Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rain and clouds

Today my hands are sore. Its from tamping he bags for the first time yesterday. I plan to go out there later and tamp some more. The finger that I accidentally stabbed with barbed wire and split the finger nail open on is doing very well. Its sore and feels swollen but is not red at all.

Bear worked very very late yesterday. He struggled all day long and didn't make one sale. That does happen. But today he headed down to Texarkana and on the way there made 300 dollars. All before 10 am. He was expecting to be out really late. Texarkana is 3 hours from here so I don't really expect him at home until late. I wasn't able to get up early enough to go to the gym before he left so I hope he is home soon enough for me to go. It takes me an hour and a half to get my workout in.

I did loose another 1/2 pound but my clothes are still not that much looser.

I took a walk in the woods today and got rained on. Like rain in the springtime. The gray clouds and the bright green baby leaves look beautiful in contrast with each other. The dogwoods are all in bloom and in a few more days the grape honeysuckle growing wild near the building site with be covered in beautiful canary yellow honeysuckles. Outside the yard is covered in a carpet of bright green spring grass. The early spring flowers are all faded now. The only color in my garden besides the spring green is in the bedding flowers I bought.

I really do not feel like doing anything at all, especially not work. No paid posts, no work for the UK sites. I did clean up the house this morning and start some laundry. I put a load away I dried yesterday and then went through my closet and packed away my winter blouses and some sweaters into boxes. I didn't realize I had so many winter clothes and so few summer ones. If it weren't for the big box of stuff Cathy gave me a few months ago I wouldn't have much to wear for summer at all. I guess this Saturday I will go garage saleing and see what else I can find.

I was on the back of the property yesterday standing in my favorite spot. Its under a large tree where my property stops and my neighbors starts. The trees end on that property line and its high enough up on the hill that I can get a good view of the mountains. Every now and then when I am standing there I will get this little feeling like I need to remember that moment for some reason. The last time was last fall. It was chilly and there was a light but steady rain falling from a cloudy sky. it was nearing sunset and the light was dimming around me slowly. There are two beautiful dogwoods near this tree. There short with sprawling limbs so low you can't walk underneath them and the leaves on those dogwoods had turned the deep red shade that dogwood leaves turn to in the fall. rain dripped off of the leaves slowly.

Sunday I had another of of those moments. All weekend there were silver clouds in the sky that kept threatening to rain on us but never did. Spring was exploding everywhere around me and the dogwood blossoms has just opened and were still mostly green than white. I stood there by that tree looking out across the mountains which lay before me is shades of gray and olive green and had that same strange feeling "you will want to remember this moment" There was a crescent moon above my head in a brilliant blue sky. The sun was setting and the horizon was gold. There is a Muscudine vine growing up that tree and there were two ants climbing it. The dogwoods next to me had tiny bright green budding leaves on them and only a few flowers. I don't get that feeling very often so I take a good look around when I do and try to remember everything. Then I walked up the hill and past the building site and down the path that will someday be a walk way to our home . There was something really strange about the air as I did. It felt charged with energy. Enough so that it made m hair stand on end. I've felt that before to. It usually happens before something really important is about to happen. I don't know what that might be, but since those two events don't really happen very often I guess its worth keeping an eye out for something that might be important.


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