Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another day

I guess 9 am isn't early enough either because I still missed most of the higher paid posts. I hate getting up and getting on the computer really early in the morning but i might just have to start doing that. There are not a whole lot of posts left that I haven't taken. There will be a lot of new ones at the beginning of next month though. They seem to appear constantly throughout the day so I guess if I can't find what I'm looking for in the morning I just need to keep checking back.

I did get 4 5 dollar posts from a new website I signed up for last week. So far that makes 70 dollars worth of posts in two weeks I have gotten from them.

I was really pissed to learn that lady in Oregon won the 182 million dollar jackpot last week. I was watching that one pretty closely and if no one won Saturday Bear was going to make a sales trip up to Missouri and buy some tickets for it. It always pisses me off when someone wins. I guess I should be happy for them, but it just means that there is someone else in the USA thats a multi millionaire and its not me!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha.

I managed to drag bear to the back of the property yesterday after he put in a day of work and spent an hour with me at the gym. We got back there and learned we were out of plastic to lay down as a vapor barrier. Bear was ready to go back to the house at that point but I suggested we level some more. That way when we got plastic today I wouldn't have to wait on him to be there to put bags in place. So we leveled out roughly 8 or 10 feet. I'm sore exactly how far it is. We were working in an area that had been dug to low so we were having to fill it in and make it higher. After yesterday though we reached a point where were going to be digging in to make a level area. Bear has decided its easier to dig than it is to fill.

I really really wanted to be done with row 1 long before now. I knew this one would take the longest because of the leveling but I didn't think we would still be working on it by now. Obviously if we had worked on that over the weekend and not the yard we would be done with row one by now. But then the yard work still wouldn't be done and it did look pretty bad.
Don't these rocks look pretty with most of the dirt washed off of them
The mountains are starting to look really pretty right now. The leaves on most of the trees are just beginning to bud. I love the way those greens look on gray balmy spring days.


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