Saturday, March 31, 2007

to much going on

Between my increased blogging for pay and construction on the house and trying to keep this place clean with two kids who think the floor can double as a garbage can its been difficult to get anything done at my other two jobs. one of them doesn't have a limit on the amount of work I do. if i don't make over 200 dollars in one month I won't get a paycheck but I have plenty of other paychecks from other sources coming this month so its not a problem. The one one insist I do 2000 messages each month or risk loosing my job. Today is the last day of the month and I am 368 messages from my goal. Not really a problem, I can do a lot of messages. I average 60 to 100 an hour so I can probably wipe it out in about 5 hours. The problem is I hate sitting there and doing it for 5 hours. I'm going to do it because I have to do it. I just don't want to do it.

I wanted to work on my Earthbag house today. Its was supposed to rain heavily during the night and today but it doesn't look like it happened last night. The walkway was wet his morning but it doesn't appear we got the storms we were supposed to get. According to the Weather Channel radar it should be raining right now but its not. The heavy stuff never hit us. it is muddy down at the dig site, mostly around the eastern side where the ground was dug to low. its not an issue for me, I just take my shoes off and wade right though it, but Bear doesn't like getting muddy. He is such a city slicker.

I don't know what his plans for today are. I know he planned on sleeping late, ha ha, and he plans to go to the grocery store. I'm sure he also plans on going to the gym since he has only gone 1 time this week. I would have liked to go garage saleing but since there was heavy rain in the forecast for today I doubt if there are any.

I've gone 6 days in a row and I have burned 450 to 550 calories with each trip(I get to work out longer when he isn't there). I haven't lost any weight the last two days though. Not an ounce. Ok so I have been cheating a little bit. I've been drinking for soda and sweet tea and less water and the last two nights I had half a cup of dry cereal because I wanted something sweet and there wasn't anything in the house that was sweet other than that.

Its sprinkling again. From the look of the clouds it won't last long though.

What am I going to do with that big bag of sunflower seeds.

Friday, March 30, 2007

My garden

I love creeping phlox
Seedlings. I don't have as many as I usually do. These are all annual herbs and vegetables. I haven't done any flowers this time. I probably should. I have a huge bag of mixed sunflower seeds I need to do something with.
Last weekend we went down to the pet store and bought 4 Koi. The fish in my pond have been goldfish up until this point. I had Koi to begin with but I managed to kill them all while trying to get all the leaks in the pond plugged. The fold fish are going on there 3rd year in the pond and we were down to 6 of them from the original 14. Since we never found there bodies I am assuming that predators got them. We haven't really been cleaning our pond that well and a build up of silt and leaves in the bottom made it much shallower than its two foot depth and made it easier for predators to get to them. Its hard to get them to come to the surface and because my pond is fed with runoff water its never completely clear so its hard to get a good picture. But there is an orange and black one. A white one with orange and black speckles, a yellow one, and a blue one with black stripe like spots on its back. I would like to get one that's known as a platinum one one of these days. Its a Koi that's silvery white in color.
A genetic mutation maybe? This creamy white hosta is not supposed to be this color. I've heard of this happening to plants that have striated leaves like this. The white coloring in the leaves is a genetic mutation in its self (in any plant) so when your growing one that has white in its leaves its not uncommon to occasionally have one appear that completely white like this. They tend to be more delicate than a plant with more green in its leaves. I also grow pineapple mint that has white splotches on its leaves and every now and then I will get a stalk that's completely white.
I love hostas
I love my pond
I love creeping phlox growing over or between rocks.
I love my great big rock garden.
This is my pride and joy and was found wild on the back of our property. Sorry about it being sideways. I did turn it around before I uploaded it. This is a rare species of honeysuckle called a grape Honeysuckle because the vines grow a lot like grapevines verses typical honeysuckles. also known as Lonicera flava. This little beauty is growing on a cherry tree sapling near our building site. in spring we are graced with these beautiful yellow flowers which fade by summer. When the weather begins to cool the the days shorten the plant creates bright orange berries as vivid in color as these lovely yellow flowers. As the plants leaves turn and fall away those berries turn red and stay on the plant all winter long.

