Monday, March 19, 2007

How i love those glowing garden accents.

From what I understand some of them do not have solar collectors in them, the glass is dusted with phosphorescent powder which collects light and glows on its own. I think that long path to my house and the pond we will build behind it will look sooo magical with all of these things in it giving off there own light. I did a search on phosphorescent powder and learned that its Non toxic and non radioactive, longer afterglow, afterglow and brightness, shelf life of more than 10 years, comes in 11 different colors, weather resistant, and water-based and non-water based are available. Man. If I bought just the powder along with the other objects. Can you imagine that I could do with it. I could sprinkle it on the ground, between the stepping stones, dust rocks with it and maybe sprinkle it into some flower blooms. Well, its going to be a long time before I can do anything like that.


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