Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I woke up this morning to a wonderful puppy created mess in my house. He had picked up his dog food bowl and dumped it all over the dinning room floor. He had gotten into the garbage can in the kids bathroom and scattered its contents all over the bathroom floor and the living room floor. He left us a nice big pile of poop in the family room floor, and one of the cats (I don't know which one) decided the tray I had my tomato seeds in was a littler box. I guess I will get to start all over with my tomato plants.

I've been trying to avoid putting them on a heat source but there taking soooooo long to grow. I am just not patient enough for anything else I think.


Aapka Video is like Youtube for India. It features AapkaVideo - Desi Videos If you have never visited You Tube its basically a place where you can upload for own videos and other people can watch them. people make some crazy stuff. Theres a lot of other stuff on there to, like news clips, music videos, clips from TV series and movies. Coyote and i saw some the other day )not on this site but on another one) where some people made videos using there world of war craft characters. They were hilarious (although I do think some people have way to much time on there hands).

The end of the month

Well today is the 28th. The end of February. There are daffodils blooming in my garden and along the sides of the road. The trees are beginning to take on that lacy look as the buds on there limbs start to fatten up. Bear has sold 12 cases of cleaner since going back into business for himself and turned a nice profit on them. Were making plans to take a "working" Florida vacation(Bear always cleans up in Florida) and Bear's old boss Dan has offered him the use of is beach front condo in Pensacola to use for free while we are there. Were all sick still. I am doing better now. Mouse came home from school with a fever yesterday and had to miss her field trip.

She is bad about missing the fun stuff because she is sick or hurt. Last spring she nearly missed her classes end of year pizza party because she fell off of a swing on the playground and hit her head really hard.

We were supposed to work on bags yesterday and didn't. Bear went out to work and although he came back in plenty of time he was to tired to do bags. So I didn't get to work on my house or go to the gym. I was pretty pissed about it. Were trying to decide if were going to work on the house this weekend or work in the yard. The rock wall and dry stream bed and pond are all full of leaves from the fall that we never cleaned up.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One Account Mortgage

The One Account mortgages is a great way to save money one your monthly mortgage payments.

Usually, your mortgage is a big fat pile of debt that sits there accumulating interest as you very slowly pay it off. The One Account Mortgage combines this debt into your normal current account and your monthly salary (while it is in your account) is offset against your mortgage balance. what this means is that while you have some of your monthly income left in your account, it is counted towards your mortgage debt and you pay interest one this reduced sum.

Add to this account any savings you have built up and this can be counted against the mortgage debt too, thus further reducing the amount you pay interest on through out the life of your mortgage. And while all of this is occurring you can still repay extra money on your mortgage any time you want without penalty or take a break from mortgage repayments if finances get a little tight.

Monday, February 26, 2007

In the beginning.

We measured out the circle this weekend. That's not chalk you see on the ground, its flour. I didn't have any chalk. As you can see hole and the size of the actual dome are a lot different. Its actually off by as much as 6 ft in some places. That's OK though we can back fill where we need to.
A more complete picture
A test bag. OK so I couldn't resist. I had to take a bag out there and try it myself. According to the book 2 people should be able to fill 8 bags an hour. I managed to fill this bag by myself in 5 minutes. With all of the dirt being right there along the sides of the foundation I don't see it taking that long to get 8 bags done at all. It was also a lot of fun!!!!!!!
I don't think I have shown these pictures before. But this is the color of the stone that were pulling out of our big hole in the ground. Another one.
This is a rock i dug out of the ground a year ago and what it looks like after sitting in the elements for 2 years.
This is a rock that's been underground and a rock that's been above ground. Notice the yellow have turned gray and the reds have turned burgundy. I wanted to use the rock that's been above ground for the fireplace but that would have to be hauled up hill from the c reek beds and it just doesn't make sense to do all of that work when there is so much rock already at the site from the digging so were going to be using the ones that were dug out of the hole.

Tax Debt

, well, what can I say about Tax Debt, except that I no longer have any. Honestly, when I met Bear he had 8 thousand dollars in tax debt. It came from working on the road for a company that didn't pay his taxes and as we all know bear is terrible at saving money to pay them himself. Its all paid off now, finally and our tax return this year is where we got the money to do a lot of needed things around here.

I am supposed to to post what I know about tax debt. Well I know if you don't pay your property taxes they can auction off your property which should be illegal but its not. I know they can prevent you from renewing the tags on your car. I also know that we are paying way to much income tax. I think that its wrong for us to be taxes on things we need to survive like groceries and water and I don't think we should be taxed for electricity or any other utilities either. I think you are better off trying to pay as little money to the tax collectors as you possibly can!!! That's what I know and how I feel about taxes.

