Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doggy Supplies

Everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that i have a lot of pets. I have a grand total of 8 cats (I think, I really don't know fore sure how many actually call my house home, but I do feed and take care of any that come around simply because domestic cats can't survive in the wild and I am a big softy). I also have two giant breed dogs. My big, beautiful, and rapidly aging, Great White Pyrenees Commodore and my beautiful, bouncing, irritating, pooping, tromping all over my flower beds, very rare, black Saint Bernard Odin.

Having that many cats and two such large and heavy dogs means I need to get my pet supplies as cheaply as possible. Especially my dog supplies. Giant breeds actually eat less than smaller working dogs like labs do because there metabolism is slower, but because they weigh so much I had to buy larger quantities of medicines for them when they become sick or get injured. At you will find loads of discount dog supplies, such as 125 tablets of brewers yeast with garlic in it (it boosts there immune system).


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