Thursday, March 29, 2007

Free Anti Virus Software

The internet is not a safe place, especially not for your computer, but what are you going to do with a computer if your not going to use it to access the internet. So if your going to use the internet you need to make sure and protect your computer or at least be able to make it better when it gets sick. free Antivirus protection software is not cheap. Its expensive, but there is a lot of free anti virus software out there that you can download and use. I don't pay for the ones i use, thats for sure.

With this program you can . . .

  • Protect and scan your computer for Viruses and Spyware, providing award-winning internet security protection!

  • Allow you to edit and view different media on your computer including
    digital pictures and audio/video downloads.

  • Give you the power of Google search to find files on your pc quickly.

  • And much more... [complete details]


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