Thursday, March 08, 2007

Greek Shirts is the best place on the web to find custom greek shirts for your fraternity or sorority. or if you know someone who might be in need of greek Shirts then this is the place you would point them too. They have thousands of screen printed Greek design ideas that can be easily modified for your fraternity or sorority. Their staff of professional designers can help create the perfect custom t-shirt design for your next Homecoming Party, Greek Week, or Formal event.

They also have a great selection of sewn on letter fabrics. In the sewn on letter studio you can choose your fraternity or sorority letters and then preview different foreground and background options right on your computer screen. Greek also offers custom embroidery for your fraternity or sorority. Their easy to shop Greek embroidery section allows you to choose a garment, choose a logo, and view a live preview of the finished product using different thread colors. Whether you are shopping for printed Greek shirts, Greek sewn on letter shirts, or custom Greek embroidery, Greek is the best online source for Greek Licensed apparel. 1 week rush delivery is available for your last minute events.


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