Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I don't have an RV. I have relatives that have RV's. I've been on an RV that cost the person that owned it over 1 million dollars too. It actually belonged to John daily who is a professional golfer that lives in Dardanelle.

Unless I win the lottery or something I probably won't ever have anything like that, but if I did I would want to make sure that I was choosing the right rv / recreational vehicle .

Travel Cruiser Concessionaires Ltd, trading as Travelworld American Motorhomes has been serving the American Motorhome community in one way or another for 25 years. They sell such brands as Beaver, Holiday Ramblers, Monaco, Safari, McKenzie, Dodge, R Vision, and Roadmaster. There website also offers a video version of there frequently asked questions and a 24 hour customer service line.


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