Monday, March 26, 2007

XP Icons

I used to be one of those people that liked to have there desktop very very customized. i had the time and the ability to do that sort of thing then. Everything had to be related to witchcraft or nature. I had a nature theme once were my little pointer was a flower that opened and closed when ever the computer was working. my screen saver was full of crawling caterpillars and all of the sounds my computer made were nature. At one point I had a bubbling potion for a mouse pointer. I don't usually go that into detail with my computer anymore. Its no longer for fun and games. Those days are gone. now it a work computer.

But they can be used for more than just your desktop. You can use them to make a web page more interesting and have buttons instead if links. In that circumstance your going to want an icon that goes along with what ever link you have provided and your going to want high quality art work to. Not just something you found for free on the web somewhere. That's where Iconplant comes in. They provide high quality Vista Icons for use in software, websites and multimedia presentations.


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