Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Payday Cash Advance

I have never had to use one of these services before, but my husband has. My husband is terrible at managing money. I'm sure when he lived in Florida he had to take out a lot of Florida Payday Loans because his ex wife was no better at it than he was. I guess it comes from spending so many years selling cleaner. it can be easy for one to get something like (well yesterday I made 300 dollars so today I will just go out and make 300 more) . This was before we met. I don't let him use services like this, but I can see how they could come in handy. I know there are times of the month when you have a bill due, such as your electric bill and if you live a month behind and on the verge of having it shut off like I have done in the past then you know. Sometimes despite your best efforts when your in that situation that last day to pay will fall a day or two before your supposed to receive the paycheck that will cover it. This can also be a problem if you work online also since the USPS is not always in the hurry it should be to get your mail to you.


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