Wednesday, March 21, 2007

itchy itchy itchy!!!!!

Ok, someone suggested I try this lotion she was selling. She swore it would not bother my skin. Ii really should have read the label, but I didn't. So I gave it a try. I used it a little bit on my legs when they got dry and didn't have any problems at all. Then this morning when I got out of the shower I thought "Oh well its safe, I used it on my legs and didn't have any problems" so after I got back from the gym this morning (450 calories, woohoo) I took a shower and went ahead and put in on my whole body. Now my whole body is covered in nice red itchy welts. I'm not sure if there hives. I don't think they are, but they itch and burn and sting like mad. I guess I'm lucky I didn't put it on my face.

It's been a few hours and there starting to go down and my skin is turning a normal color so I guess this is not going to be one of those reactions I have to put up with for 6 weeks. I have had that happen before to. That happened to me a few months after moving into my new house. That was before I knew what MCS was and before I knew I had a sensitivity to formaldehyde fumes and should really not be around anything that's "new" for that specific reason. I broke out into the most horrible hives for 6 weeks straight. I spent half of November and all of December covered in hives that rose up in red welts where ever I scratched. I walked around looking as though I had been whipped.

I also went to see the nutritionist today to find out if there is a reason I am not loosing any weight. I thought maybe I was putting on muscle so fast that it just looked like my workout wasn't having an affect but she didn't agree. She said I should be seeing a significant difference and I'm not.

First she checked my skin tone and the color of my fingernail beds and a few other things and then gave me the 1 2 3 diet sheet thing and another piece of paper and wants me to follow the diet (been there done that and gained 15 !@#$% pounds on it) and also to write down everything I eat and once she sees exactly what I am consuming she says we can go from there.

I eat so much food on this diet!!!! Breakfast, snack, lunch snack, dinner, snack. Fortunately everything in the good groups are all things that I absolutely love. I love fruits and veggies . I eat meat but I don't like eating large amounts of it. The only thing thats on the bad list that I love and I can't have are potatoes. I love baked potatoes. My favorite way to have them is to wrap them in tin foil and bury them in the coals of a very hot fire and let them bake like that for an hour. Oh yeah baby, they are so good.

I have done this diet she suggested before and did gain weight on it and I explained that to her, but I also wasn't burning 450 calories a day in the gym either. It could be more because there is no way for me to count what I am burning while on the weight machines. I can feel myself getting in really good shape though. I get stronger and stronger with each work out. Its to bad I can't see these muscles I am toning up, theres to much !@#$% fat in the way!!!!.


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