Friday, March 09, 2007


Most people don't think about mold to much. I sure don't. I mean I do live in Arkansas so mold is always going to be present. Mobile homes are supposed to be bad about mold problems. I'm not sure why that is. Some of you reading this blog may remember back in the fall when I had a mold problem. It was during that time of year when the AC and the Heat are both off and we open up the windows to let fresh air in. This smell developed in our house. Part of it was cat urine. When you have a lot of cats thats going to be a problem since they always try to sneak into the house and hide when no one is looking. Luckily Bear;'s cleaner can get that smell out pretty well. But the other oder was this musty "old" smelling oder. The smell made me think of a very old dirty house where people lived, but they didn't bother to clean or open their windows and air things out. I figured it was probably mold. bear had shampooed the carpet right before we turned the Ac off but it was still to warm to open the windows so the dampness stayed indoors and it probably molded under the carpet. It took a winter of running the heat to dry it out and get rid of the smell.

Besides the musty smell mold can cause a lot of health problems to so if you have had a pipe break and had a lot of water damage for what ever reason then your probably going to need some mold testing done.

There is a company in New Jersey that does mold testing with a mold sniffing dog, similar to a drug sniffing dog I guess. I will gladly trust a dogs nose over anything else any day.


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