Thursday, March 29, 2007

Telecom Consulting

Telecom assets are, for most organizations, the least understood and least managed of IT indirect costs. The lack of management and understanding of these assets results in the following:

* The payment of invoices with misapplied rates, taxes or any myriad of other charges
* The payment of invoices with unused assets
* The payment of invoices with assets that are tariff rated or undiscounted

And for those enterprises receiving thousands of invoices monthly, the cost of management of the system by personnel could be hundreds or millions of dollars annually.

The leadership at Network Mapping Associates, Inc. a Telecom Consulting understood the need to create an organization that could assist any size enterprise, not just the Fortune 1000, with the design and implementation of Total Telecom Cost Management (TTCM) solutions. Our internal telecommunications team has empowered the local "corner store" as well as those globally recognized enterprises by increasing control of their networks while reducing the annual telecom expenditures between five percent (5%) up to fifty percent (50%) annually.


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