Thursday, March 29, 2007


Coyote and I like to watch South park together. I know its a little bit adult for a 13 year old boy but I know perfectly well he discusses things that are a lot more adult with his friends online. Things are not the same as they were when we were kids. On this episode kyle's dad was pulled over while driving drunk with his kids in the car and as part of getting a DWI he had to go to AA meetings and complete the whole 12 step course. Kyle's dad was not an alcoholic . He had control of his drinking, he just had to much beer and made the mistake of getting behind the wheel. However the people at the AA meeting managed to convince him he was an alcoholic. By the end of the show he was riding around in a wheel chair with a blanket over his lap looking for a miracle because someone told him he had a disease called alcoholism. They have an interesting way of making a point.

But for many people alcoholism and drug abuse are a very real problem. I suspect a lot of it may have to do with genetics and not upbringing. My dad drinks beer from the moment he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed at night. I'm not sure if that's an alcoholic or if that's just what redneck men do, but he does it regardless. I also have a friend who in slowly killing herself. She will still any drugs she can find so when ever she comes over we have to hide anything she might take. Last time she visited she stole 8 muscle relaxers bear had in the cabinet that were left from his last back injury. She spent the night without being invited and drank 3/4 of a gallon of Vodka while we were asleep. She used to be a nurse but was fired and had her license taken away when she was caught using her bosses prescription pad to get pain pills.

When it comes to choosing a drug rehab program several things need to be considered. Its not one size fits all after all. Cliffside Malibu looks more like a resort than a drug rehab facility but they do just that. At Cliffside malibu they . . .
  • Determine appropriateness for treatment for each resident
  • Detox affected residents, when necessary
  • Evaluate individuals for substance use disorders and any co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorders
  • Offer each patient an individual drug rehabilitation plan which maximizes comfort and the potential for success
  • Provide treatment for residents' families through our three day family program
  • Develop an aftercare plan which supports the program's philosophies and objectives


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