Thursday, March 08, 2007

Greener Cars

While regular Treehugger readers should be well-versed in their cleaner, greener options for personal transportation, E/The Environmental Magazine provides a good overview of the technologies, companies and models leading the way in the green car revolution in its latest issue. Jim Montevalli's cover article looks at the broad spectrum of vehicles, while sidebars provide comparisons of hybrid models, an overview of the performance of various technologies, a look at Larry and Laurie David's love of the Prius, and a range of reactions to Who Killed the Electric Car?

If cars aren't your thing, you'll likely find something that is in this issue (as in all issues of E). The other feature article this time proclaims "Local is the New Organic," and digs deeply into both the current (unsustainable) system of food transportation, and the movement to re-localize our diets. Regular departments in this issue take a look at solar investments, greener carpets, and a Canadian company that's way out front in the development of cellulosic ethanol. E's available at your favorite bookstore or newsstand; skip the trip and subscribe for $19.95. ::E/The Environmental Magazine, March-April


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