Check this out

OK just so everyone knows this is not a paid add. No one is paying me to do this, this is all me. Look at this!!!!!!!

Business Contact Information

Total Amount:
$18.00 USD

Feb. 25, 2007
15:14:57 PST

That's a cut and paste from my PayPal account. I received an 18 dollar payment from Its one of those sites where you sign up and fill out a bunch of free offers and they pay you for it. It only took me about about an hour to fill out 40 dollars worth of offers. I only have 18 dollars deposited because not all of the offers are approved yet. But isn't that cool :).

World of Warcraft

This is not an add. I was looking through the blog of one of my blog add sites and they had an entry on 10 ways to make money on the internet and one of these was Internet games. I don't I don't mean advertising or designing internet games. What these people are doing is starting characters on these games and getting them up to a high level like 60 or 70 (which takes several hours of playing) and then selling there characters on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. And thats not all there selling. There also selling items they have collected which are valuable on the game. This is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of. Here is an example.

Current bid is 710 dollars

I also found a website that buys characters from people
. I showed it to Coyote who plays World of Warcraft and he was vaguely interested in it and said he would think about giving it a shot. I asked him how long he thought it would take him to level up that high and he said he though it would take a week to a week and a half.

If I had any clue on how to play the game or the time, I would be doing that in a heart beat.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

oooh this is really cool!!!!!!!!

I think women and little girls would probably get the most out of this site since all of us ladies, young and old like to play
Dress Up Games. If you post a lot on forums then you can use this site to make personal animated aviators. You can make cute little princess dolls, angel dolls, Gothic dolls, valentines day themed dolls, Halloween themed dolls. They also have fantasy dolls and fairy dolls with different butterfly wings you can put on them. The pirate doll options were really really cute. They even had little witch dolls you could make with hooded cloaks and broomsticks and stuff like that. You can change there hair color and eye color and put different heads on there bodies and even put different backgrounds behind them to. They do have boy dolls if you guys want to give it a shot.

I'm going to have to show this to Coyote and Mouse when they get back from church this evening. There really going to have a lot of fun with it. Coyote will probably make a bunch of girl dolls for his female friends online and give them to them. He likes to do stuff like that for his friends. Check out these examples.

My nose is still messed up

I really really wish I could breath through both sides of my nose. This is irritating because no amount of rinsing with salt water will open it up. And of course it goes from one side to the other. I have often wondered what causes this to happen. Maybe I will look it up later, but now now.

It rained cats and dogs yesterday morning. The foundation is muddy. If you step into it the red clay sticks to your feet, but its not flooded. Probably because the loose dirt soaked up all of the water.

We've been discussing the fireplace and bear wants to use cinder blocks for the base. I don't understand why he always has to "buy" something. I have a book on the shelf that shows you how to build one and they don't use cinder blocks at all for the foundation. His excuse is it will give us something solid and square to but of the first layer of bags with. It doesn't really make a difference because those bags are going to take the shape of what ever we compact them against.


Binoculars are not really something that I think of on a regular basis. I guess none of us do. I have no need for them at the moment. But, if we build a deck off of the second floor of our new home they might come in handy since we will be able to see across the mountains. I might take up bird watching at that point in time. I don't know. But if I needed any it would be nice to be able to order them online since I hate to leave the house and go into town.

I went to look at Eagle Optics because they carry binoculars and spyglasses and things like that and the pentax binoculars were the ones that caught my eye. There affordable and they had some really nice ones too.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

An Old Dog

I know if I look pathetic enough she will give me a bite.
Playing in the snow is hard work

A much younger Commodore the spring after we moved in.
Oooh I love you Roddy
My goodness look how fat Bear was.
Oooh look, marshmallows!!!! And no one is guarding them.

My beautiful great white Pyrenees turned 7 years old in January. Giant breed dogs have much shorter lifespans than smaller dogs and live an average of 7 to 12 years, 10 being typical. I am mentioning this because he has begun to noticeably slow down these past few weeks. he spends most of his time asleep in his favorite place in front of the red couch ignoring Odin who seems to think he makes a perfect jungle gym. He usually goes with me when I take long walks in the woods. He used to run ahead of me and disappear into the woods. This past year he started walking by my side. He is large enough that I can easily rest me hand on his back without bending over. This afternoon after the rain stopped I walked into the woods to see how muddy the freshly dug foundation was and he lagged behind me. I had to stop and wait on him twice. I suspect the changing spring weather has caused his hips to hurt.

