Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A cloudy day

I think it might have rained last night. I don't know for sure but when I got up this morning to let the dog out the deck was damp and appeared to be drying. I forgot to keep the dog in last night, the big dog. I got to wake up at 5 am to the sounds of barking as commodore expressed his dissatisfaction about the garbage truck being here. That poor driver. If I saw a dog that size barking and snarling at me it would make me pretty nervous. I try to make it a point to keep him indoors on Tuesdays but it was hot i the house last night and cool outside so i let him sleep outdoors.

I went back to bed after getting mouse on the bus this morning and slept late. Till about 10am I guess. I don't usually sleep that late, but I felt the need to this morning. We didn't get to go to the gym for this reason so bear and I decided we will go when he gets back from selling.

Bear is going to Fort Smith tomorrow after our new shipment gets here and is going to stay the night. We have a friend that lives up there so he and Mike are going to stay with that friend and start work up there early in the morning.

I am really pleased to already have another shipment of cleaner here, although paying for it was painful.. Bear has finally taken my advice and puts money aside with each sale to pay for the cleaner so the money was there when he needed it. It was still painful seeing it go out though.

The paid to blog site that was having so much trouble last week has not paid me the 100 dollars they owe me. They were supposed to have it in my PayPal account yesterday and of course its not there. I am really beginning to loose my patience with them.

To make everything that much better my contact lenses are going to cost me 80 dollars instead of 35 dollars because of the size and shape of my eye. According to my doctor that changes all of the time and this time it decided to change to something uncommon and expensive to fit. I am going to wait until the end of the week to get them for this reason.

Bear has discussed going up to Branson Missouri for Spring Break. It would be a working vacation if we went. There is a lot to work in Branson. I would take the lap top and work off of it. I want to stay at a camp ground to save us the cost of staying in a hotel, but I don't know if Bear is going to want to do that or not.

I always have a problem getting bear to camp out instead of renting a hotel room when going out of town. Renting a hotel room is expensive. I don't usually go with him, but if I did I am not going to want to stay locked up with those two kids in a hotel room and try and work with them there. It would be nice to get a cabin or something like that, but to spend 150 to 300 a night on a bed and breakfast or a cabin would kind of defeat the purpose of going up there to work.


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