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Dental insurance is another one. Dental car is very expensive and fewer and fewer employers are offering it so you may want to pay for a policy yourself.

Another one that I had never heard of until recently is travel insurance. Travel insurance policies cover the basic costs that arise when a traveler is forced to cancel his or her trip. Since many airlines and cruise lines have nonrefundable policies, this travel insurance could potentially help a traveler recover thousands of dollars that would otherwise be lost.

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When my husband lived in Florida and had several employees working for him there he had to carry Florida Business Insurance to cover both him and his employees.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Coyote and I like to watch South park together. I know its a little bit adult for a 13 year old boy but I know perfectly well he discusses things that are a lot more adult with his friends online. Things are not the same as they were when we were kids. On this episode kyle's dad was pulled over while driving drunk with his kids in the car and as part of getting a DWI he had to go to AA meetings and complete the whole 12 step course. Kyle's dad was not an alcoholic . He had control of his drinking, he just had to much beer and made the mistake of getting behind the wheel. However the people at the AA meeting managed to convince him he was an alcoholic. By the end of the show he was riding around in a wheel chair with a blanket over his lap looking for a miracle because someone told him he had a disease called alcoholism. They have an interesting way of making a point.

But for many people alcoholism and drug abuse are a very real problem. I suspect a lot of it may have to do with genetics and not upbringing. My dad drinks beer from the moment he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed at night. I'm not sure if that's an alcoholic or if that's just what redneck men do, but he does it regardless. I also have a friend who in slowly killing herself. She will still any drugs she can find so when ever she comes over we have to hide anything she might take. Last time she visited she stole 8 muscle relaxers bear had in the cabinet that were left from his last back injury. She spent the night without being invited and drank 3/4 of a gallon of Vodka while we were asleep. She used to be a nurse but was fired and had her license taken away when she was caught using her bosses prescription pad to get pain pills.

When it comes to choosing a drug rehab program several things need to be considered. Its not one size fits all after all. Cliffside Malibu looks more like a resort than a drug rehab facility but they do just that. At Cliffside malibu they . . .
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Telecom Consulting

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Fantasy Bathroom

I don't spend a whole lot of time in my bathroom. At least not as much as some women do. I have hair that can be washed and allowed to dry naturally and only has to be brushed after its washed and that's only every couple of days. I rarely wear make-up.l I do love to soak in a nice hot bath. especially in our jacuzzi tub but I don't do it very often.

In my new home I have a fantasy bathroom planned. I want a big hammered copper bathtub and sink and some type of natural stone tiles. I want windows around my bathtub so I can look out across the mountains and woods while soaking and so I can open them to let cold air in in the winter time.

And even though I don't wear make-up often I do wear it when going out somewhere and I want it to be applied correctly when I do. Therefore a lighted make-up mirror will be added to the bathroom also. I would want to shop from a place that has a wide variety of makeup mirrors available to me. After all this will be my "last " bathroom and I want it to be perfect. Seattleluxe provides a wide variety of make-up mirrors that I could choose from including a brass one that attaches to a wall and it lit as well.

Owning your own business

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Another problem we have encountered is people only wanting to use names that are familiar to them. Thats why McDonald's does so well (even though they really suck). its a name and a sign your familiar with and its there and you feel safer buying lunch from someplace you know while you are out verses a no name restaurant from which you never really know what your going to get. Sometimes you still may not get what you expect!!!

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One of these days if I ever win the lottery I would like to do some traveling. Somewhere other than Arkansas. I am not into big commercial hotels either. I would want to stay somewhere personal and a little bit more romantic.

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Sound Machines

Sound machines
are perfect for listening to while you sleep. I would love to have a sound machine. To bad they can't invest one that I can use to keep Bear from snoring. If I am loosing sleep that's usually why.