I can't help but wonder as I see him walk into the bedroom and lay down with a groan on the other side of the desk just how much longer our Great White Beast will be with us. A year, maybe 2. At the rate he is starting to slow down I don't think its going to be much longer than that.

Loan Consolidation

The title to this add when I picked it out of the list said. Loan Consolidation - Nature's greatest gift !!!

What exactly does Loan Consolidation have to do with nature? I don't know about it being natures greatest gift. Nature has given us many wonderful things and I am pretty sure loan consolidation is not one of them. however if you have student loans or have gotten over your head by using evil nasty credit cards or any number of situations Loan Consolidation might be the thing for you to do since it takes some pressure off and allows you to enjoy nature's true greatest gifts.

Isn't this a pretty color

I like sky blue. Anyway. yesterday and finally managed to get some seeds planted. I don't remember if I posted about this or not either. But yesterday I finally went out into the woods and dug up some dirt that I cooked in the oven at 500 degrees for 20 minutes (this kills weed seeds and parasites and such). I planted 3 kinds of tomatoes and then yesterday evening I planted 12 bell pepper plants. I plan on planting a lot more pepper plants, I just have to find some more containers. Man do I feel terrible today.

Health and Fitness

HealthAdel is a new Health and Fitness information website full of unique and easy to understand medical health information. There are categories such as treatments, procedures, illnesses and conditions and lifestyle where they try to create a comprehensive collection of answers to health problems. Covering the most unknown problems to the most common, such as tips to help lose weight, information on pregnancy and health insurance, acne treatments and depression hopefully we can answer your health questions. I did find the website to be very informative.

Miserable Rainy Day

I feel like crap today. Its cold and rainy and its supposed to rain all day long. Bear was sick last week, I must have caught what he had. My head feels like someone stuffed I full of cotton. I can only breath through one side of my nose and that keeps switching back and fourth. I really hate that.

Some idiot called me at 5am this morning. He thought it was an old friends number. I said you have the wrong number and hung up the phone. Then the guy calls back 5 minutes later and wants to know why I hung up on him.!!!! I said "Look, who ever you are, this is Arkansas. Its 5 am on a Saturday and I have to get out of bed to answer this phone before it wakes up everyone in the house, thats why I hung up on you!!!!!" and then I hung up again. I never did get back to sleep.

I can't remember if I linked to the pictures I took of the digging being done or not but here is the link in case I didn't.

I have managed to go to the gym 3 days in a row. I plan to go today to, sick or not. The exercise will probably clear my nose up for a little while.

Online Coupons

I don't shop online all that much, but when I do its always nice to have Coupons. At

Coupon Chief you find all kinds of coupons for all kinds of websites. Of course you guys know what my favorite page is going to be. Why the Home and garden page of course. They have coupons on there for Spring Hill, Home Depot, Better Homes and Gardens, just to name a few. its worth checking out if you buy online.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I nearly goofed. I am supposed to have at least 1 non sponsored post between each paid post and I forgot to do that. Oh well this will fix it. I finally to around to planting some things today. I planted big boy hybrid tomatoes and Roma tomatoes and some little Yellow Pear tomatoes. only 5 to 7 plants of each. That's more than enough. I am trying to avoid the temptation to plant 15 to 20 of each type of tomatoes.

Sweet Peppers are next on the list. I need lots and lots of sweet peppers. I grow several different colors each year and cut them into chunks a freeze them in gallon bag. I try to get enough to last me through the winter. Last summer I didn't have enough to even make two cups. I didn't have good luck with much of anything last year except for the usual Lemon cucumbers and Yellow Pear Tomatoes. My strawberries turned to mush. My few regular tomatoes were smaller than golf balls. My lettuce was stunted and turned bitter quickly. Only those two vegetables and my herbs really did well but even my Russian sage kicked the bucket.

Millionaire Dating Service

Well, I can see how something like this might come in handy for some people. I have a few cousins that's a Millionaire Dating service like this would be perfect for, but we know the kinds of people they are don't we!!!!. I guess if your looking for someone who can provide you with a certain type of lifestyle then this would be the site for you. I am trying really hard to avoid using the two words that start with G and D.

