Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, thats all done

That's all of my paid posts to do today. all three of them. I really wish I qualified for some of the higher ranking posts. Like the ones with Google ranks of 6 or 7 that pay 100 dollars or more per post. Mine only ranks at a 4. Its going to take a lot more work before it ranks any higher than that. I don't always have time to put that extra work into it.

Were doing work in the yard today and not working on the Earth Bag House. I wanted to work on the Earthbags but Bear insisted we get this done. After all we would like to sit outside and enjoy our garden as it blooms too. And with it being full of leaves and such a mess that's not going to happen. Our friends Squirrel and his son Parker do landscaping on the side and there hear helping us get rid of the leaves we never cleaned up. Bear is outside pressure washing the house and when I finish this I will start working on the garden. There are some old dead plants to clear out and fresh mulch to lay down and Odin has torn some stuff up and scattered it everywhere. He has a hole dug near the Canna Lilies. Lucky for me there so tight knit and thick there he wasn't able to dig very deep. he was digging into there massive and thick twisted tubers and gave up.

I pulled out the 4 bags of Black Knight Canna Lily tubers a few days ago and set them outside. I still can't believe its been only 2 years since I started the one plant from a single seed. now I have 4 grocery bags full of tubers. I can't put them all in one place this year. There are to many of them.

Right now I have tomato seeds sprouting and there putting on there secondary set of leaves. My pepper plants aren't doing much of anything. I am just now starting to see seeds on those. I started some Basil, Parsley, Fennel, and Dill in glass jars and some regular cucumbers in one of those disposable plastic containers. The puppy destroys anything I start in egg cartons so that's pointless this year. Next weekend Bear might be plowing the back yard for me instead of working on the house. Hopefully pressure washing won't make him so sore that he can't work on the house tomorrow.

Were kind of stuck at the moment in a situation where I can't work without him (other than partially filling up the bags). I can't level worth a crap so he does it all. If the first row were in place and leveled I could fill bags and put them on top of that. Coyote and I could do some each morning very easily.


Blogger PoEt said...

I've noticed you've done afew sponsored reviews, check out our blog review competition at

12:18 AM  
Blogger Madcap said...

Hi Lucy,

Are you blogging for money now? Sorry, I've been away so long I've lost track of things.

6:03 AM  
Blogger dragonfly183 said...

yeah I am. Its been pretty decent as far as payment. I started around mid February and I've earned over 700 dollars doing it. Its not a full time income and not really steady either so i have to keep my other online job while i do it. But it does give me a break from the other one. It might be if my blog ranked higher, but it doesn't. There are still plenty of regular posts and I try to keep those at the top.

I just checked your Google rank madcap and your a 5. I'm a 4 :(. I really miss reading your posts, I hope you start writing more again soon.

8:49 AM  

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