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First Communion

I'm a witch. Everyone knows I am a witch. We don't have things like communion. I think the closest thing we probably have is first blood rights. First blood rights are a ceremony a young lady goes through when she gets her first period.

According to Wikipedia Communion is most often first received by children around the age of seven or eight, when they have reached the Age of reason age of reason and are capable of participating in the sacramental life of the Roman Catholic Church. First Communion is to be preceded by the sacraments of baptism and reconciliation. If a person has not been baptized as a baby or small child, they will usually be baptized shortly before their First Communion. The sacrament of penance must be received before First Communion. Its also traditional to give first communion gifts. Traditional are such as rosaries, medals, prayer books and crucifixes

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Bear had a decent day down the the south western part of the state. He drove down to Texarkana and back. on the way back up the Rav 4 started making a knocking sound in the rear end. We have heard that before but it doesn't usually knock a long time. This time the knocking sounds never stopped. It sounds almost as if something is wrapped around something that's spinning with the turning tires and hitting the underside of the car. It stops when I put on the breaks or go around a curve and sometimes after I go around a curve I can feel what ever it is kicking in a different area, as if what ever it is shifted when I went around as curve.

My dad wants me to bring it down to the shop so he can look at it today. He has been a mechanic for years. He always says he won't work on a Toyota but he always does it anyway.

I went to the gym yesterday and was disappointed to see I only lost 1/4 of a pound. I kind of wonder if it has anything to do with me eating right before I went, but I don't know for sure. I know I'm not supposed to check my wait after every single work out but now that its starting to come off i am getting excited. I just wish I had a measure tape to see how much smaller my waist has gotten. I know it has. I can see it in the mirror even though my pants are not that much looser.

My poor fingernail. The one I stabbed with barbed wire and split open. One side of the split started to lift up last night and kept getting caught on everything. I couldn't find a pair of nail clippers or scissors small enough to trim it so it got worse all night long. This morning it was just hanging on my finger by a little bit of cuticle and very painful. I found a sharp enough knife in the kitchen and slowly sawed my way through what was left of it this morning. Its pretty sore now. It makes typing painful, but I will live.

Home Equity Loans

This type of loan can become necessary when you need a large amount of money and taking a second mortgage out on your house is your only option. Its essentially a loan that uses the equity in your home as security. You might use a home equity loan to replace the singles on your home is they go bad or add a room onto your house if there is an unexpected baby arriving. Maybe you would take out a home equity loan to pay your kids tuition. If you have to take out this kind of loan your going to want to shop around for the best Home Equity Loan Rates available to you.

dream interpetation

I haven't had any dreams to interpret in a while. There hasn't really been anything significant going on in my life lately so I guess that would explain why I haven't had any. Last night I dreamed there was a horrible accident involving several cars. I was not actually involved in this accident. It was night. There was a man there rescuing people and a he rescued a young woman from a car that was about to explode. Her legs were trapped and he cut them off. It wasn't bloody or gory or painful or anything and everyone applauded him.

Then the scene changed and I was the woman who's legs were cut off. I was in a clinic waiting room after the accident and was waiting to be seen. For some reason I already had prosthetic legs and was walking on them very easily. I was not the least bit upset about this and although they were a little uncomfortable not in any pain either. I was aggravated about having to sit in the waiting room but I was trying to be patient and other than that not upset about the circumstances in any way.

An accident dream would normally fall under the category of a warning from your subconscious mind telling you to steer clear of whatever was involved in the dream accident, no matter what it is. Since I wasn't in the accident, only watching it and I didn't become the injured person until later I'm not really sure what that means.

Loosing my legs is a symbol of feeling like I have no control. I'm not really sure what that might be. One of my online sources of income has slowed down for me this week and that's very frustrating. That could be what I am seeing. bear is having car trouble with morning and I have to take the vehicle to dads to get it checked out. Even though I lost my legs in this dream I did not loose my sense of mobility and was actually getting around very well without them right away so while this injury was very severe I don't think it indicates anything really terrible.