Out of curiosity I joined the site just so I could have a look around. They actually had people divided into yearly income categories. Well since we were searching in Arkansas and in Arkansas 100k a year is pretty darn good I did a search for everything above that and actually did come back with three listings under the age of 40. Two of them I would have considered if I was single, but I'm not single. One of them had a picture and did look pretty good, but I bed since he listed his income as being between 500,000 to 1000000 a year he is probably getting lots of emails, hahaha. And there is a good chance that he is lying about what he makes anyway. We ladies know how that goes don't we.

The site looks pretty good though so you might want to consider it.

How Frustrating.

Today was a nice day. It was a pretty morning and the day promised to be nice and I decided to go garage saling (I haven't been since last year. Bear and Coyote both needed new pants so I grabbed my purse and went this morning.

I forgot about tomorrow terrible weather. I guess no one wanted to drag all of that stuff back out since they were just going to have to drag it back in again because I didn't find a thing. I started checking country roads hoping to find something and I did find one sign, but I never found the sale. Unfortunately it took me out onto a road I wasn't familiar with. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up out by Piney Bay (which is a lake in the mountains). Well I am familiar with that area so I took a dirt road which I remembered as being a short cut to get back home and somehow I took a wrong turn on that road to and ended up on the other side of Piney Bay before my tires hit concrete again. I finally just got back on the highway and went home.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Apparently when I make a sponsered post I am supposed to disclose that fact somewhere in my post. the other two companies I did that for didn't require that but apparently pay per post does. Sooo from now on all sponsered posts will have that little silver badge at the top. I know some of you don't appreciate the adds so that way you will know whats and add and what isn't.

My New House

I get to talk about my new house in this post and get paid for it, yipee!!!!!! My new dinning groom which will be a bedroom while the rest of the house is being finished is going to have grow lights along the windows. the reason its going to have grow lights along the windows is because I plan to grow fresh herbs and lettuce and such all along the windows in my dinning room. I will need grow lights because some plants won't grow during the winter even indoors because of the lack of light and also because one side of my dinning room will face north.

I've also been thinking about my fireplace. It will be made from stone pulled out of the foundation rather than out of the creek bed because bear likes that color better. I think it might actually be because he doesn't want to find a way to haul all of that rock up the hill. I can't blame him. I don't want to haul it out of the creek bed either. But I think I might like having light fixtures fixed into place over the fireplace mantel.

This means I am going to need a good source for discount Home Lighting Fixtures. I wonder where I could possibly find those at???


Well, all the digging is done and we would be ready to go on Saturday except for the fact that were going to get thunderstorms on Saturday along with possible tornadoes and lightening and wind and all kinds of nasty weather. A prelude to spring I guess. My big hole in the ground is going to be a mud pit. I don't think it will be flooded but we can't do anything trying to walk around in sticky wet red clay. When wet it stick to your feet like glue. We are now on the lookout for a few bales of hay. If we can cover the ground were working on with some loose hay then we could probably work in that.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Drug Rehab

I have never had a problem with addiction. I just don't seem to be predisposed to it. Maybe I am lucky in that way. But I do know people who aren't and I have seen what being addicted to drugs and alcohol does to there lives.

I ran across Narconon Stone Hawk rehabilitation program which doesn't use any type of medication to resolve the issues that are caused by drug abuse and alcoholism. The drug treatment program at Narconon Stone Hawk instead uses a combination of proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation to help eliminate drug addiction and alcoholism. This program is not psychiatric, nor is it medical. Success is achieved through social education which leads to a much higher success rate than other methods. At Narconon Stone Hawk you are not considered a patient but a student. The program has a 70% success rate and to enroll in the drug rehab program you only need to have an M.D.'s permission after a physical examination.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Its done!!!!!!!! Its all done. It took 6 hours and our foundation is actually 5 feet at its deepest point now, but it is truly finished. I did take pictures but there were 24 of them and it seems a little pointless to upload them all here. I just created a gallery on Flickr and her is the link. There is also a set of pictures there that were taken when we were hand digging everything.

That poor old man doing the digging has never done anything in a circle before and he admitted it was a lot harder than he thought it was going to be. Its easier to dig in a straight line with that kind of machine instead of a curve. Our foundation is actually shaped like a balloon now, but that's OK we can back fill the pointed area once the wall is in place. Its also 2 feet deeper than what it was in the beginning to.

We pulled the sumps out of the way as planned but it was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. Well, to be honest it didn't feel that hard when we were actually doing it. But 6 hours later we are definitely feeling it.

