arkansas with unusual warm temperatures of 60 degrees. It was actually 60 degrees at 5am this morning when I was at the gym. I know its 60 degrees because the weather was on at the gym.

I felt much better after skipping a day to let my muscles recover. Today my stomach is nice and sore again. Tomorrow my arms will be nice and sore too. My legs are never sore. I guess its all of the walking up hill and stuff.

I was really disappointed to only have 25 minutes of cardio today. I like to do 40 minutes and I always feel like I can do so much more. I want to burn fat!!!!!!

I've picked up a virus that we can't seem to get off and its causing problems in my work so were probably going to have to dump the hard drive again soon. Hopefully this Sunday when Bear is home. Its going to be raining anyway.

Coyote finished the section of the book he was supposed to have been reading. Its a book I've read before so I knew what questions to ask him. He couldn't answer a single one so he gets to read the book over again. I told him he will keep reading it until he can answer the questions. He then went into one of his temper tantrums. He said he wanted to go back to regular school (where the teachers will let him get away with not reading the book) and insisted he wasn't learning anything. Well at dinner last night we all decided to sit in the living room and watch the latest episode of Naked Science on the National Geographic channel with him. I have been having him read National Geographic news in the morning and he pointed out the "Pillars of Life formation" they showed on the program to us because he read about them yesterday morning. He also managed to name a few things that they were about to talk about in the program before the mentioned them such as the creation of the moon which he learned about in a previous episode of Naked Science. Yet he isn't learning anything, ha ha. This morning he came in and told me about two types of Super Novas he read about this morning also on National Geographic news.

I also learned something last night that I did not know before. The episode discussed how water got on the earth, saying it came from a Meteor shower that brought ice to the planet. It also said this water would have been rich in iron at the time and our oceans would appear blue green until the oxygen created by bacteria turned the iron to rust. That's why the water in the mountains is blue green. These mountains are loaded with iron water springs. When you dig stone out of the ground around here its often rust colored or tinged with rust and if broken open you can see pieces of iron in the rock as well. The question I have to ask now is why is the water staying the color of iron instead of turning rusty. Could it be that their is enough oxygen breathing life in the water to keep the iron from rusting to quickly? I don't know the answer to that one.

My friend Kathy brought me over 3 boxes of new clothes last night. Kathy doesn't work and her husband is a head Engineer at Nuclear One. He makes a LOT of money and she really likes nice clothes. So I have a couch out there piled full of really nice name brand clothes I have to find a place for. There really pretty and there in my size. At least they are until I loose all of this fat and I'm nice and skinny again and that really is going to happen this time.

We had a visit from a friend the other night who's son is in public school. she was very upset and needed to talk to someone. Her son was being pestered by a bully and when this happens he is supposed to go to the office and report it which he did. The principle tells him he will take care of it, but doesn't. However, the bully already knows her son went to the principle. The next morning he is jumped at the front door of the school by ten kids. The poor guy had two black eyes, once of which was swollen shut, and when examined later at the emergency room they found bruises in the shape of foot prints on his back, sides, and chest along with cracked ribs. It turns out the little bastard that was bullying him organized this and told the kids that were going to jump him that the one that beat him the hardest would get an Ipod Nano.

His mother wanted to ask us about home schooling because the principle is only suspended the kids that did it for 5 days, except for 1 that's been in trouble so much he will be going to juvenile detention. She knows as well as we do that the moment they get that poor kid alone he is going to be beaten up again. He is old enough to be at home by himself and I explained that she could home school him when she isn't at work. She's going to think about it while he is at home recovering.


Blogger clairesgarden said...

I hope that poor kid gets to stay at home or at the very least is moved to another school.
thats fun getting a whole load of clothes, I had a friend who used to do that but since having a kid she hasn't any spare money to buy clothes now.

2:06 AM  
Blogger clairesgarden said...

me again, just wandering round the internet and i found this site
if Coyote is interstedin the natural world he mighy find some good stuff on here,

2:21 AM  

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