Payday Cash Advance

I have never had to use one of these services before, but my husband has. My husband is terrible at managing money. I'm sure when he lived in Florida he had to take out a lot of Florida Payday Loans because his ex wife was no better at it than he was. I guess it comes from spending so many years selling cleaner. it can be easy for one to get something like (well yesterday I made 300 dollars so today I will just go out and make 300 more) . This was before we met. I don't let him use services like this, but I can see how they could come in handy. I know there are times of the month when you have a bill due, such as your electric bill and if you live a month behind and on the verge of having it shut off like I have done in the past then you know. Sometimes despite your best efforts when your in that situation that last day to pay will fall a day or two before your supposed to receive the paycheck that will cover it. This can also be a problem if you work online also since the USPS is not always in the hurry it should be to get your mail to you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rain and clouds

Today my hands are sore. Its from tamping he bags for the first time yesterday. I plan to go out there later and tamp some more. The finger that I accidentally stabbed with barbed wire and split the finger nail open on is doing very well. Its sore and feels swollen but is not red at all.

Bear worked very very late yesterday. He struggled all day long and didn't make one sale. That does happen. But today he headed down to Texarkana and on the way there made 300 dollars. All before 10 am. He was expecting to be out really late. Texarkana is 3 hours from here so I don't really expect him at home until late. I wasn't able to get up early enough to go to the gym before he left so I hope he is home soon enough for me to go. It takes me an hour and a half to get my workout in.

I did loose another 1/2 pound but my clothes are still not that much looser.

I took a walk in the woods today and got rained on. Like rain in the springtime. The gray clouds and the bright green baby leaves look beautiful in contrast with each other. The dogwoods are all in bloom and in a few more days the grape honeysuckle growing wild near the building site with be covered in beautiful canary yellow honeysuckles. Outside the yard is covered in a carpet of bright green spring grass. The early spring flowers are all faded now. The only color in my garden besides the spring green is in the bedding flowers I bought.

I really do not feel like doing anything at all, especially not work. No paid posts, no work for the UK sites. I did clean up the house this morning and start some laundry. I put a load away I dried yesterday and then went through my closet and packed away my winter blouses and some sweaters into boxes. I didn't realize I had so many winter clothes and so few summer ones. If it weren't for the big box of stuff Cathy gave me a few months ago I wouldn't have much to wear for summer at all. I guess this Saturday I will go garage saleing and see what else I can find.

I was on the back of the property yesterday standing in my favorite spot. Its under a large tree where my property stops and my neighbors starts. The trees end on that property line and its high enough up on the hill that I can get a good view of the mountains. Every now and then when I am standing there I will get this little feeling like I need to remember that moment for some reason. The last time was last fall. It was chilly and there was a light but steady rain falling from a cloudy sky. it was nearing sunset and the light was dimming around me slowly. There are two beautiful dogwoods near this tree. There short with sprawling limbs so low you can't walk underneath them and the leaves on those dogwoods had turned the deep red shade that dogwood leaves turn to in the fall. rain dripped off of the leaves slowly.

Sunday I had another of of those moments. All weekend there were silver clouds in the sky that kept threatening to rain on us but never did. Spring was exploding everywhere around me and the dogwood blossoms has just opened and were still mostly green than white. I stood there by that tree looking out across the mountains which lay before me is shades of gray and olive green and had that same strange feeling "you will want to remember this moment" There was a crescent moon above my head in a brilliant blue sky. The sun was setting and the horizon was gold. There is a Muscudine vine growing up that tree and there were two ants climbing it. The dogwoods next to me had tiny bright green budding leaves on them and only a few flowers. I don't get that feeling very often so I take a good look around when I do and try to remember everything. Then I walked up the hill and past the building site and down the path that will someday be a walk way to our home . There was something really strange about the air as I did. It felt charged with energy. Enough so that it made m hair stand on end. I've felt that before to. It usually happens before something really important is about to happen. I don't know what that might be, but since those two events don't really happen very often I guess its worth keeping an eye out for something that might be important.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A new day