You know everything I have read says ground temperature at that depth is supposed to be 72 degrees. Well I was walking around in the loose clay barefoot and it felt a lot colder than 72 degrees. It felt more like 62 degrees. I mentioned it to Bear. Because if ground temperature is 62 degrees and not the 72 I have read this is going to be a problem since the dome is supposed to stay at or around ground temperature. 62 degrees is cold to me. Bear mentioned that most of the dirt being dug out of the piles had been exposed to surface temperatures already since we had already done most of the digging. He has a point. I hope that the case. It would be nice in the summer, but not in the winter.

I am surprised at just how many people are starting to show an interest in what we are doing now that the digging is done. I guess they assume we would never get past that point. But now all of a sudden people are wanting by blog url and wanting links to the photo albums. Maybe they were afraid we were going to want help with the hard part.

Mint Credit Cards

In the year 2003 MINT introduced the Mint credit card (no you can't eat it or use it to season anything, I know I was thinking of the plant to). The card was offered as two versions. The first being a standard credit card and the MC2 card which has the bottom right-hand corner removed; this was the first change to the shape of credit cards in the UK for 37 years. With 0% interest on balance transfers and purchases until December. I can't imagine a credit card that looks like that but it sounds like a pretty good deal to me, at least until December.

In September 2006 Mint launched the Mint Gift Card. It is basically a pre-paid credit card that you can give as a gift. Those come in real handy for people that are difficult to buy for. Just give them this and they can go buy what ever they want.

If you need more information just follow the link above.


OK I shouldn't be growling because the digging will be done today. If your wondering why when I said it wouldn't be done yesterday just scroll down a bit. I am growling because as I sit here and do this I am staring at a stack of seeds on my desk that need to be started and that I haven't had time to get to yet. I have 3 different kinds of tomatoes to start and all of these peppers to start. I have to grow lots of pepper plants because mine are always mall for reasons I can't explain. I wanted to start some peas but I forgot to buy those.

On an interesting note I did find a new cover for the little greenhouse frame that mom bought me last year. The cleaner always comes on a big pallet with that plastic wrap on it that sticks to itself, but its heavy duty stuff, not like what you buy in the stores and I saved it. I am going to unwrap it and re wrap it around my greenhouse frame. I will just have to cut a door in it.

Uk Classifieds is a UK focused classifieds ad site that also offers blogs, web page hosting, events calendars and dating. It is all free to use. There have been some photo competition and there are some wonderful photographs in the archives.

When you buy as many used things as I do you find that scanning the classifieds for a good deal is always important. In some cases someone with more money than brains has bought something new and wants to get rid of something that is "older" even though its still in perfectly good condition. There are other times when someone who is not very good at managing there money or has just fallen on hard times needs to sell something to get some money fast. Both opportunities are an excellent way to get great deals. They also have a blog list with 42 blogs listed.

Guess what

We got a phone call from a customer that bear left a sample with yesterday morning. They bought a $400 order and we have enough profit to go ahead with the digging and not be as concerned about the electric bill. I also called and got an extension on it so we have more time to pay it.

I get a little aggravated with Bear sometimes. OK a lot aggravated. Back when Bear and I first met I suggested he try making up sample bottles and giving them out to people if they were unsure about buying our cleaner. After all 200 dollars a case is not cheap, concentrated or not. He told me back then that he had tried that before and it was pointless. That he never sold a case because he gave away a sample of it before hand. At the time I thought well he has done this longer than I have and must no better, right. Well, after 7 years of marriage I have learned to never assume that Bear knows better. This time Bear ordered two cases of sprayer bottles with the product name silk screened on the bottle and was raving about how much of a difference it was making. Not to mention the fact that they use the product in a bottle with the name on it and the phone number is in big red numbers on the back whenever they need more. he is going to order some more sprayers this weekend.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Cell Phones

Isn't it interesting how we all seem to need something that we all lived without before. I personally have lived without cell phone for long periods of time. I've actually lived without a regular phone for a long period of time. That's actually hard to do, but doable. However I do agree that having a cell phone makes life a lot easier. For example, I was at the grocery store the day before thanksgiving and was able to call my mother from the store to see if there was anything that she needed. We can be working on the back of our 7 1/2 acres and we can call the kids up at the house to have them bring us something. Its also safer to carry a cell phone with you if your out driving. Especially out in the country where I live. If my car went off the road it might be a while before someone found me and I could call for help or if I was working on the back of the property by myself swinging an ax at tree roots or a pick ax and I hurt myself somehow. My cell phone would be there so i could call for help. A few years ago a young man was in his Deer Stand in the woods Near here and accidentally shot himself in the leg. he called 911 on his cell phone and they were able to life flight him out.

