Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bad Credit

I heard a figure the other day that stated 60 percent of Americans have bad credit. After working in the mortgage business like I did for a while you discover that a lot of it has to do with really bad luck Its sad because there are times when people really need that credit and can't get the help they need because of the bad things that have happened to them in there past. Sometimes you desperately need a new car to get back and forth to work with because the one you have in unreliable and you can't get that car because you don't have the cash to buy it and you can't get a loan. And maybe the reason you couldn't get the cash to buy it is because you have sunk all of your spare money into the unreliable one just trying to make it back and forth to work . There isn't much that can help you during these circumstances, except maybe try to find someone you can carpool with or if your close enough consider walking or biking to work. Sometimes you really really need the help of Consumer Credit Counseling . if you have bad credit and you have never gotten advice from a credit councilor then it might be worth a shot.


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