The beginning of a fireplace. This has to be at least started before we can finish row one. I don't know why he decided to dig this out. I think sitting on top of the first would have been fine. Mainly because everything we are currently standing on will eventually be under 1 to 1 1/2 feet of gravel.
Piecing together the rocks. When I said I wanted a dry stacked look I didn't really mean "true" dry stack babe!!! Just kidding. We forgot to get mortar this week and didn't want to go into town to get it so we just pieces some rocks together so the bags would have something to but up against.Odin thought it was a nice cool place to lay down.
Yipee the first row is done, now for another layer to even out the stepped up areas we created. we had to do this because the man who dug it didn't really get it level. Its fine though, stepping into the slope will make it that much stronger.
Tamping it down. The compacting is the key part. its what makes soft bags of dirt that sink in when you step on them into hard solid bags for stacking and building.

This morning I dragged the kids down back there with me to help as I put in another row. This row evened the whole thing out. The three of us lay out two more strings of barbed wire and put 20 more bags into place. I let them go back to the house while I tamped them flat myself. I think I burned 200 calories doing the tamping. My hands and arms shake as I lift a glass of tea to my mouth.

I also was not careful and managed to get stabbed in the fingernail with some barbed wire. What happened is I filled the bag and I was picking it up to move it into place and plopped it down with my hand under it and ended up having one of the spikes on the barbed wire punch right though the nail on my index finger.

Coyote looked at it and said "Shesh lets just give up for now Lucy!!!" Hell no!!!! I can work with a big hole and a crack in my fingernail and we kept going and finished the row. It hurts, especially when I type. That's what sucks because I type for work, lol.

XP Icons

I used to be one of those people that liked to have there desktop very very customized. i had the time and the ability to do that sort of thing then. Everything had to be related to witchcraft or nature. I had a nature theme once were my little pointer was a flower that opened and closed when ever the computer was working. my screen saver was full of crawling caterpillars and all of the sounds my computer made were nature. At one point I had a bubbling potion for a mouse pointer. I don't usually go that into detail with my computer anymore. Its no longer for fun and games. Those days are gone. now it a work computer.

But they can be used for more than just your desktop. You can use them to make a web page more interesting and have buttons instead if links. In that circumstance your going to want an icon that goes along with what ever link you have provided and your going to want high quality art work to. Not just something you found for free on the web somewhere. That's where Iconplant comes in. They provide high quality Vista Icons for use in software, websites and multimedia presentations.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Yesterday I managed to burn a record breaking (for me anyway) 500 calories working out that would not have been burned otherwise. I went garage saleing yesterday morning and the owner of the gym and his "team" were attending a power lifting competition so the gym was only going to be open from 10am to 12pm. I didn't get there until 10 minutes after 11 and that's not enough time for me to get everything in. I managed to burn 300 calories doing cardio and get most of the weight machine part of my workout done before they closed. I can't be happy with only 300 calories though. But it was a beautiful warm day and everything is budding out with life and I decided to go walk at the wildlife preserve. I haven't walked there in a while.

I walked 2 1/2 miles in 50 minutes and I'm counting that as 200 calories. It might be less, I'm not sure. I know that in 25 minutes on the treadmill and almost he same pace I an burn 150.Ii think I was walking a bit slower though. However during that 25 minutes I would not be using an incline and I was walking up and down small hills at the wildlife preserve.

I am having trouble sticking to the diet the nutritionist put me on. I have no trouble eating the foods on it, but six meals a day is hard to do. I've only managed 5 meals a day on two days of the diet and The best I seem to be able to do is 5 glasses of water a day. I was so busy yesterday I only managed 3 meals.

But I am finally loosing some weight. I started the diet on the 20th and as of the 24th I have lost 3 pounds. Not bad for 4 days. I read that to loose a pounds a day you have to create a deficit of 500 calories. 400 to 450 is what I have been working off in the gym.