With all of that being said Wirefly is a great place to get your next Cell Phone. We all know what a short life span they have. They get dropped all of the time don't they. I know of people that like to keep a back up phone programmed and ready to go. They also have several cell phone plans you can choose from from several different companies so you can check that out to if your just interested in a new plans.


Garden Seeds

We did buy some seeds at Wal-Mart Friday night while we were out. I got a reminder one of of my bloggers blogs that its time to star tomatoes and peppers.

Bear went with me and selected Sweet Corn. He got two hybrids as usual, peaches and cream hybrid and Silvery Choice hybrid. I just hope we have better luck with these than we had with last years corn.

We also picked up so Roma Tomatoes for making sauce and I chose Big Boy hybrid tomato also.
I have some bell pepper seeds that I saved from the some bell peppers I got from the grocery store (I germination tested them, they do work) but I also picked up a package of mixed bell pepper seeds. There the Carnival Mix that comes with yellow, red, purple, white, and orange, peppers. You guys know how I love my colorful bell peppers. I like the chocolate ones to, but I may just pick up some plants for that since none of mine include seeds for those.

We also got Marketmore 76 Cucumbers, Evergreen Bunching Onions, Genovese Basil (giant leaf kind) And early hybrid Cantaloupe, and a package of pepper seeds that I think bear thought were hot, but now that I have taken a closer look at the package it says there sweet long peppers. I will have to get him some hot peppers later. I couldn't find any lemon cucumber seeds so I am going to have to buy those later.

I also saw some blueberry plants while I was at Wal-Mart. I talked myself out of getting them. I will wait until Bear has been selling cleaner for a little bit longer. And since the place I plan on planting them in is right next to the digging site it wouldn't be wise to do that until after the digging is over. I want to have lots and lots of them blueberry bushes. I love blueberries!!!!! My favorite way to eat them besides baked into something is frozen solid. I don't know why. I have never actually had a fresh blueberry. That could be why. No one else in this household likes blueberries. That's OK though, I will be more than happy to plant 10 to 15 bushes and eat every last berry all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. Now the dog wants in!!!!!! After being outside all night long and keeping me awake barking now he wants in!!!!!!

I know its a pain

I know the adds are not what everyone wants to see, but they are easy money and there short. Most of them only have to be between 50 to 300 words and that's nothing for me. I can type 98 words per minutes so a 50 word add is less than a minute and its 5 extra bucks.

Its not going to rain tomorrow which would have made it the perfect day for digging, except that we just got a 300 dollar electric bill in the mail. I think its mostly because electricity cost so much more than it used to, but also because there are now two to 3 computers running in this house most of the time.

With Bear selling cleaner that's not such a big deal. We may just have to wait until next week to get it done. or maybe no longer than Thursday or Friday since he will be selling Tuesday.

I ended up sleeping later than usual this morning. I didn't get to bed until late and even then Bear kept waking me up snoring and he was being a terrible bed hog last night. Then Commodore refused to come into the house and I didn't have any firecrackers to scare him into the house either and he barked all night long!!!!!! I'm sure my neighbors appreciated it to.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Days of Our Lives

This Daytime Soap has been on the air since my mother was a teenager, I think anyway. She was there for the first episode and ever since modern technology has allowed her to record the program she has done so. Days of our Lives spoilers is a website dedicated to just that. I don't think there actually affiliated with the company that creates the series in any way, but it does allow you to keep up with the series. This would come in handy if you are not fortunate enough to own a DVR or if you have trouble setting what ever recording device your using to record the program. I can remember my mother setting her VCR wrong and missing part of the series or something like that and how frustrated she would be. This website has message boards where you can discuss the show with other fans, updates on the show, up and coming episodes, free sign up, and everything.

I actually got to go out to dinner last night

Its been a while since I got to do anything like that. We've also been hesitant to go out to eat anywhere lately because it seems like whenever we go out we get bad food and crappy service. but last night was completely different. We went to an Italian restaurant that's really rice. Its in the middle of downtown Russellville. I can't mention the name or link to it because I don't what the blogging site to think its an advertisement for something else.

Bear worked on the bathroom most of the day. Its been torn to pieces lately. Stuff covers the counters and it was nearly impossible to use in the morning. He finally got the last of the plaster on the walls yesterday. We were planning at first on just going to the Great Steak Escape. I try to stick to places that don't use throw away dishes and there one of them.

Mouse and Coyote were going to the movies with my mother and Mouse was giving me the rare honor of fixing her hair. I got to tie it up in two little buns, one bun just behind and slightly above each of her ears. It was really cute. Then Bear suddenly walks in in a nice pair of pressed khaki's and a dinner jacket. It totally blew me away that he dressed up that much to go to dinner.

