Thursday, March 15, 2007

credit cards

What can I say. we all may have to deal with these at one point in our life. I personally feel your better off trying to avoid them all together, but when something unexpected happens they can become very useful. for example if your living paycheck to paycheck with no savings and your car breaks down. You need that car to get back and forth to work (at least most of us do).

I read about a couple that used there credit cards to build an eco friendly house. They apply for credit cards that had zero interest for 6 months on there balance and bought the supplies they needed on those credit cards and payed them off until the six months started to come to an end. Then they would make balance transfers to another credit card offering zero interest for 6 months. This worked really well for them for a while and then one day they went to get a credit card and informed that there credit score was to low. Even though they had never made a late payment, ever, the credit card companies had managed somehow to screw up there credit anyway. But they had finished there house by that point in time and when its practically debt free you don't worry about things like your credit score as much.

If your currently one of the few people out there attempting to build a debt free home and want to try this method of doing so you might want to compare credit cards and try to find some
0% credit cards.


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