Monday, March 12, 2007


Well since only one of my blogging sites has posts for me today I managed to get all of my blogging done in 1 hour. I need to add posts to my newer blogs but I am going to do that later, no time right now. I have some texting to catch up on today.

I got paid 5 dollars from one of my blogging sites. I have 100 dollars coming from the one that was screwed up all last week. I better get paid for that today like I am supposed to or I am going to be pissed.

Its such a beautiful day today and its supposed to rain for a big portion of this week. I like rain in the spring. I love to open my windows and listen to the rain and smell that wonderful green smell the always comes with it. But it also means no work outside while its raining. But it means the dirt will stay damp. I was cutting into a section yesterday that was really sandy and had a lot of topsoil in it. They say you should avoid mixing topsoil with your dirt, but this stuff was like concrete. I think it was actually part of an old pile and thats why it was so hard and compacted.

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