Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Traveling in the Springin an RV

If I ever won the lottery (which I hope happens someday I would like to do a lot of traveling. I have never really gotten to do a lot of it. And I don't mean just traveling in the USA and Canada either. I would love to go the the UK and travel. I guess the easiest way to do that would be to do it by RV, that way you can go pretty much where ever you want to go without having to worry about booking hotels in different cities and your stuff getting lost going from point A to point B. My husband has done enough work related traveling and stayed in enough hotel rooms to know what can get lost when going from hotel room to hotel room. We know people that work on traveling sales crews and they literally live in hotel rooms all year long. I would want to sleep in the same bed every night and be able to cook a meal in my kitchen if I wanted to and know where all of my things were going to be all of the time and traveling in an RV would really be the best way to do that. Even though I would like to travel, I am the kind of person the needs roots in something or I feel lost.

If I were going to travel in the UK in an RV the best way to do it would probably be to just buy one over there and then sell it when I was finished with it. They do sell American RV's and MotorhomesI imagine shipping one over the ocean would be a lot more expensive to do and then I would take a loss on it when I sold it. Its something I would have to research but shipping it like that sounds expensive.

i am more of a rural traveler and not a city traveler. I would be more interested in seeing what the country holds rather than the city so an RV probably would be best. There are so many places to see I don't know where I would start


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