Well I had to get dressed up after that so I put on a nice long broomstick skirt and one of the pretty white pleated shirts I got from Kathy and the beautiful red and gold plaid blazer with the suede collar I got at a garage sale last year. I fixed my hair and I even put on make-up for a change. We both looked pretty darn good.

It was obvious at that point that we weren't going to the Great Steak Escape. So we went to the Italian restaurant and took our seat. We ordered appetizers and our meals. The appetizers were perfect!!!! I haven't had bread that good, ever. I don't think anyway. It was garlic bread with mozzarella and cheddar cheese on it. Our food was perfect. Our waitress was on top of everything. I can't think of a more perfect meal out that we have "ever" had. We praised our food and our waitress in every way we could think of before we left the restaurant.

Then we rented some movies and went home. We rented the Coveneth (I think that's what it was called) and a movie called Hard Candy that I have been wanting to see. Hard candy was seriously messed up. Its based around a pedophile who hunts down 14 year old girls on the Internet and seduces them. Then one day he finds one who has actually been stalking him. She turns out to be sick and twisted predator who drugs him, ties him to a chair, and well, I would ruin it if I told you what else happens. Its not that its gross. There's only a small amount of blood in the movie. Its just really messed up what this girl does to that guy.

I know Valentines day has already passed

I know Valentines day has already passed but I really love looking at
Engagement Rings . This website has some of the prettiest most creative rings I have seen in a long time. I'm not a person that likes typical rings or typical anything else for that matter. Most people that read this blog already know that about me. This website has some really creative ring sets and they come in both white and yellow cold. they even have a section dedicated to antique sets. I don't think the rings themselves are antiques but I do think the sets are copies of antique set. They even have some Edwardian Antique sets and there reasonably priced to.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Up and Down

The forecast for rain on Tuesday keeps going up and down. First it was 30 percent, then it went up to 40 percent and now its back down to 30 percent. however the foundation is still very muddy from the most recent rains because it has been so cold so I don't think he will want to dig in that anyway. But then Friday and Saturday there is a chance of showers again. Its extremely frustrating for me. Here we have rolls of barbed wire ready and waiting, 2000 polypropylene bags ready and waiting. I haven't been out to look at it in two days so I need to go out there check it.

Bear is making the bed and the little kitten Butter is trying to catch the sheets as he does it. he just buried her under the comforter. Thats so cute.

The wind is roaring outside today at 30 miles an hour. This would be a good day to hang some laundry on the line. Its above freezing and more likely to get dry before nightfall in this wind. Not that I am concerned about leaving it up in this weather.

The cleaner did arrive on Thursday. I don't know if I mentioned that or not. Bear has gone part time at work and went out to sell for the first time on Friday. He had a very good day.Smiley courtesy of

We went to a little gather at Tammy and Squirrels house last night or as Mouse likes to call them,Mr and Mrs Squirrel (Tammy just loves that) . People usually bring their kids when they come to this thing and sometimes the kids stay all night. When this one lady decided to let her kids stay she opened up some plastic bags and started measuring pills out of bottles in her purse and marking on them , morning, lunch, before bed. Then she started trying to get them to take there "after dinner pills". The little girl dodged her hand and shirked in corners (and this was a 13 year old girl to, not a young child) . "Mom I don't want to take those they make my stomach hurt. I feel fine until I take those pills mom! I don't want to take them." The fight went on for 20 minutes and she finally took them . Then her son came in who seemed to act like a completely normal little boy. He took the pills without a fight and I watched him go from a normal little boy into a slow dragging sleepy state.

Sometimes its so hard to keep my mouth shut!!!!!

I asked Tammy about it after the woman left and according to her this woman claims there are all sorts of things wrong with her kids. I suspect that momma wants them to have all sorts of stuff wrong with them because she likes people to see her going to so much trouble over them. They looked perfectly happy and healthy and normal until she started forcing pills down there throats.

I bet that little girl is not going to put up with that for much longer.

Tammy and I mentioned that when our kids went to stay at someones house they were lucky to have a change of clothes and a toothbrush. Why bother sending it when you know there not going to change clothes or brush there teeth away from home anyway.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

meatless meatloaf

I haven't tried this one. But this reminds me of when My dad used to grow peanuts. He would take the screens off of our windows and turn over several 5 gallon buckets in the yard and then lay the screens of top of those. Then he would spread a layer of peanuts still in the shells over those screens and let them dry in the sun. They had an interesting "green" taste when they weren't dry and instead of crunching when you bit on them they were almost fibrous. Then when the weather turned cold he would lay them out on cookie sheets and put them on top of our wood burning stove and the whole house would smell like roasting peanuts.