I do look thinner when I look in the mirror. The waist of my pants is not a lot looser but it seems to be looser around my thighs. Well, the stomach is usually the last to go isn't it.

Today the gym is closed. Today we work on the back on the property. I think we will get row 1 done today. We better get row 1 done today. I can' believe its taken us 3 weeks to get to this point. That's really ridiculous. I knew this first part was going to take the longest because it is the widest point and the part of the dome that will take the most bags, but I didn't realize it was going to take this long.

Once this first row is in place then I can go down there in the morning and do a few bags myself each day. I can even drag Coyote off of his precious World of Warcraft game and make him help me.

Bear is in church this morning though and has asked me to get the rest of the bedding plants I bought last weekend planted and some ironing done. On top of that I have to hang some laundry on the lines and get some more of it washed.

Hair Removal

I have the miss fortune of being a very hair woman! I have a lot of hair on my head as well as on other parts of my body. I have to shave every day. It does have its benefits. It means I have very thick hair on my head. So thick that a disastrous bleaching job that would have rendered any other woman bald only thinned me out for a few years.

I've tried a lot of different methods of hair removal. Some women are blessed with hair that is fine and delicate and pulls out easily with waxing. My body hair is thick and course and seems to hang on to my skin much better than other women's. Waxing is pointless for me. With each application only half the hair is removed. It can take several applications to the same area to get it all. I tried to use that popular Epilady for some time but it was very painful and it took to long and ended up causing in grown hairs. I've never done electrolysis. I'm a little bit afraid of it.

When I worked as a beautician I had a waxing for a client who had a problem with whiskers on her chin. This is a problem I have also, but not to the extent that this woman did. She could have grown a beard if she left them grow. She explained to me that they weren't really all that bad in the beginning. She went and had electrolysis done t have them removed and not only did they grow back afterward but they multiplied dramatically. So that's why I am afraid of electrolysis.

As far as chemical hair removal, well I think just about all women have had experiences with that. Not only does the stuff smell horrible, but if your skin is delicate or if you leave it on to long you become a walking scab!!!

I recently ran across something called a hair inhibitor. Hair inhibitors combat unwanted hair at the source by working on the root. Continued application of the product causes hair to grow back finer and lighter each time and "sometimes stops it from growing back at all". If I can use this stuff without breaking out into a rash then it might be worth a shot for people like me with really thick, course body hair that grows back at an alarming rate of speed.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Black Singles

Are you black and single and looking for someone else who is black and single to hook up with. is a new singles sight for Black Singles only. Its free to join and offers everything that any other singles site does so if you are black and your single you may want t consider checking out this site. I really think that it would be worth your while.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Goodbye to Blogger

It looks like I might have to say goodbye to blogger. the reason being all of the wood opportunities are starting to go to blogs hosted on there own Dominion. These are ops that pay 10, 5, and 20 dollars and the ones that will allow blogspot are getting fewer and fewer. That makes things a little more complicated than I would like them to be, but that's a lot of money to give up just because I don't want to change.

I don't have a clue as to where to begin, but I did check and is available. I will probably need Mikes help to switch everything over though. I had 25 dollars deposited into my paypal from blogging yesterday so there is money there to pay for it.

I really don't like making changes like that. I hope that posting is as easy. I am really concerned about loosing my page rank though, which is 4 and hopefully about to climb some more.

Bear is off to Heber Springs to sell today. Well not specifically Heber Springs but the Greers Ferry lake area. He usually dos well there. There is an abundance of small towns located around the lake and lots and lots of marina's. Bear sells a lot of marina's.

I plan to work by myself on the back of the property today. We went and got more plastic yesterday and I am pretty sure I can go ahead and lay the bags in place myself. I don't think it will take long to cover the 13 feet of leveled area bear made earlier in the week at all.

