Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Portable hard drives

I never really thought this would happen, but the last time I uploaded songs to my Ipod I noticed I am running out of storage and it seems as if I am always coming across songs I would like to keep. It got me thinking about how I would store music if I ran out of room. I didn't want to delete any of the music on my Ipod because I might want to listen to it someday and it wouldn't be with me and storing it on a CD seems pointless because they get scratched or lost and will someday be out of date and useless. Pexagon Technology Inc is now selling portable personal hard drives. I think this is something similar to those things that hook up to your use that you can carry around on your key chain. Those are not as good for storing things as you might think. because there on your key chain its easy to wash them!!!!

Small portable drives allows you to make a copy of the information on your computer including songs and videos and anything else you need to keep and store it safely off of your computer. This is really handy since there are lots of nasty bugs out on the Internet that can get on your computer and screw things up and then you can't get them off.

The portable drives come in different colors also. They don't have a green one which is disappointing and I really think they should offer something in hot pink too. But the red would work for me. I like red. I've grown to like it more as I get older though. I don't know why, but I find myself picking out accessories that would either blend with red as a main color or are red.


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