Wednesday, March 28, 2007

dream interpetation

I haven't had any dreams to interpret in a while. There hasn't really been anything significant going on in my life lately so I guess that would explain why I haven't had any. Last night I dreamed there was a horrible accident involving several cars. I was not actually involved in this accident. It was night. There was a man there rescuing people and a he rescued a young woman from a car that was about to explode. Her legs were trapped and he cut them off. It wasn't bloody or gory or painful or anything and everyone applauded him.

Then the scene changed and I was the woman who's legs were cut off. I was in a clinic waiting room after the accident and was waiting to be seen. For some reason I already had prosthetic legs and was walking on them very easily. I was not the least bit upset about this and although they were a little uncomfortable not in any pain either. I was aggravated about having to sit in the waiting room but I was trying to be patient and other than that not upset about the circumstances in any way.

An accident dream would normally fall under the category of a warning from your subconscious mind telling you to steer clear of whatever was involved in the dream accident, no matter what it is. Since I wasn't in the accident, only watching it and I didn't become the injured person until later I'm not really sure what that means.

Loosing my legs is a symbol of feeling like I have no control. I'm not really sure what that might be. One of my online sources of income has slowed down for me this week and that's very frustrating. That could be what I am seeing. bear is having car trouble with morning and I have to take the vehicle to dads to get it checked out. Even though I lost my legs in this dream I did not loose my sense of mobility and was actually getting around very well without them right away so while this injury was very severe I don't think it indicates anything really terrible.


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