Mortgage Loans

You know I have to admit it would be a lot easier just to take out a loan an use that money to build my house, but then you have the whole issue of a mortgage payment every month and its doubtful that an earth bag dome would get approved for financing anyway since they are very uncommon and it would be difficult for a mortgage company to resale if you lost the house in foreclosure. But earth bag homes are not for everyone and I happen of know of some some straw bale comes and some that are just earth compacted by machine that are mortgaged.

There are a variety of options out there today for people buying or planning to build homes and with the cost of living rising everywhere the way it is its getting farther and farther from some peoples reach. There are several states, such as parts of Arizona where you can spend on a home and still not have much of a house to show for it. Now if you move to rural Maryland and send that much on a home your going to be living in a very very fine house, you just won't be able to find a job in the area that would pay the mortgage, unless you work online, that changes everything. Its important to find a Mortgage Company that can offer you a loan to fulfill your needs. For example, in a place where small beat up houses can cost you 400k you could get an adjustable rate mortgage or an interest only mortgage that will provide you wit a lower interest rate for a specific amount of time before it changes. During that time you can fix up that house and sell it and possible make an extra 100k to invest in something slightly larger. Then turn around and do the same thing to it.

But as the cost of housing goes up there are more and more options for a person to look into doing. For example, before I left the mortgage industry I heard some mortgage companies were offering 40 year loans.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

itchy itchy itchy!!!!!

Ok, someone suggested I try this lotion she was selling. She swore it would not bother my skin. Ii really should have read the label, but I didn't. So I gave it a try. I used it a little bit on my legs when they got dry and didn't have any problems at all. Then this morning when I got out of the shower I thought "Oh well its safe, I used it on my legs and didn't have any problems" so after I got back from the gym this morning (450 calories, woohoo) I took a shower and went ahead and put in on my whole body. Now my whole body is covered in nice red itchy welts. I'm not sure if there hives. I don't think they are, but they itch and burn and sting like mad. I guess I'm lucky I didn't put it on my face.

It's been a few hours and there starting to go down and my skin is turning a normal color so I guess this is not going to be one of those reactions I have to put up with for 6 weeks. I have had that happen before to. That happened to me a few months after moving into my new house. That was before I knew what MCS was and before I knew I had a sensitivity to formaldehyde fumes and should really not be around anything that's "new" for that specific reason. I broke out into the most horrible hives for 6 weeks straight. I spent half of November and all of December covered in hives that rose up in red welts where ever I scratched. I walked around looking as though I had been whipped.

I also went to see the nutritionist today to find out if there is a reason I am not loosing any weight. I thought maybe I was putting on muscle so fast that it just looked like my workout wasn't having an affect but she didn't agree. She said I should be seeing a significant difference and I'm not.

First she checked my skin tone and the color of my fingernail beds and a few other things and then gave me the 1 2 3 diet sheet thing and another piece of paper and wants me to follow the diet (been there done that and gained 15 !@#$% pounds on it) and also to write down everything I eat and once she sees exactly what I am consuming she says we can go from there.

I eat so much food on this diet!!!! Breakfast, snack, lunch snack, dinner, snack. Fortunately everything in the good groups are all things that I absolutely love. I love fruits and veggies . I eat meat but I don't like eating large amounts of it. The only thing thats on the bad list that I love and I can't have are potatoes. I love baked potatoes. My favorite way to have them is to wrap them in tin foil and bury them in the coals of a very hot fire and let them bake like that for an hour. Oh yeah baby, they are so good.

I have done this diet she suggested before and did gain weight on it and I explained that to her, but I also wasn't burning 450 calories a day in the gym either. It could be more because there is no way for me to count what I am burning while on the weight machines. I can feel myself getting in really good shape though. I get stronger and stronger with each work out. Its to bad I can't see these muscles I am toning up, theres to much !@#$% fat in the way!!!!.

