Thursday, March 08, 2007

Let there be fire!!!!

We have warmed to many wood stoves, including the lovely modern Rais, but our jaw dropped when we saw the stunning Belgian Stûv at the Interior Design Show. However its inner beauty was revealed when we looked at its features and specifications. It actually works in three modes: when the large curved glass is closed, it reaches thermal and emission efficiencies beyond the tightest European standards. Raise the glass and it is an attractive (if less efficient) open fireplace. At night, close the solid door and its increased airtightness will allow slow burning all through the night. Toss in a swivel to make it face any direction and get this, a radiant barbeque that clips on the front, and you have one hot stove. Cheap at $ 9,000. Available in North America from ::Stûv found at ::IDS


"Stûv has always manufactured efficient stoves.Nowadays most of the models comply with European standards. They undergo approval tests in the Dutch TNO laboratories for their compliance with DIN 18895 or 18891 standards more recently European standards EN 13229 or 13240. As to the stoves that are not approved yet (Stûv 15 and Stûv 60) they should pass the tests with no problems. The efficiency rating indicates the percentage of fuel used (wood) that transforms into useful heat to warm your home. The minimum requirements or Approval is 65% efficiency for an insert-type hearth and 75% for a stove (as an indication, an open fire rarely manages 20% efficiency). Wood combustion produces CO2 (greenhouse gas) ; an efficient hearth will consume less wood, with favourable effects both on your budget and on nature preservation.'


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