Friday, March 09, 2007

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal cool game show. Its not like any other that I have really seen. On the show there are 24 I think beautiful women with 24 metal cases in there hand. On each case there is a number and inside each case is a specific dollar amount. The dollar amounts go something like this . . .
1$, 5$, 25$ 100$, 1000$, 5000$, and on and on up to 1 million dollars.

At the beginning of Deal or No Deal the contestant picks one case from the group. Then she must start to open the other cases one at a time. Each case she opens is an amount of money that she will not receive. The point of the game is to hope that the amount of money is the case you picked is 1million dollars. You want to have only low amounts in the cases you pick to open because that means there is a better chance of having 1million in the first case that you picked and are not going to open.

There is a banker in the game. Every 3 or 4 cases he calls you and makes you an offer on the case your holding. That offer is based on the dollar amounts in the cases that you have opened. Those open cases show him just what the chances are that you have 1 million dollars in your case and he wants to buy it off of you for a smaller amount. Most people end up selling there case for a little over 100 thousand. I saw a lady on there the other night that got nearly 400,000 for her case. She got so stressed out and worked up that she almost fainted. Her friends were holding her up. She also got down to 3 unopened cases before she took the bankers offer too. It was a a good thing she took the deal also because the case she had picked only had 4 dollars in it.

They do interesting things on this show to make it more interesting. They don't just pick random people, they audition people with flamboyant personalities. They had a guy come in dressed exactly as the host the other day. The black lady that got 400,000 dollars had a big afro and all of the woman with the cases wore huge pink Afro's to copy her. Another woman showed up in roller skates in honor of her dad who owned a skating rink. Its never dull watching that show.

On you can play an online version of Deal or No Deal and get some idea of how well you would do if you were ever lucky enough to get on the game show. You can also play lots of other cool games on there and win prizes also.l You should check it out.


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That is my favorite game show

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