Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of those days

Bear was supposed to go to fort Smith today with Mike and our new shipment of cleaner. Unfortunately the shipping company managed to loose the shipment. I really don't knowhow in the heck you loose something that weighs 2200 pounds but they managed to do it. whats sad is the Chemist sent the stuff rush delivery. We called them on two separate occassions and went ahead and went into town to run some errands. We worked out and had lunch and Bear had some copies made of his MSDS sheets and his brochures. We stopped into Goodwill and I bought 2 new dresses and a pair of shorts. Bear even found some shorts that fit him for a change. one of the dresses i got is just a plain black jumper and the other one is an Eddie Bower shirt dress in brilliant sky blue. The shorts are just shorts.

It was 4pm before the shipping company found our cleaner. They sent it to Branson Missouri by mistake. We also stopped by the bank and made sure that my deposit from PayPal had made it into our checking account. I got home and discovered payments from three other websites I have done work for waiting for me.

One of the most frustrating things about working at home (I am not alone when I say this because I have heard other women bitch about it too) is that our husbands seem to think that just because were home all day we have plenty of time to do all of the cooking and house work and still get our paying jobs done. So he bitches if I haven't cooked dinner when he gets home or he complains because there are 4 loads of laundry piled on the red coach. Now that I have multiple paychecks rolling in he doesn't complain about the lack of weekly paychecks anymore and I think that he has enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to freak out about getting new tags put on my car right away when I reminded him they were expiring.

Speaking of online income, I really should open up a new eBay account and give selling on there a shot again. Maybe I should try an auction site other than eBay though. I know there are several out there only charge you when your item sells, but they don't get the traffic that eBay gets. What sells the best for me these days is second hand name brand clothing.


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Hey! Have a Branson vacation. It is an awesome place to visit. Look it up!

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