Friday, March 30, 2007

Big Web Links

Big Web Links Bid Directory is a search engine friendly web directory that offers a new approach for directory listings. There are thousands of web directories on the Internet. You can submit to one, and end up on page 10 of results, where no one will see it and you will have little if any link value since when someone is searching for something they rarely make it as far as page 3, if that far.

This is especially true when submitting new sites (for directories that sort by PR). Instead of sorting listings by popularity, Page Rank, or alphabetically, the listings with Big Web Links are sorted by the contribution amount.

This allows webmasters to easily control the position of listings in the directory. For example, if a webmaster wants a listing to be on a category's first page, the dollar amount can be adjusted to the amount needed to achieve this goal. Listing contribution increases take immediate effect. As an additional benefit, the top 10 listings are shown on the homepage, while the top 20 listings are shown on the top links page, which is a significant benefit for those listings. A listing details page dedicated for each listing is also provided, which makes a total of 4 links possible in the directory.


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