Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kids bedroom Furniture

Having raised my two step kids from a fairly early age I know how important to find kids bedroom furniture that looks nice but that your not going to be worried about getting messed up. After all we all know kids love to write all over there furniture and walls with marker and crayons and despite our best efforts they always manage to get a hold of the permanent markers and use those even though we bought them washable ones just a few weeks ago. I will never forget the time I found two empty cans of Pledge wood Cleaner in the cabinet under Mouses TV. they were full when I bought them a week before and when I asked her why they were now empty she said she sprayed them on her carpet because they smelled good and made the carpet feel slick afterward. She was 3 at the time. She lost her TV for a week over that one. We actually unplugged it and took it out of her room. At you will find lots of really attractive furniture for your kids bedroom that's no so expensive you have to worry about getting it messed up. Unless of course you want to pay a lot of money for the furniture in your kids room. If that's the case they have lots of really nice expensive furniture there to.


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