Thursday, March 08, 2007

Christian Singles

There is a new Christian dating site called Christian Lifestyle which is for Christian Dating. You might want to check out if your single and if your a Christian. I am not a Christian, but if I were ever single again I might want to date a Pagan and so I might look for a Pagan dating site.

My husband is a Christian, sort of. He is actually a non practicing Catholic that goes to a non denominational Church. I don't really mind dating a Christian. Pagans have a lot that we could argue about so maybe dating someone from a different religion wouldn't be a bad idea if your Pagan. I actually know a woman who is Pagan and decided to become a Christian because there were to many things in Paganism she and her husband could find to argue about. But I have never dated another Pagan so I can't really recommend either one.

The site is free by the way and if your a Christian looking for a Christian or a Pagan looking for a Christian the site might be worth checking out.


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