Saturday, March 17, 2007

The right Cell phone plan for you and your family.

Cell phones have become a fact of life. I can remember there was no such thing as a phone that was not hooked to the wall of your home or business by a curly stretchy cord. Then I can remember when car phones came out and it was something only rich people had. Then Cell phones became popular and once again they were only something the rich had. Then they became something to impress over people. Remember those flip phones where you pulled it out and flipped it open. Those things were everywhere.

I didn't get a cell phone until after I met and married Bear. I didn't feel I really had a reason to have one. I probably should have had one. My job often required late hours and I didn't always have a very reliable car either. I first discovered they were useful after a trip to the grocery store. My new husband wanted me to bring home a movie that he and I and the kids would enjoy so when I wasn't sure I called him from the video store and asked about a specific title.

Another indecent presented itself later on. I was driving down a quiet country road when I was passed by vehicles. It appeared that one was trying to run the other off the road. I was able to call 911 from my cell phone and followed them at a distance while waiting for the police to arrive.

Cell phones have become something important. I can track down my husband where ever he is in the state and my son is begging me for one also. He doesn't leave the house enough for me to worry about tracking him down. But if I had to get him and his sister a cell phone to keep track of them with I would want something that wouldn't allow them to run the bill up. I would want them to have limited minutes unless they were calling myself or my husband. I don't even know if they make a plan like that. But if they did and I am sure they do I could probably find it on Wirefly and I could probably find a phone Coyote thought was "cool" on there site also since they have such a wide selection.


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