Monday, March 12, 2007

More pictures

Isn't this a pretty green rock that I found out in the woods. I would put it in the dome, but if I do that I am afraid that all of the moss sand lichens that make it green in the first place are going to die. Isn't Odin getting big!!!!!!

Remember when the spray paint bear put on the ground started to wash away so i outlined the circle with flour. 2 weeks and 3 thunderstorms later its still there.

This is what 15 half filled bags looks like.

The neighbors came by to see how much we had done and there daughter Alli decided to stay and help.

Alli and Coyote filling flower pots, coffee cans, and a left over bucket that survived the digging two dears ago.

Mouse carried the cans and flower pots and buckets from point A to point B while dad and I filled the bags and put them into place.

The plastic is a vapor barrier between the walls or the house and the ground. Its not going to be perfect. I am sure there will be tiny holes, but I am not really concerned about tiny holes.

Her it is Monday and we are still not done with row one. its taking longer to complete the first row because were having to level it as we go and this work has been very hard on Bear's lower back. So bad that he worked with Jamie at the gym today and trying to stretch it out and get the soreness out of it. Jamie loaned him a weight belt from thew gym to use while we get past this part of construction. We actually got 6 bags past this point of Sunday. Were 2 thirds of the way through with row one though. It will get easier after that part.

Boy doesn't it look like a mess in this picture. The plastic sure does make things look messy. So does that pile of rock in the middle, but all of the rock will be going into the fireplace.


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