Financial Consolidation Software

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Bad Credit

I heard a figure the other day that stated 60 percent of Americans have bad credit. After working in the mortgage business like I did for a while you discover that a lot of it has to do with really bad luck Its sad because there are times when people really need that credit and can't get the help they need because of the bad things that have happened to them in there past. Sometimes you desperately need a new car to get back and forth to work with because the one you have in unreliable and you can't get that car because you don't have the cash to buy it and you can't get a loan. And maybe the reason you couldn't get the cash to buy it is because you have sunk all of your spare money into the unreliable one just trying to make it back and forth to work . There isn't much that can help you during these circumstances, except maybe try to find someone you can carpool with or if your close enough consider walking or biking to work. Sometimes you really really need the help of Consumer Credit Counseling . if you have bad credit and you have never gotten advice from a credit councilor then it might be worth a shot.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another day

I guess 9 am isn't early enough either because I still missed most of the higher paid posts. I hate getting up and getting on the computer really early in the morning but i might just have to start doing that. There are not a whole lot of posts left that I haven't taken. There will be a lot of new ones at the beginning of next month though. They seem to appear constantly throughout the day so I guess if I can't find what I'm looking for in the morning I just need to keep checking back.

I did get 4 5 dollar posts from a new website I signed up for last week. So far that makes 70 dollars worth of posts in two weeks I have gotten from them.

I was really pissed to learn that lady in Oregon won the 182 million dollar jackpot last week. I was watching that one pretty closely and if no one won Saturday Bear was going to make a sales trip up to Missouri and buy some tickets for it. It always pisses me off when someone wins. I guess I should be happy for them, but it just means that there is someone else in the USA thats a multi millionaire and its not me!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha.

I managed to drag bear to the back of the property yesterday after he put in a day of work and spent an hour with me at the gym. We got back there and learned we were out of plastic to lay down as a vapor barrier. Bear was ready to go back to the house at that point but I suggested we level some more. That way when we got plastic today I wouldn't have to wait on him to be there to put bags in place. So we leveled out roughly 8 or 10 feet. I'm sore exactly how far it is. We were working in an area that had been dug to low so we were having to fill it in and make it higher. After yesterday though we reached a point where were going to be digging in to make a level area. Bear has decided its easier to dig than it is to fill.

I really really wanted to be done with row 1 long before now. I knew this one would take the longest because of the leveling but I didn't think we would still be working on it by now. Obviously if we had worked on that over the weekend and not the yard we would be done with row one by now. But then the yard work still wouldn't be done and it did look pretty bad.
Don't these rocks look pretty with most of the dirt washed off of them
The mountains are starting to look really pretty right now. The leaves on most of the trees are just beginning to bud. I love the way those greens look on gray balmy spring days.

World of Golf

I don't play golf. My husband used to play golf. When we worked for a traveling sales crew he used to have is quota in by noon and spent the rest of the afternoon playing golf with his boss. he says its easier to get your quota when your new a new state every week verses now when he is working the same areas all of the time.

However the world of offers all sorts of little toys for golf enthusiast so if your shopping for a golfer or they need to shop and don't want to leave the house (if they live as far from town as we do thats reasonable) then you might want to have them take a look at the website for there golf clubs or what else they might need thats golf related.

Big Web Links Directory

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This is especially true when submitting new sites since they are often listed by page rank, popularity or alphabetically. Weblinks lists them by the amount of contribution. This allows webmasters to easily control the position of listings in the directory. For example, if a webmaster wants a listing to be on a category's first page, the dollar amount can be adjusted to the amount needed to achieve this goal.

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Villas in Italy

Italy is one of those places I would visit if I won the lottery. I probably won't see it any other way. There is a question as to where a person would stay when visiting such a place. Being the person that I am I would want something that's been there a long time and is luxurious but at the same time very old and historical. Like a beautiful old Villa. That would be a vacation to remember.

The Luxury Retreat Website offers ways to make reservations at some really beautiful Villas in Italy. The Luxury Retreat Website offers ways to make reservations at some really beautiful Villas in Italy. You can stay in such places as Campania, Emeilia Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Marches, Piedmont, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria, and Veneto and the villas are really stunning.

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