Saturday, March 31, 2007

to much going on

Between my increased blogging for pay and construction on the house and trying to keep this place clean with two kids who think the floor can double as a garbage can its been difficult to get anything done at my other two jobs. one of them doesn't have a limit on the amount of work I do. if i don't make over 200 dollars in one month I won't get a paycheck but I have plenty of other paychecks from other sources coming this month so its not a problem. The one one insist I do 2000 messages each month or risk loosing my job. Today is the last day of the month and I am 368 messages from my goal. Not really a problem, I can do a lot of messages. I average 60 to 100 an hour so I can probably wipe it out in about 5 hours. The problem is I hate sitting there and doing it for 5 hours. I'm going to do it because I have to do it. I just don't want to do it.

I wanted to work on my Earthbag house today. Its was supposed to rain heavily during the night and today but it doesn't look like it happened last night. The walkway was wet his morning but it doesn't appear we got the storms we were supposed to get. According to the Weather Channel radar it should be raining right now but its not. The heavy stuff never hit us. it is muddy down at the dig site, mostly around the eastern side where the ground was dug to low. its not an issue for me, I just take my shoes off and wade right though it, but Bear doesn't like getting muddy. He is such a city slicker.

I don't know what his plans for today are. I know he planned on sleeping late, ha ha, and he plans to go to the grocery store. I'm sure he also plans on going to the gym since he has only gone 1 time this week. I would have liked to go garage saleing but since there was heavy rain in the forecast for today I doubt if there are any.

I've gone 6 days in a row and I have burned 450 to 550 calories with each trip(I get to work out longer when he isn't there). I haven't lost any weight the last two days though. Not an ounce. Ok so I have been cheating a little bit. I've been drinking for soda and sweet tea and less water and the last two nights I had half a cup of dry cereal because I wanted something sweet and there wasn't anything in the house that was sweet other than that.

Its sprinkling again. From the look of the clouds it won't last long though.

What am I going to do with that big bag of sunflower seeds.


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