Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hair Removal

I have the miss fortune of being a very hair woman! I have a lot of hair on my head as well as on other parts of my body. I have to shave every day. It does have its benefits. It means I have very thick hair on my head. So thick that a disastrous bleaching job that would have rendered any other woman bald only thinned me out for a few years.

I've tried a lot of different methods of hair removal. Some women are blessed with hair that is fine and delicate and pulls out easily with waxing. My body hair is thick and course and seems to hang on to my skin much better than other women's. Waxing is pointless for me. With each application only half the hair is removed. It can take several applications to the same area to get it all. I tried to use that popular Epilady for some time but it was very painful and it took to long and ended up causing in grown hairs. I've never done electrolysis. I'm a little bit afraid of it.

When I worked as a beautician I had a waxing for a client who had a problem with whiskers on her chin. This is a problem I have also, but not to the extent that this woman did. She could have grown a beard if she left them grow. She explained to me that they weren't really all that bad in the beginning. She went and had electrolysis done t have them removed and not only did they grow back afterward but they multiplied dramatically. So that's why I am afraid of electrolysis.

As far as chemical hair removal, well I think just about all women have had experiences with that. Not only does the stuff smell horrible, but if your skin is delicate or if you leave it on to long you become a walking scab!!!

I recently ran across something called a hair inhibitor. Hair inhibitors combat unwanted hair at the source by working on the root. Continued application of the product causes hair to grow back finer and lighter each time and "sometimes stops it from growing back at all". If I can use this stuff without breaking out into a rash then it might be worth a shot for people like me with really thick, course body hair that grows back at an alarming rate of speed.


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