Thursday, March 15, 2007

Its a beautiful day

Flowers are blooming, leaves are budding out on all of the trees, ornamental pears are in bloom everywhere you look and the dogwoods are not far behind. It is spring in the Ozark foothills. Every window in my house has been open for the last three days. we've decided we would rather deal with having flies in the house than miss out on these heavenly spring breezes. This morning I replaced the flowers on my desk with fresh ones. I'm listening to heavenly New Age music through an online radio station called Mystic Soundscapes. The damp breezes blowing through my office windows, the fresh flowers on my desk, the coffee in the cup near me and the knowledge that I am sitting here earning an income are all making this beautiful morning that much more perfect. I can't say the same for Bear who is still waiting for his supplies. They did find the order. It was delivered to Branson and we were supposed to have it before noon today. I guess someone forget to tell the driver that because when he called for directions he informed bear that he has 3 other stops to make before he delivers our order.

Its really aggravating because once again its not our fault. we made the order on Friday of last week and put rush delivery on it. The darn thing was supposed to be shipped Friday and didn't get shipped till Monday and now there is the whole issue of the freight company loosing it and the driver dragging his ass on delivering it. I guess were just lucky Bear has such a good day Tuesday and

I don't think I have any good cutting flowers I can bring indoors during the late spring or summer. My chrysanthemums always bloom in the spring. Very late spring to early summer.

My tomato and pepper plants are finally coming up in there jars. A heat source underneath them would have probably sped things up. I just could never seem to find the time to put one together. I will probably buy some already grown plants from Wal-mart this year since my seedlings are off to such a slow start. I'm going to buy some more strawberries to add to this little hill outside of my office window anyway.

I don't know if our dome will reach a point where we will begin covering it with topsoil and plants. I hope so. There are lots of things around her I can divide and put on it and if we reach that point in the fall most of that stuff will be dormant. I am already wondering if I should go ahead and starting pulling up some of these spring blooming balls and moving them or not. I am afraid of having to move back there and put the house on the market during a period of time when my plants are undergrounds and I won't be able to find and move them.


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photos? Photos? PHOTOS?

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