Monday, March 26, 2007

A new day

The beginning of a fireplace. This has to be at least started before we can finish row one. I don't know why he decided to dig this out. I think sitting on top of the first would have been fine. Mainly because everything we are currently standing on will eventually be under 1 to 1 1/2 feet of gravel.
Piecing together the rocks. When I said I wanted a dry stacked look I didn't really mean "true" dry stack babe!!! Just kidding. We forgot to get mortar this week and didn't want to go into town to get it so we just pieces some rocks together so the bags would have something to but up against.Odin thought it was a nice cool place to lay down.
Yipee the first row is done, now for another layer to even out the stepped up areas we created. we had to do this because the man who dug it didn't really get it level. Its fine though, stepping into the slope will make it that much stronger.
Tamping it down. The compacting is the key part. its what makes soft bags of dirt that sink in when you step on them into hard solid bags for stacking and building.

This morning I dragged the kids down back there with me to help as I put in another row. This row evened the whole thing out. The three of us lay out two more strings of barbed wire and put 20 more bags into place. I let them go back to the house while I tamped them flat myself. I think I burned 200 calories doing the tamping. My hands and arms shake as I lift a glass of tea to my mouth.

I also was not careful and managed to get stabbed in the fingernail with some barbed wire. What happened is I filled the bag and I was picking it up to move it into place and plopped it down with my hand under it and ended up having one of the spikes on the barbed wire punch right though the nail on my index finger.

Coyote looked at it and said "Shesh lets just give up for now Lucy!!!" Hell no!!!! I can work with a big hole and a crack in my fingernail and we kept going and finished the row. It hurts, especially when I type. That's what sucks because I type for work, lol.


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