Monday, March 12, 2007

optics planet

You know, I really really need a pair of glasses. Here I am sitting here without contact lenses again because I have been to busy to think about ordering them and then Sunday night I rubbed my eye and the darn thing ripped in half. My contact lens, not my eye.

I need a pair of glasses so I will have something to fall back on when something happens to my contact lenses. I think I should also think about getting some Polarized Sunglasses because they help to reduce glare from light colored or reflective surfaces, such as water. Fishermen love them. That clay in our foundation reflects a lot of light also and can be blinding at times. Plus a friend of our just bought a party barge and you know we will be spending some time out on the water this summer, wooohooo.

You can get polarized sunglasses online at Optics Planet. That way if your one of those individuals who doesn't own a car or prefers not to drive the one you have like me then you don't even have to leave the house to get your sunglasses. They also carry binoculars, telescopes, radar guns, flashlights, and safety glasses too


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