Friday, March 09, 2007

Lead Generation

Most people who read this probably already know that my husband is one of those people who is a born salesman. He has that outgoing personality where he can just go up to anyone and start a conversation with them like he has known them his whole life. His son is the same way. For over a decade bear worked for traveling sales companies in which he sold industrial cleaning supplies. he did this until he came up with his own formula. Its an orange based cleaner which is completely environmentally safe and still kicks but as a cleaner but that's not what I want to talk about. He sells it door to door to businesses and those sales are what I want to talk about.

This type of sales is called Cold Calling and its one of the hardest there is to master. can you imagine how much easier his job would be if there was a way the leads could be generated for him. If you have ever owned your own business or lived on commission based sales then you know how important lead management can be to a business or a sales person.

Aim promote is a program that does just that for you. An average of 60% of all sales are wasted due to neglect. That number jumps to 80% when you look at the number of qualified leads that would have purchased your product but didn't because of people neglecting a sales lead. With our innovative Lead Attention Meter it shows when a lead needs attention, and how close the sale is to being lost due to a lack of response. Administrative tasks can bog your sales staff down and keep them from closing that next big sale. But this program will show them just when and where there skills are currently needed. Feel free to sign up for your 14 day free trial.


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