Tuesday, March 13, 2007


When I first heard this word I thought it was an island in the Florida Keys, ha ha. But its not. A keylogger is a program or monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity in your home or in your office.

I think they used something similar to this when I worked for Wells Fargo to make sure that employees were not getting on the Internet during slow periods. Something like this program would come in handy for monitoring home schooled children also. Especially for a stay at home mom who works online like myself. I can't be out there with Coyote when he is online but with a program like that I could tell exactly what he was doing. Programs like this record emails received, websites visited, and even what there saying to there friends as they chat back and forth. You can even set them up so that you receive hourly email reports on what there doing. That way I wouldn't have to close out what ever program I am working in to go and check and see what he is doing. They also offer website blocking so you can block specific websites, flexible recording options, you can identify specific logins so I would know if it was Mouse or Coyote using the computer at the time ad best of all it stays hidden.

The programs are reasonably priced also at less than 100 dollars.


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