Anyway, here is the recipe.

Meatless Loaf

  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 cup peanuts crushed
  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Combine all the ingredients together. bake in a loaf pan for 30 minutes or until loaf is good and set


Hey look they finally have a name for what I have. Although I think that only 4% of people being affected by this is way way off. My neighbor and I both have this and I have met many others. I think most cases are just not being diagnosed correctly, like mine was.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Blah Blah Blah

That's kind of how I feel this morning. Blah!!! I'm not sick or anything I just don't feel motivated to do anything, but then I am not motivated enough to sit here and not do anything today either.

The sun rose behind gray clouds this morning and there is a light dusting of snow on the ground. We are supposed to have flurries throughout the day. None of us really wanted anymore snow, we were through with it the last time. Its not enough to keep us from doing anything though.

I went to the gym yesterday and had a good workout so I don't feel the need to go today, although if I went six days a week I would loose weight faster. Its to late to go now though. I would have to take Bear's car because mine is out of gas and I couldn't work out in time and be back in time.

The weather bug is still saying showers on Tuesday and its pissing me off. How dare it rain for the third day in a row on a Tuesday. That's really really messed up.

The raspberry seeds I have in a plastic bag on top of the cable box are not doing anything and I am pissed about that because I did exactly what I was supposed to do. I picked some daffodils from the ones that were blooming in the bag on the table and put them in water last night with blue food coloring and I didn't have green stripes this morning on the flowers either :(.

I made a tuna casserole last night. It was one of Rachel Ray's recipes and I finally got to use the sun dried tomatoes that I dried out on the front deck last summer. Nobody liked it very well though. Well I liked it and I will probably make it again.

Renaissance of Tuna Casserole

1 pound fettuccine
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 3 turns of the pan
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 small onion, chopped
2 (6-ounce) cans Italian tuna in water or oil, drained
1/2 cup tender sun-dried tomatoes, thinly sliced, available in small pouches in produce department
1/2 cup dry white wine, a couple of turns of the pan
1/2 cup heavy cream, a couple of turns of the pan
Black pepper
1/2 cup frozen peas, a couple of handfuls
Couple handfuls grated Parmigiana-Reggiano
1 cup fresh basil, about 20 leaves, shredded
Place pasta water on to boil. Salt water then add pasta and cook to Al Dente.

While pasta cooks, heat a deep skillet over medium heat with extra-virgin olive oil. Saute garlic and onions until tender, 4 to 5 minutes. Add tuna and sun-dried tomatoes and stir to heat through, another 1 to 2 minutes. Add wine and cook it down a minute then add cream and season sauce with salt and pepper. Toss hot pasta and peas with sauce and cheese. Serve on dinner plates and top with shredded basil.

I always use milk with a little corn starch in place pf cream because cream is expensive and I don't buy it . You have to add a little more milk to this than it calls for cream because its kind of dry and i sauteed the basil with the onions and garlic. The more expensive ingredients in this like the fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes I already had from my summer garden. I am going to make a lot more of those this summer. Lets hope I have more growing than just the little yellow pear tomatoes.

The cleaner didn't get here yesterday. Bear can't go out and sell until his next day off anyway. The shipper said it got delayed because of the snow in Missouri. Its supposed to be here today.

My period is late which is another reason for me to feel so miserable. When I increase my exercise like that it has a habit of screwing things up. Its so funny what can mess that up. extra exercise, a little more than normal stress, a bad cold.

Well, the gray skies are gone at least. There blue now. You know I do like the fact that I can past pictures into blogger now without uploading them the long way. I have even done the drag and drop thing.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A bright sunnshiny day

There is not a cloud in the sky this morning. but its cold. Today's high is 36. There are chances of snow flurries tomorrow and Friday. There is also a 30% chance of rain on Tuesday of next week . Lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope it doesn't.

Today is Coyote's 13th birthday. I officially have a teenager in the house. We haven't made any birthday plans but he will probably have people over tomorrow. Speaking of coyote he spoke to me in German yesterday. He's picking up pieces of the language from his German friends. I think there teaching him cuss words to though. Boys will be boys.

No blog adds still. Although I am not the only one. People on the forums have been complaining about not getting any adds either. But that's OK because I do have a regular online job and that pays the bills. That's about all it does though, lol.
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