Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sound Machines

Sound machines
are perfect for listening to while you sleep. I would love to have a sound machine. To bad they can't invest one that I can use to keep Bear from snoring. If I am loosing sleep that's usually why.

Based on more than 23 years of scientific research, Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy white noise machine is a natural sleep aid that will help you achieve deeper states of sleep, relaxation and renewal. This innovative sleep sound machine uses five nature sounds capes and seven engineered sounds developed by the Center of Neuroacoustic Research.

A great natural sleep aid, Tranquil Moments plays sounds based on Delta, Alpha, or Theta brainwaves—coaxing your brain to “match” these frequencies and enter healthier states of repose. Choose a range of relaxing sounds, from a summer chorus of crickets to authentic NASA recordings. Some of the other sounds include ocean surf, a waterfall, summers night, a stream, and falling rain.


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